Cover Letter Writing Service: It Is Easier Than You Think


Cover letter to the resume is a document, in which in more or less free form you can present yourself from the best side and make an employer interested.

All over the world cover letter is an integral part of the resume. Resume is a document, and as any other document it has strictly defined format. Beyond it there is a lot of useful information, which can be presented in cover letter. It is obvious that cover letter is extremely important, so if you are looking for cover letter writing service, visit our website. Our team of professional writers will do its best to help you.

What to write?

Cover letter should be composed in such a way, so that employer wants to call you back without even reading your resume. Let’s remember famous cover letter of Leonardo da Vinci addressed to Duke of Milan, Ludovico Sforza. The genius inventor applied for the post of military engineer, however in his cover letter except the other information, he mentioned his ability to make sculptures in marble, bronze and clay. The letter was a success, and soon da Vinci moved to Milan.

How to write?

  • Remember the rules of official correspondence. If you are sure about your sense of humor, humorous style is acceptable. However, do not overdo!
  • Do not write long resume on your biography, a couple of short paragraphs will be enough. Although, if you need to know how to write biography, cover letter, resume or other kinds of documents, there are many resume and cover letter writing services, among which is the best option.
  • Use such phrases as “probably”, “I suggest”, “I guess”; “You should / have to / must” are not acceptable forms. Try to avoid abbreviations in your cover letter.
  • Also avoid unfriendly comments about your former colleagues and employers. It will characterize you from negative side.
  • Show individuality. Phrases about stress resistance and efficiency can be found in almost any cover letter.
  • Experts believe that information about hobbies is not very appropriate in the letter.
  • Write that you are ready to have personal interview in a company, during which you will tell more details about yourself.
  • Needless to say that spelling and punctuation mistakes are unacceptable, so necessarily reread your letter.
  • Ask someone to read your letter. Other person’s opinion will help you to improve it.

Use creativity

Cover letter is the evidence that you want to work in this very company. That is why style and content of your first appeal to the employer requires more individual approach than resume. Now we are going to give you some tips that will help you to direct your creative energy into right way when you will compose your cover letter.

1. First of all get as much information about the organization as possible, so that in your cover letter you could mention why you want to work for this company on this post and what contribution you are going to make into company development. Recruitment manager should see your interest.

2. Tell briefly (not just mention) why your skills and experience suit the proposed work. You should mention the reason why recruiter should consider your candidacy for the post.

3. Resume and cover letter should complement each other. You should not repeat the content of resume in your letter, but also there should not be discordances in these two documents.

4. Keep etiquette. You should not write such phrases as “Hi, this is my resume. Good bye and see you soon”. Always follow official style of communication.

5. Stand out from the crowd. Try to use one or two phrases within a professional context that will make you special for an employer. For example, if you want to get post of the Internet-projects manager, mention that once you have created a website for the fans of some famous band.

6. Try to initiate contact at the end of your letter. You may just write “I hope to get your response”. And do not forget to thank your counterpart for giving you time.

How to avoid mistakes?

It is a significant oversight to write in cover letter about your ambitions and that your main goal is rapid way up the career ladder. It is better to write about your desire to use your skills in solving the problems that company faces.

You should not mention how much you were paid at the previous workplace. It may reduce your chances to get desired post. To much “expensive” specialists usually do not get work, and low salary at the previous job makes thinks that employee is incompetent.

You should be very careful writing why you have left the previous workplace. It is better to prepare answers to difficult questions about your work experience and if necessary use them on interview, and not in cover letter.

 If information in cover letter and resume is contradictory, do not wait the employer will answer you. It is also wrong to duplicate data from resume.

Cover letter accompanies the main object of discussion – resume. The experts from our letter writing service give advise how to write brilliant resume and cover letter.

Not just words: 10 secrets of convincing cover letter

Structure of cover letter

Cover letter standard sample does not exist yet, but you can search for the examples on the Internet in numerous resume and cover letter services. When you start writing cover letter, the most important is to give answers to three main questions in your letter. The first one is who you are. The second one is why company needs you. And the third one is why you need the company.

Take into consideration that good cover letter is not a brief version of resume. It has more personal nature and gives you opportunity to present those details, which you can not mention in resume. With its help you can pay employer’s attention to your strong sides. Besides, it is another chance to convince an employer that you are a perfect candidate, even if you do not have enough experience and qualification. In a perfect cover letter you should show your interest, activity and desire to work in this very company.

What will employer appreciate in your cover letter?

1. Pithiness

Cover letter should be grammatically correct and brief. The size of the letter should not overcome half of the page. Your best qualities should be clearly and correctly formulated in the letter, and also there should be mentioned what you can offer the company.

2. Few words about personal

Tell in your cover letter not only about your best professional qualities, but also about strong personal qualities, such as activity, result orientation, work efficiency. All this will help to create positive image of your personality. Concisely write about the features that you could not present in your resume. Having looked at two texts, cover letter and resume, an employer will get full picture about how your professional and personal qualities can benefit the company. However, try to avoid cliché. Illustrate your words with the help of example from your work and life.

3. Enthusiasm

Obligatory emphasize your interest to this very company and post and explain why you are interested in it. So if you show your knowledge about some specific project, you chances to be invited to interview will grow significantly.

4. Live style

Do not use complex sentences and constructers. Choose light style and live phrases. Imagine that you are talking to your future employer. However, do not overdo and keep official style of communication.

5. List of recommendations

If you try to get job in a big company, probably HR manager will ask you to give contacts of people who can give you recommendations. If you add this information to your cover letter, it will enhance your chance to get invitation to the interview.

6. Personal approach

Cover letter, more than resume, requires personal approach and adaptation for every separate position you want to get. It demands some preparation. Before starting to write cover letter, try to understand what exactly company is looking for. Read attentively the requirements and write down the most important. Match these requirement with your own skills and emphasize them (do not forget about examples). In cover letter use so called “key words” – main terms that company uses to describe the requirements to candidate.

7. Essential information only

Do not write unnecessary information that does not have any direct relation to the work in your cover letter. Text should contain only description of your strongest sides and qualities, and not your personal information and domestic habits.

8. The uniqueness for the company

Any company is always interested in what it can get from you, and not what you can get from it. Turn the explanation of your choice into the “unique offer” for the company. For example, if you have great work experience, tell how you can use it to increase the efficiency of the company.

9. Contact information

Despite the fact that your resume already contains your contact information, still duplicate them in the letter. Give employer as more opportunities to contact you quickly as possible.

10. SMART principle

SMART is a famous method of “smart” goal setting, which can help you in composing of your text. It is based on 5 main principles.

S – Specific. Exclude general phrases. Speak precisely about your experiences and achievements. Forget such phrases as “I am motivated professional”. Write instead “I work in for more than 15 years. At the last job I managed to increase sales by 40% using new system…”

M – Measurable. Use numbers, percentages, dates, and so on in your letter. Precise numbers look more convincing for employer that just words.

A – Attainable. Do not write something you probably will not be able to achieve. Describe concrete goal, not fantasies.

R – Relevant. Write only important for employer information, which presents you from the best side. Your travel experience or sport achievements are not interesting for your future employer.

T – Time-bound. Another element that makes your letter more concrete. Mention the dates during which you managed to achieve certain results. In such a way you will demonstrate how much effective your work can be.

So as you can see it is possible to write good cover letter using our tips. But if you want to make it perfect, use our cover letter writing service. Our professionals will write cover letter neatly and quickly for you.