Successful And Failing Interview: Main Signs


Successful And Failing Interview5 signs of a failing interview

Many jobseekers face such situations when after an interview they have to wait for its result for a long time. Sometimes during the waiting period they lose other “spare” options of employment because of uncertainty. However, the result of an interview can be predicted.

Let’s imagine that you have passed the interview and now you are waiting for a phone call for almost a week. Your candidacy might have been rejected at once, but you were not announced about this. And you hoping to get positive answer have stopped searching for a while. Or vise versa, they have given you a job and are about to call you, but meanwhile you still continue going for the interviews and you are almost ready to accept less attractive job offer. That is why it is very useful to try predicting the results of any interview. Since our website is among best resume services our specialists have prepared for you 5 signs that will help you. So read this post on failed interview signs and you will be more prepared for your next meeting with potential employer. Also if you want to feel more confident during the interview, you should be sure that your resume is competently written. For this purpose use our professional online resume site. Our resume writing expert will create for you such a resume that will bring you confidence and success.

1. No problem

If an employer wants to have you as a worker, then he will describe the company and the position in the best light. And vise versa, he will not spend much time describing all the benefits if he is not going to hire the candidate. In case when you are the only one who is interested in getting the job, do not expect too much success. Also do not wait positive result when an employer does not give the candidate opportunity to make questions or answers the questions using general phrases. In such cases an interviewer usually says that he will tell everything what a jobseeker wants to know at the next meeting, which probably will never happen.

2. Supercilious look

A supercilious behaviour of an interviewer towards you is obviously a bad sign. Of course, all people are different, but usually the level of interest and attention is precisely dosed: jobseekers who interest an employer get much attention, meanwhile those who do not provoke much interest get less attention without certain “shades”, and those whom an employer is going to say definite “no” get only formal “dry” communication. If an interviewer answers the questions grudgingly, if he does not care what impression he makes on a candidate, he speaks aloof or haughtily, it means he is not interested and you almost do not have any chance.

3. Without words

If a company is really interested in you, then an interview will consist not only of a mere profile filling. In some companies profile filling is an obligatory nuance, but after the filling of papers they should talk to you as well: to get known about your achievements and goals, to tell about the company and give you an opportunity to make some questions. If the profile you have filled in is just put on the table to other such papers, the chance they will call you is extremely small.

4. Common facts

When an interviewer is interested in your candidacy, e will ask everything needed, beginning with the work experience and ending with the personal qualities. If during the interview he simply asks what is written in your resume, it means there is almost no interest to you.

5. Everything is clear

Interviews are conducted very fast in two cases: a candidate obviously matches the vacancy and gets the job at once, or a candidate obviously does not match the position due to some reasons. It will be easy enough to differ the first case from the second one.

6 signs of a successful interview

If you will notice the following signs during your interview, it may be considered successful. Read attentively this post about the signs of successful interview to know what these signs are.

The interview has passed, but it is hard to claim whether it was successful or not, isn’t it? Our service offers you to pay attention to the signs that more likely mean that an interview is successful.

1. Talking about the prospects of further development

If an interviewer tells you what goals the company has and he himself suggests how these goals can be achieved with your help, it means a lot. Especially, if the emphasis is made on your personal professional experience.

2. Interest to your employment possibilities

If an interviewer asks you whether you have passed interviews in other companies, whether you have been made any offer, it means that he wants to know what his chances are to get you as a worker. Here a question “When are you ready to start working?” also belongs.

3. Interview lasts longer than it is supposed to be

An interview with the candidates for a position in a company is usually held during the working hours, when an employer has time between other planned meetings. If an interview passes fast, it means that a candidate is absolutely “wrong”, or absolutely “right” (the second situation happens very seldom). However, if the interview lasts longer than it was planned, it plays in your favor

4. An interviewer asks if you have recommendations

Usually, recruiters do not ask about recommendations until they become really interested in your candidacy. So if you hear this question, it is a positive sign.

5. You are given clear timelines

If an interviewer ends the interview and says when exactly they will call you back, and in some cases he denotes how much soon they expect completed test task from you, this is another good sign.

6. Acquaintance with other staff

You can be sure that everything is great if an interviewer starts introducing you to other workers, who do not supposed to be at the interview and who are responsible for making decisions.

If it seems that the interview was successful, but still you did not get a job, it does not always mean the lack of competence. Sometimes the candidates are too good for the opened vacancies. And to analyze more precisely the interview success, we advise you to pay attention to the signs of a failed interview that we have discussed previously.