Phrases that Can Ruin Every Resume


Not all job seekers know what words and phrases they should avoid putting in their resume. Not many of us are aware that this can ruin everything because employers are often more demanding than it seems. In fact, all employers want to see only the best of the best workers in their organizations. If you want to succeed in the process of job application, you need to pay close attention to what phrases and words you use in your resume; otherwise you will not be chosen for the interview. Besides, every job seeker should know the ways of how to stand out from the crowd, while certain phrases in a resume can have a completely reverse effect. This is especially true if you are not an experienced job seeker. When composing a resume, try to avoid the following phrases if you want to be selected for the specific job position. Keep in mind that you need to pay much attention to what you include in your resume. This way, you will get a desired job without any effort.

  • The first phrase to be avoided is “assisted doing something”. Many jobseekers are often using this phrase in their resume, but this is not right. What does the word “assisted” mean? It means “helped” and therefore has a rather vague meaning. If you use this word in your resume, it will not help your future employer to get an idea of what your role at the previous workplace was. Besides, it does not matter how hard you want to make your resume relevant to the desired job position, because the word “assisted” still has a rather generalized meaning. To make your resume more successful, you need to explain in what way you assisted or helped someone at your previous job. In the summarizing statement to your resume, you need to accurately and specifically describe the work experience you had previously.
  • You should also avoid using phrases that seem a bit too trendy, like the word “cutting-edge”, for example. This is because such words and phrases will not help you to make a powerful impression on your employer. Instead, the harder you are trying to impress the hiring manager or the director of the company, the more likely you are to fail. Therefore, instead of creating an image of an inventor, you need to provide specific examples as for how you have developed some abilities or skills. You also need to allow the employer to decide on one’s own whether the job you have done was impressive or not. The fact is that most employers do not know the specifics of the industry well, so you need to just let your achievements speak for themselves. This is the best way towards getting a desirable job position.
  • One more phrase that can ruin any resume is “strong work ethics”. There are employers who consider this phrase to be a simple space-filling tool, which shows that the job seeker does not really know what else he/she should add to the resume. Such a phrase also implies that for some job positions, having a strong work ethics is optional and in some cases not required. This will further divert your potential employer from thoroughly examining your resume. Of course, every job seeker wants to make an impression and demonstrate that they have strong work ethics to show that they are perfectly able to keep up with the organizational work within the company. However, this should not be specified in your resume.
  • Another phrase that should be avoided by job seekers is “duties include…” This kind of phrase is not only a waste of paper, but also demonstrates that you are incapable of expressing your ideas in a more concise way. Furthermore, writing a successful resume is not all about concentrating on the quantity, but it rather means focusing on the quality of the document. Any employer might decide to consider your job application if it is more straightforward and easy to understand. That is why avoid putting too many general phrases in your resume, because this will make it too complicated for the readers.
  • Besides, there are job seekers who insist on using such phrase as “responsible for”, even though in most cases it has a highly negative effect on the readers. When you include this phrase in your resume, you might consider it appropriate to demonstrate that you are a responsible person to a certain extent, because it consequently shows that you have done a good job in your previous places of work. Nevertheless, there are a number of more creative means of showing your responsibility. In this regard, you can use some stronger words like “persuaded” or “planned”, which clearly indicate the extent to which you contributed to your former place of employment and show how efficient you can be at work.
  • When giving a list of one’s abilities and skills in a resume, some people tend to use a common phrase “detailed-oriented”. However, the fact is that everyone pays attention to details, which therefore means that there is nothing unique or special about you. The same can be applied to the word “perfectionist”, which is another cliché that is often used not only in resumes, but also during job interviews. If you call yourself that, you will restrict your opportunities for success, because you will sound just like any other person in such circumstances. Being a detailed-oriented person or a perfectionist is not the best possible characteristic of an employee and sometimes such phrases can be quite ambiguous. Furthermore, if you use such a phrase, you might be perceived as a person who takes his/her time to accomplish some duties such as writing an e-mail to someone or making a decision in this or that situation. Therefore, instead of indicating this quality, you need to concentrate on demonstrating your strengths and job-related abilities.

In such a way, you can see that there are plenty of phrases that should be avoided when writing a resume. Otherwise, your resume would not be considered professional and competitive. If you want to grab the attention of your potential employer, you need to be careful as for what you are writing in your resume and what words or phrases you choose. This will guarantee that your endeavors are not in vain.

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