Top 20 Qualities That Every Employer Is Looking For


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The labor market is in constant development, it is constantly changing. At the same time, the requirements for applicants are also increasing. The professional resume paper is the first step to the job of your dream. Meet the professional resume writers who can help you to build the outstanding resume or cover letter in the shortest time and for reasonable price. The support team is always on, so you may contact the service any time that is convenient for you. One more helpful option is that resume service can update your resume if necessary. But, surely, it is better not to delay and make an order right now.

At the same time, there are many other important things you should pay attention to. A person who starts to look for work should find the necessary information on how to write a resume properly and where, in fact, place it, one should realize that there are many equally important factors that can play a significant role in achieving the goal. One of them is an understanding of what qualities the employer is looking for in the job seekers. What candidate for the position, in his/ her opinion, would be ideal?

Each of us understands that ideal people do not exist. At the same time, today more and more employers are putting a higher bar when looking for candidates for a vacant position. That entails the need for applicants to become better. The job market is a complex mechanism but, at the same time, it always provides opportunities for those who wish. The main thing is to see them in time and do not miss your chance.

Let us take a closer look at this issue. What level of education, skills, and work experience should one have? What are the realities of the modern labor market in accordance with the level of the position?

  • Low-level managers

This category is the most numerous. It includes sales consultants, employees of call centers, manual workers, drivers and others. A few years ago, holders of such professions did not have special requirements when hiring. As a rule, the personal qualities of the candidates were examined, as well as their desire to work. To date, this is clearly not enough. Now, applicants with experience and motivation to work in the designated company are increasingly appreciated. Those who are capable of making a decision, initiative, who are able to think independently. Every modern employer's expectations are to find a candidate who understands what exactly he/she wants to achieve and why he/ she is looking for work in a particular company with a sense of responsibility.

  • "White collars"

Middle managers: managers, office staff, etc. There is a significant tightening of requirements for professionals in this category. Now, in order to qualify for a position, you must have a profile education, successful work experience and achievements in a specific field of activity. Today, the employer is less willing to allocate funds for training young professionals during the first-day experience in office.

For those who claim to be a middle manager, it is simply necessary to have experience in personnel management, as well as tactical and strategic planning skills. Knowledge of foreign languages is increasingly relevant.

  • Top managers

This category includes heads of enterprises, branches, departments, top managers. Not anyone can be a leader. The employer believes that a valuable leader is an employee who is able to achieve goals, to ensure the company's profit, versed in people. The successes and achievements are important for the employer. It is necessary that business, headed by the candidate for the leadership position, does not just exist but it should bring the income and develop successfully.

Everyone is looking for a talent. An employer is looking for an experience that is the confirming the possession of certain skills in practice. Preference is usually given to the candidate who does not need much time for the introduction of his/her responsibilities and tasks.

Self-management skills are also important. The employer strives to find out whether a person is punctual, whether he/ she comes to work on time, whether he/ she remains on full time (and if necessary, extra hours), how well he/ she strives to fulfill his/ her duties, whether he/ she wants to improve as a professional.

An employer draws attention to the availability of skills to work with people. After all, the business is done by the team.

An employer is looking for the high level of professionalism, good communication skills, and friendliness in dealing with colleagues in a potential employee.

Persistence is an important quality as well. It is important whether the person goes to the end when solving complex problems or gives up quickly.

The responsibility is also highly appreciated. There are no people who do not make mistakes. But if mistakes arise, what are the reasons: because of taking a managed risk or because of inattention and carelessness.

Very important is the fact that a person is able to admit his/ her mistake. After all, to a greater extent, responsibility is the ability to answer for the decision and its consequences.

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Also, in this section:

Every organization has daily concerns and, as a rule, they are divided into two types: problems faced by employees and their solutions, which are also found by employees together with management. Proceeding from this, the interviewer during the interview needs to understand whether the potential employee will become a part of the solution of the difficulties, or vice versa will be another problem.

With all this, the applicant must give the understanding to the employer that he/ she can be relied on in everything. That he/she dreams of working for the benefit of the organization and his/her main goal is to take care of the quality of the work performed. At the same time, one should take into account and emphasize precisely those skills and abilities that are valued today and do not hesitate to provide a detailed list of them, which will only increase the chances of hearing "Yes". The following factors are important:

  • What candidate will the employer like

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Qualities of the employee that the employers appreciate

In early September, a survey of 1,500 job seekers and 300 HR managers was conducted to find out what qualities employees need for the most productive promotion of their career. Respondents were asked to evaluate the 15 most common work qualities on a 10-point scale. Almost all the respondents agreed that the main keys to success are the responsibility (an average of 8.4 points), dedication (7.5 points) and sociability (7.3 points) this was stated by both candidates and representatives of recruiters.

As for the other qualities, they revealed significant differences.

In particular, recruitment managers talk about the importance of loyalty to the boss for career growth (7.1 points), while for applicants this indicator is secondary (4.2 points). In addition to dedication to leadership, employers like stress-resistant (7.7 points) and emotionally stable (7.7 points) candidates, although the candidates themselves do not distinguish these qualities as important. The best cheap resume writing service tried to find out why the parties of the employment relationship did not agree on such a simple question.

1. Loyalty, as a way to save money

According to many experts, loyalty, stress-resistance and ability to learn are the qualities that allow the employer to save money. Employees who have such qualities are always guided by the interests of the employer, do not require additional payments, and are much less likely to take the sick leave. After all, loyal employees are ready to take on more responsibilities than they are required, motivating themselves not by increasing their salary or extra days off, but by a common good. Such an employee is able to be guided not only by public rules and regulations but also by informal settings.

2. Employers appreciate the dedication to work

This is expressed in complete dedication to work when the employee uses the tips on overtasking, does not leave the workplace before the task is accomplished and is ready to help the colleagues, even if he/ she did not manage to fulfill his/ her tasks tips on overtasking. Moreover, such employees are not inclined to frequent job changes, even if they are offered the higher salaries. As a result, employees become the mainstay of the employer, he/ she can rely upon in emergency situations. When unexpected situations come up, the amount of work has sharply increased, or other temporary problems with financing have appeared. In the end, this positively affects their career successes, because management values such employees.

Most top managers come to success thanks to two components: loyalty and stress resistance. It does not depend on the sphere they are involved in, their education, practice, ambition or other subjective factors. Employers are used to trusting those employees who support their initiatives and help with their implementation, tolerate salary delays and make their offers. If they pass such a peculiar test, they are much more likely to get a promotion at least to the head of the department or direction.

3. Stress resistance always in high demand

It keeps the employee working independently of the situation, providing positive and productive results, even when it becomes too difficult. This is appreciated even more in conjunction with the ability to learn. The experienced resume builders for hire offer their assistance in writing the outstanding resumes and cover letters for customers to make the process of employment less stressful and more effective.

4. Under the "secret" signature

Experts argue that companies never reveal data about what can contribute to career growth in a particular organization. Ordinary employees are rarely aware of career opportunities in their company or even the department. That is why management and all other employees understand the concept of "career growth” in different ways.

5. What is necessary for career growth

An ordinary worker is sure that the sociability, purposefulness and visual attractiveness will be ideal for the right career growth. There are many pitfalls on your way to the position of your dream, check the article from our blog to know how to fix the biggest mistakes: According to the majority of workers, loyalty and stress-resistance can not accelerate career advancement, and it is difficult to argue with them. For all workers it is obvious that the increase can be obtained only for the achievement of a high result, and not for the traits of character that helped to achieve it. However, for their part, recruiters perfectly understand that it is loyalty and stress-resistance that ensures the effectiveness that is why they appreciate them so highly.

Intuition helps to act correctly when there is not enough information for that, but it can not be perceived as a labor tool and even more so as a key to career growth. The fact is that modern business does not accept inaccuracies and therefore the making of any decisions is always based on specific and accurate information or at least a common sense. Even HR managers who have to start from subjective information have long been guided by the hiring of employees by mass methods, avoiding the use of intuition.

However, appearance is a completely different matter, although it plays a role only in those industries where the employee has to deal with clients. Whoever said anything, but a handsome seller, with other equal qualities, will sell far more candies than an ugly one. Attractive people are much easier to interview. They are often endowed with qualities that they do not possess. Positive perception of appearance always influences not only the qualities, values, and convictions of the interlocutor but also provides a reassessment of the actions of an attractive person in a positive way.

But employers do not always agree with this. Basically, they should provide clients with pleasant and comfortable communication. For this, positive attitude and openness are important, and that does not connect with the characteristics of appearance.

6. Experience above all

With all this, experts agree that personal qualities, no matter how valuable they are to a particular employer, will not affect the speed of their career advancement. Many employers are sure that the character traits and qualities of the employee can only become a tool in the struggle for promotion.

The research conducted by many consulting companies shows an almost complete lack of correlation between the qualities of the employee and his/ her position. Much more career growth in companies is due to the age of the employee, experience and his/ her time spent with a particular employer. Our service knows how to describe your work experience in resume from the best side:

7. Age, oddly enough, can play a central role

Age can lead even to absurd situations. In the expert's practice, there were cases when the choice of leadership fell on two employees, a young one and an old one. Moreover, despite the higher educational level of the young one, as well as the presence of his more developed personal qualities, the manager gave the promotion to the age...

8. Charm and charisma are what you need

What is the secret of charm? Is it in the mind? Is it in the stylish clothes? Beauty? No. The secret is quite simple, we sympathize people who are like us. Now, let us find out how to achieve the desired effect and make the right impression.

In any case, the logic of the authorities is too difficult to grasp and understand, no one will argue with this. So, bringing up valuable labor qualities, remember that to achieve success, only the availability of these qualities is not enough, the ability of their implementation in practice is important. Only such a successful symbiosis can lead to success and provide a decent career growth. In addition, you may ask to build your resume online to be sure of the right start of your career.

By any means, the interview is the most effective way to present your best qualities and achieve the desired position profitably. Unfortunately, today many people simply do not realize what effective "weapon" for the applicants is a conversation with a potential boss, and therefore they are not able to take full advantage of their chance. It is noticed that quite often, a person who has gone through all formal signs such as age, work experience, education, receives a refusal. He/ she could irritate the potential boss or make an unpleasant impression, or simply the boss could not like him/ her. Such a candidate is refused, usually without even knowing whether he/ she is a highly qualified specialist and a good worker. To find out what ideal candidate does the employer is looking for, read the article on the link:

  • Why do the candidates get the refusal?

This question arises in everyone who was denied a job. In this case, it is useless to seek a truthful answer from the one who refused. Truth cannot be achieved. Therefore, if failure follows failure, it is recommended that you take a short break in finding a job and analyze the current state of affairs. If you do not pay attention to this problem, with each failure, time is lost, self-confidence becomes lower, the inferiority complex appears, and it is difficult to get rid of them later.

If the period of job search is delayed, this is more than just an accident. To determine the cause of the bounce yourself, in fact, is quite difficult. You can order the proficient resume proofreading or use the services of specialists that are available in each recruiting agency. The service they offer is called "preparing for an interview."

The best option for the applicant will be to contact the agency, which prepares specialists for the interview for free. In this case, the employees of the firm are interested in achieving a positive result no less than the person who applied for help. Often it happens that to obtain the desired response of the employer one only need to correct a few shortcomings in manners or clothes. If the problem is about the wrong paper preparation, do not forget to contact the resume formatting services.

As an example, let us cite the case of one applicant, who claimed to be a middle manager. It seems that he had everything that was needed for that vacancy, only ... there were not enough front teeth. After several unsuccessful attempts to find a job, he was politely hinted, while he was much surprised that this has an attitude towards employment. However, only it was worthwhile to insert teeth and he was almost immediately taken to work. Yes, in this situation, a small defect in appearance was quickly corrected, more difficult if it comes to habits, manners. It is difficult to get rid of some but if desired and with certain efforts, there is nothing unfulfillable.

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In fact, job seekers face the problems of this type all over the world. People are looking for work, and employers are looking for employees. The reasons for the discrepancy between the tastes of both sides are quite numerous. We invite the reader to familiarize him/herself with the main reasons. Whom, in the opinion of the interviewed employers, would they accept to work, and who would not?

The reasons why the candidate will be refused work after the interview, most likely, are:

- pathetic and untidy appearance

- "manners" of know-it-all

- wrong speech: weak voice, fuzzy diction, uncultured phrases

- lack of clear goals and career development plan

- insincerity and imbalance

- lack of enthusiasm or interest

- desire to work on a clearly defined schedule

- excessive interest in payment, fixation on money

- low grades while studying

- strongly expressed desire to get everything at once

- propensity to self-justification, lack of direct answers to specific questions

- absence of tact

- lack of courtesy

- lack of maturity

- negative feedback from previous employment and former employers

- lack of orientation skills in society

- unwillingness to learn

- lethargy during a conversation

- during the interview, the candidate does not keep the eye contact

- indecisiveness

- sluggish handshake

- disinterest in events at work during the holidays

- not established family life

- disrespectful attitude to parents

- desire to just settle down

- sloppy treatment

- search for temporary work

- insufficient knowledge in the specialty

- lack of sense of humor

- lack of interest in their specialty

- lack of independence

- boasting of your acquaintances

- negative attitude towards business trips

- low moral standards

- cynicism

- strongly developed prejudices and intolerance

- laziness

- narrow range of interests

- inclination to waste time. For example, hobby cards or TV

- negative attitude to criticism

- not interested in public life

- radical ideas

- neglect of experience

- late for the interview

- bad manners

- absence of questions to the potential employer

- imperious pressing type

There are more qualities that do not let the jobseekers to find a job:

From the above, it can be noted that the employer generally pays attention to the appearance of the applicant, his/ her manners, and only then, to the level of knowledge and experience of work.

Nevertheless, despite the observations, it is almost impossible to "calculate" the real reason for the refusal. In this situation, "human factor" plays an important role. The motive for refusing to work can be anything, sometimes this is the most unexpected and incredible reason. The work can be denied, for example, if a potential employer has a negative attitude towards people whose marriage did not take place, or the candidate, who somehow resembles an unpleasant person.

In addition, the reason can serve even the fact that the applicant is a top-class professional. In this case, they can refuse for fear that in the future the candidate will be able to replace a person who took him/ her to work. Yes, there are all kinds of reasons. Resume improvement services aim to reduce to nothing all the inaccuracies in your papers, that is one of the most important steps as well. However, most importantly, what you need to remember when going out for an interview with a potential employer is that each of us accepts or does not accept a person during the first few seconds, that is, at first impression and all the other factors are subconsciously adjusted to it. Often, having managed to cause the employer sympathy for his/her candidacy, the chance to get a job increases significantly, because charisma, in fact, plays a larger role than is commonly believed.

How to make the right impression at the interview

Let us introduce some surprising interview facts that you probably do not know. When choosing a candidate, the employer, as we have already found out, is guided by personal impressions of communication. Moreover, in order to achieve the desired result, one must realize how opinion is formed in the minds of other people. It seems that it is worthwhile for an employer to talk with a candidate for a position for several tens of minutes and the opinion about the interlocutor is already set. Of course, this is not so. In addition, it is naive to believe that the merits of a candidate for a position are judged mostly by what the person tells about him/ herself. The third mistake here can be called the fact that during the interview, the thoughts and attention of the employer are occupied solely by the interlocutor. Let us talk about shortcomings during the interview in more detail.

As already mentioned, the strongest and most significant impression a person receives at the first 15-30 seconds of dating and afterward, it can change slightly. Proceeding from this, it is important to remember that everyone gets only one opportunity to impress the employer. Therefore, the main task of the candidate is to show oneself on the best side in the first few minutes. And, what does one need to show up during the group interview?

Researchers have proved that the first thing that the interlocutor pays attention to is the appearance and manner of human behavior. These indicators get 50% of the total attention. Further, 30% is given to the manner of speaking and the tone of voice. Only after that, attention is paid to what, in fact, the candidates want to tell him/ her. All this is due to our human nature because we see the interlocutor, then we hear his/her voice, and only then we understand the meaning of what was said.

This situation, by the way, is preserved not only in interviews, but also in competitive selections, in speeches before employees and in communicating with new people. In each of these cases (and in many others), the person is judged by appearance. Only a very small number of people are able to assess the professional, personal and business qualities of the candidate, not paying special attention to how he/she looks and speaks.

So, we found out some winning interview hints and want therefore to extend the list of qualities in order to please a potential employer. Primarily, it is necessary to pay attention to your appearance, manner of behavior, and speech. This list includes:

9. Relevant clothing and footwear

10. Healthy appearance

11. Hairstyle, cosmetics and jewelry

12. A confident walk and a well-proportioned posture

13. Open gestures and poses

14. Friendly face

15. Interesting and attentive look at the employer’s eyes

16. Benevolent and calm tone of voice, distinct speech

17. Good manners of communication

There are some signs of the successful interview you should pay the special attention to:

  • Clothes. Therefore, when getting a job in the office, the best choice for a candidate will be wearing a classic suit, usually, such an option is a win-win.
  • Tone of voice. Another important detail is the tone of the voice that can convey up to 40% of the information to the listener. The voice of the low timbre, usually, is more trustworthy than the high and shrill one. It is considered that the low voice comes from the heart, so there is more sincerity in it and a high voice is considered to come from the mind and may sound artificial.
  • Pace of speech. During the interview, it is recommended to adhere to a moderate pace of speech. A person who is not confident, speaks very quickly and, as a rule, is interrupted by the listener. It should not, of course, fall into the other extreme, the monotony of speech, not tinged with intonation.
  • Non-verbals. Most people do not control their gestures, facial expressions, postures and tone of voice, concentrating only on words they are speaking. Therefore, in order to find out how sincere the interlocutor is, one just needs to carefully watch him/ her for a while. This technique is widely used by employers conducting interviews and it is also important to remember this. Choose professional CV and cover letter writing service to be sure in the first part of finding your job and find more helpful hints about the successful interview.

In their practice, psychologists often use a simple technique to set up a person for mutual understanding and allow him/ her to reveal him/herself. It consists of synchronous behavior and is called "positional echo". The trick is to use the sign language that is familiar to him/ her during a conversation with an interlocutor: also fold your arms or legs, take the same pose and the other. During the conversation with the employer, you can use this method, but you should do it very carefully, otherwise, you can get the result radically opposite.

Let us say an employer leaned back in his chair during a conversation, this gesture testifies to a non-verbal attempt to show who is the master here. Of course, it is not necessary to copy this pose. After all, the aim of the job seeker is to get the desired position, but not "click the boss on the nose".

Too obvious copying of the gestures and poses of an opponent can lead to the fact that he/she will notice it. We all understand what the result of the conversation will be in this case.

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Several ways to establish the trust of an employer

It is also necessary to mention that the employers also hide something from employees. For today, it is possible to name some simple, but effective ways how quickly establish the trust of an employer.

  • One of them is a breathing adjustment. This adjustment helps to forget about the situations and poses, because using this method a person will simply adjust to the internal state and will breathe the same way as the interlocutor.

This is done as follows. Having positioned yourself in front of a person in such a way that you can hear or see the rhythm of his/ her breathing, you should establish your breathing in time with the breathing of the employer. Then, you just need to breathe. It can happen that his/ her rhythm will be somewhat slower, or faster than yours, but after a while, it will cease to cause inconvenience.

  • The next type of adjustment is the adjustment of speech and voice. Each person talks with only his/ her inherent intonations and speed. If you can talk as the same way, matching speed, timbre and intonations, most likely you will quickly achieve the desired result.
  • The last is the adjustment in values and beliefs. The values of each of us are things that are considered the main things in life, allow distinguishing between the bad and the good. Sign in to professional resume writing service to be sure of the best result as the team of professionals knows how to describe your values in the best and the quickest way. Values are what we all live for, the most important landmarks that can affect the whole of human life. Of course, every person has his/ her own, but it's nice to know that someone shares your beliefs. How to find out the values of the employer in a short period of time? It's simple. If there are suggestions in the conversation that begin with the words: "I believe ...", "I'm pleased to hear ..." and so on, just agree with the interlocutor, thus supporting his point of view.

Beginning to practice the described techniques, at first, it is rather difficult to concentrate your attention, for example, on your own speech, but, as everyone knows, everything comes with practice. If you feel a lack of practice in writing different kinds of papers do not hesitate to contact the top online resume writing services. Over time, the behavior will cease to seem to those around you, and you can do it all automatically without thinking.

And finally, a few more recommendations that will help make a good impression on the employer during the interview.

18. Try to behave friendly and at ease but do not forget to keep your distance.

19. During a conversation, look into the other person’s eyes but do it without excessive zeal. A close look, most likely, will cause the opponent's feeling of dislike. At the same time, the interlocutor, who constantly looks away, subconsciously suggests that he/ she is hiding something.

20. It is important to demonstrate your charisma and professionalism by your behavior and appearance. All your appearance should indicate that you could deal with the complicated and challenging task.

Do not forget that the interview is a meeting of two people, during which you can like each other but you can also leave the interview with mutual antipathy. If the last situation did happen, do not get upset, tune into a positive, most likely, it was not your job. While in search of work, remain yourself, but do not neglect the advice of customer service resume with 100% guarantee specialists.

Of course, the qualities considered in this article are ideal, a candidate for the position, simply physically can not be inherent all these qualities in one person. It is rather an ideal one should strive to and often it is present only in the imagination of interviewers. Nevertheless, since the described advantages are so desirable to the majority of employers, they, nevertheless, should be sought. So, use the tips from the article, get your resume done professionally at, and start the career of your dream.

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