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Write a cover letter for me

Do you want to find a good job very quickly? Are you ready to change the current job right now? Visit our website and you will see that it’s real to find a new job in a few days. We are not wizards; we are talented and friendly staff. In our company, you can receive a perfect cover letter and also a resume or thank you letter. Find the detailed information on the site of our leading resume and cover letter services.

Please, quickly write my resume and cover letter

It happens that a person is looking for a job for a month or so, but he/she never received the invitations for the interview. What is the reason? Why are such people sure that they are unlucky? We analyzed many situations and came to conclusions that the reason can be in your resume or cover letter. Many job applicants think that it is okay to download the resume template, fill in the necessary data and send the paper to the employers. To tell the truth, it’s a great mistake and if you want to get hired never do like that. The employer will be never interested in the employee who was too lazy to create an interesting and original resume. Thanks to this document the employers can understand who you are, is it worth to invite you for an interview. But if the resume is identical with the others, it means that you are not better than all the other applicants. Read about other things which prevent you from the well-paid job -

So, your task is to impress the employer with your resume and cover letter. Many job seekers can’t even imagine how they can do that. And here our company comes to the rescue. Why is it beneficial to cooperate with our resume professional writers and editors? We have the lowest prices in the UK (and also different discount systems). Our writers are qualified, talented, with great work experience. They like their job, and it is the most important thing. We promise to create an original resume, none of our clients has the same papers. We will keep in secret all your personal data, and we always cope with the deadlines. Make the order and check that our services are really best of the best.

Freelancing rules

To be a freelancer is very popular now. More and more young people prefer a remote job. A person works via the Internet and stays at home, we call this work – freelancing. It is very convenient if you hate to work in a team or a too lazy to go to the office every morning. No useless meetings, annoying boss, scheduled work and lack of time for the family. Thanks to freelancing, you will work multiple jobs at the same time. You can devote a lot of time to yourself and your personal life. But if you think like that, you have never been a freelancer. In reality, everything is not as wonderful. Most of the freelancers have no mode of the day, they spend many hours on Internet-surfing, and they never care about their appearance and always postpone their own affairs for later.

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You can avoid such life if you will follow the next tips. We want to tell you about the general rules of freelancing. So, if you want to have a wonderful career and work for yourself – this post will be very useful and interesting for you!

1) Make a clear timetable. If you have no boss, it does not mean that you should have no timetable. It is very difficult to work in such conditions. Self-discipline will be your best friend if you are flexible all the time. Don’t think like that: if I want I will do it, if I don’t want, I won’t do it. In this case, only a few orders will be fulfilled qualitatively and quickly.

You should understand that freelancing is a real job. You can appoint yourself suitable working hours, choose the days off and from a certain time in the evening completely forget about the orders and devote time to yourself and your family.

2) Choose the uniform. Of course, it’s funny to wear a suit or other peacock clothes while you are working at home and all the time are sitting in front the computer. But to fulfill the order and to be dressed in pajamas is also a bad idea. You can choose something comfortable from your wardrobe and wear it while you are working. After finishing the work, you can change into home clothes. Every morning you should wash, clean teeth, style your hair, have breakfast, dress and start working. It looks like you are going to the office, but your office is in the next room. Believe me, it is very important for you to fell that you are at work. A special and comfortable uniform will help you.

3) Make a plan for every day. Even if you are a freelancer you should follow the certain plan. A perfect plan for the day will help focus on the main thing and do not miss anything. If you have a lot of orders, you can make a plan for the month. With your plan, it will be easier for you to achieve your goals. You can find the information on the Internet how other freelancers build their working day. Many people are ready to share their experience, and I am sure it will be interesting to you to read it. You can compare your schedule to others, and come to the right conclusions.

4) Have your own workplace. You know that in every office, each worker has his/her own workplace. It can be a separate room or just a table. It means that at home you should also have a comfortable workplace. It is not a good idea to work lying on the bed in your bedroom.  I am sure the atmosphere won’t be good for writing. It is also impossible to work in the kitchen or in the children's room.

If you have an opportunity, use the separate room for working. You will be isolated from everybody and it will be easier for you to concentrate on what you are doing. You can sit at the table or on the sofa with your laptop. It is very important to have a workplace as it affects your performance.

5) Have a communication with other people. Those people, who are working at home, sometimes forget to spend time with other people. They don’t need to communicate with other workers, account to the boss. They are sure that they have no time for meeting with friends or visiting relatives. But if you are so busy, you can communicate with other freelancers. Use chats, online conferences and other programs which will help you to communicate with real people. It is very dangerous to spend time only with your computer. You can manage your time in a special way, and find the opportunity for real, not only virtual communication. Do it, otherwise, you will turn into the real sociopath.

You see, freelancing is very interesting and this kind of job has a lot of advantages. You can be happy and successful if you will be self-disciplined and make up the right daily routine ( Let me tell you a few words from my own experience. If I have no urgent housework, I start my work at 9 o’clock. I like sleeping till the afternoon, but from Monday till Saturday I get up early in the morning. My husband goes to his work and I start my usual day. My working day always ends at 8 pm. My husband comes back home and I put my laptop away. Every evening is our family time. I never work on Sundays. Usually, we go to the church and I always spend this day with my family. It is not difficult to adhere to a clear timetable. You must do it, otherwise, you will be always in a hurry, tired, and exhausted. And never work at night, it is your time for sleeping!

Our company was created many years ago, and all this time we are the leader among other companies like ours. To tell the truth, it is not easy to exist in the world full of competitors. Every day we try to improve and to be better for our clients. We help with writing a cover letter and also with making a professional resume. Our wide range of services is intended for unemployed people from all over the country. You can send the perfect new CV to all the companies and wait for the results. We are sure that you will succeed. It is so easy to use our services. The result is worth the risk.

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