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Resume-Service Is BestResume writing: advice on what to start with

Resume is an official document, the rules of writing of which are regulated by the Records Management Guidance. However, there is no need to write the Guidance, because you can use professional resume writing services, among which our service is the most suitable option.

Size and requirements for formatting:

1. You should think over several variants of resume: one is to send by mail (or to give it personally), another one – by fax, and one more in electronic form by e-mail. However, the texts should be identical. The formatting may be different. For example, smartly chosen photo can be a plus to your resume, but think whether it looks well if sent by fax… Specialists of our professional resume service will help you to avoid mistakes in resume formatting.

The first firm rule is that resume size can not extend on more than two pages A4, and it is desirable to write the key information on the first page. Professional resume services, such as our resume editing service, can provide you with all the information you need to create good post and edit your resume if necessary. If you realize that your resume is going to be much bigger, think thoroughly what information you can exclude. However, if a person has big working experience, there are certain difficulties and limits, but typing resume on the computer you have possibility to “bypass” this rule, for example you can change the font and make it smaller, but remember that resume should be readable anyway.

2. If resume takes more than two pages, at the bottom of the pages it should be mentioned that it is continued on the following page. On each page, except the first one, sheet number and your last name are printed.

3. If resume size is less than one page, information should be placed in such a way, that the whole page is filled with the text.

4. To write “right” resume you should use only one font, it is recommended to use Times New Roman or Arial. A lot of fonts and letters of different size are impossible to read. Strict style of formatting is obligatory requirement. Do not even try to demonstrate Adobe Photoshop filters possibilities, resume is a document.

5. With regard to a font size, standard size is believed 12 font size. All the content should be of the same size.

6. Each paragraph of resume should be separated from the previous one.

7. Headers are better to make in bold and / or underlined.

8. Of course, you have to check the spelling. Resume with grammar mistakes does not have any chance.

9. Resume should be written in simple and understandable language.

10. For the resume of such type it is recommended to make the following page layout: top margin – 2 cm, right – 2 cm, bottom – 2 cm, left – 2.5 cm. It is accepted the narrowing of the field per centimeter and you can also use 10 size font instead of standard 12 size. However, the variant with smaller font is accepted only in the case when resume is sent by e-mail of given personally. In case when you send it by fax, it is better not to use font size smaller than 12, otherwise your CV will be impossible to read.

11. Use white paper of good quality for your resume.

Nonstandard resume

If you decided to write a nonstandard resume, remember that such a strategy is good not for every case. It is perfect for the representatives of creative professions, who are “allowed” to diverge. Concerning specialists of other professions (not creative ones), such as engineers, drivers, accountants and so on, here it is better to remain within the approved standards. It is connected first of all with the fact that the specialists of this section are required to be precise, scrupulous, and they should strictly follow the working instructions.

You should take into consideration that recruitment agencies use resume as a source of getting of necessary information about a jobseeker, that is why information from resume in a strict form is transferred into a standard resume form, in which “creative liberties” are being annulled. If you send your resume directly to an employer, there is a chance that your creative approach will be appreciated.

Creativity possibilities

There are some standard strategies, using which you can turn your resume into something creatively nonstandard and in such a way you can attract the attention to your personality.

  • Photo. According to the classic rules of office work, photo should be almost the same as in passport. However there are no rules without exceptions. For example, a literary editor instead of his photo placed his silhouette portrait (cut with scissors) in his resume.
  • Epigraph. You should use this means very carefully, because it is as much effective, as unpredictable in its consequences. Some employers do not like too much “attempt to be clever”. But let’s imagine that an employee for the HR Manager position in resume in the column “personal qualities” will write the following: “Putting people on the first place, you will never make mistake, even in money getting issues” (Michael Marks). It definitely will not make the resume worse.
  • Design. You may write the key moment of resume using unusual font.

Risk zones

The amount of “nonstandard” resume is about 0.5% of the general amount of resume. Additionally, not all of them are really creative. Using nonstandard approach to resume creation, you should be ready to the situation that HR managers may misinterpret it, they may think that a candidate is too extravagant and it will be difficult to work with such a person.


The photo must not exceed passport format. It is clear that beach photos, and especially family photos are inacceptable in resume. In such a way you will only show your disrespect to the employer.

There are three reasons for adding photo to your resume:

1. Resume that contains photo is more productive and interesting for an employer.

2. Photo contributes to more reliable identification of your personality.

3. Most employers make decision on whether a jobseeker is worth to get a job during the first three minutes of their meeting. And appearance plays a great role in first impression making. That is why it is worth to show your photo to potential employer: it may positively distinguish you from the other candidates, and in this case your chances to get a job will significantly increase, or your resume will be excluded at once due to some reasons, and thus you will not have to waste your time on useless interview.

Style of resume writing should correspond to the following demands:

  • Briefness – absence of excess words, unclear abbreviations and terms.
  • Concreteness – absence of information that does not have direct connection with the vacancy.
  • Purposefulness – presentation of the main facts that prove your right qualify for the position.
  • Activity – need to use the active verbs that show activity. For example, if you have just basic accounting knowledge, and they are required for the vacancy, you should write “I know the basics of accounting and auditing”. Never write “I took part”, “I helped”, because such phrases make think that you stand aside and provide different services time to time.
  • Accuracy and clarity of thought presentation.
  • Selectivity – thorough selection of information. Do not try to write everything in your resume. Remember that resume should absolutely correspond to the vacancy you apply to.
  • Honesty – absence of false information.
  • Literacy.

Resume structure

The most common resume structure is the following:

  1. Name of the document.
  2. Purpose.
  3. Contact information.
  4. Education.
  5. Working experience (practice) in reverse chronological order.
  6. Additional work skills.
  7. Additional information or “hobby”, or “awards and social activity”.
  8. An indication of the possibility of recommendations providing.
  9. Date of resume writing.

So good resume is your helper in the process of job search, that is why you need to develop your skills constantly and know how to write resume. However resume is just a document, it can not replace your personality richness, and it means that you need to learn to present yourself effectively and use all the chances for successful employment during the interview with potential employer.