Professional Writer Resume: It’s Not Hard To Write Resume


Resume writing main mistakes

Well written resume is the base of successful job search. It is necessary to avoid templates and write truthful information only. If you feel you can not do it on your own, our professional resume writers will make the process of resume writing fast and neat.

It is well known that spelling and grammatical errors proclaim negative reaction of the recruiters. The presence of such “errors” is almost the guarantee that this resume will not be read till the end. But are there any other irritating things? Experts share what makes them crumple and throw away candidate’s resume having just glanced at it. Not to let this happen, use the help of professional resume writers online.

The absence of formatting

Resume outward look is important. Uneven indents, extra spaces make an employer throw resume into a rubbish bin. How to fix the situation? Literary, how to fix resume? Format paragraphs and use the extra spaces search option.

Also do not show excessive creativity in the design of resume. Recruiters say they do not like to receive resume written with artsy fonts. It looks unprofessionally, such a resume is harder to read.

Use the most standard fonts (Arial, Times New Roman, Tahoma and so on). Use not more than two fonts in a document, do not overuse bold and italics. If it all sounds difficult to you, you may use our service that provides you with resume writer professional help. Our specialists will format your resume and make it look competently and professionally.

Immaturity and lack of professionalism

Some HR managers tell that sometimes they do not read resume just having looked at photo. One of the candidates placed the photo of Bart Simpson in his resume (he applied for the position of technical writer), and other employee who applied for the position of customer service specialist use the photo of a kitten.

Professional recruiters say that seminude photos, photos “on the beach” or spectacled with car background cause negative effect, unless you are a model or celebrity.


Mike Monroe, an experienced recruiter, said that templates used in resume without changes make him irritated. He says he will not throw the resume at once, but he will think that a jobseeker has not spent much time writing the resume.

To avoid this mistake, edit your resume according to the requirements of each concrete vacancy, emphasize the attention on those knowledge and skills needed for this very work.

When resume is written without taking the requirements into consideration, a recruiter makes conclusion that a jobseeker does not understand whom an employers looks for, and sends resume at random, just because he / she is suitable for certain criteria.

Tell the employer why you are a perfect candidate for the vacancy and what your skills and knowledge can benefit the company.

Huge amount of templates and cliché, such as “stress-resistant, active, team player” can push recruiter away, if a vacancy demands sane, clear-headed and professional candidate.

Speak honestly

As specialists claim, there is nothing terrible that a candidate had “gaps” in work experience, it is wrong that he / she tries to hide them.

David S. Williams, founder and general manager of the consulting company Spring Raise, believes that it is better to tell honestly about the periods when you did not have job. Trying to hide such facts, you only make worse.

Information hiding about the previous working place is not an uncommon thing, especially if a candidate does not want to advertise his attempts to find a new job. However, unwillingness to name the basic functions that a jobseeker performed on different working places is nonsense, and naturally resume of this jobseeker can not make good impression and does not attract employer’s attention. Besides, such an attempt to hide certain facts of working biography irritates the HR managers.

Recruiters say that there is no sense to chase privacy that much. Of course, if a resume is published in open sources, hiding can be justified. However, there are visibility settings on the most online resources on job search, so if a jobseeker does not want an employer to see certain information, he may use these settings. Excess secrecy does not make any use, especially when a candidate refuses to tell such information even in telephone interview. If a person distorts facts for the better, for example saying that he occupied some positing longer than it was in reality, it may help him to get an invitation for an interview, but most likely a lie will come out and ruin all your success.

The best tactic is to describe your career path in resume, and in a covering letter writing process pay attention to the details, tell about your achievements. You can also tell about how much effectively you used working time. And remember that well written covering letter is another way not to let your resume get into a rubbish bin.

Keep in mind

Specialists of the largest recruitment agencies shared what other mistakes in resume writing should be avoid and what you should always keep in your mind.

A person who sends resume to an agency or directly to an employer should respect addressee as well as himself. In this relation it is unacceptable to send incomplete resume, resume with grammatical mistakes, misprints, incorrect or inaccurate names of the previous working places. Also resume that have names “manager”, “boss” and in which candidate’s working experience is limited by ordinary positions and non-management functions can not provoke interest, but irritation.

Having written your resume, show it to HR specialist, who will point out your mistakes at once and will tell you the ways how to correct them. If you do not have such possibility, show your resume to your friends at least, an independent opinion of a strange person will help to define whether resume looks readably and aesthetically. Probably, the most important moment in a resume, which really can influence the choice of a candidate, is the presence of grammatical and stylistic mistakes. It works for any position. It is obvious that if a person makes a lot of mistakes, he creates bad general impression. Do not excuse yourself with inattention writing resume, because your resume is the “portrait” of a candidate, so this is in your best interest to make this portrait as much attractive as possible. However, in general you should not think that HR managers have very categorical approach to the process of the resume selecting.

What is forbidden?

Professional recruiters have a list of things that you should not do writing resume.

You should never:

  • write your name and last name not fully, or change them;
  • lie about your age;
  • write incorrect dates of work in companies (for example, extend the terms of your work);
  • exclude from your resume some working places (“because I worked there not for a long time”, “because it was not official employment” and so on);
  • neglect the detailed description of your working duties (resume, in which work experience is described with one single line “experience as a chief accountant – 10 years”, can hardly attract attention of serious companies);
  • write too much detailed resume on 10 pages;
  • distort the level of foreign languages knowledge.

As you can see, it is not that difficult to write good successful and selling resume taking into consideration recommendations of professional recruiters. Using our tips you will manage to create your own unique resume, but to make it perfect it would be better to ask for professional help on our resume service.