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Resume is one of the most effective means of work search. It is a brief presentation of the most important for a potential employer facts of your biography, which are connected with your work experience, skills and knowledge. An employer usually spends no more than a minute or two to read it, that is why it is so much important to attract the attention at once, to make him interested and to encourage him to invite you for an interview. Writing resume you should remember that it will be your visiting card and it should distinguish you from the whole stream of people who look for work. Our resume service provides help with making a resume, so having contacted our team you will get professionally written resume that will bring you success.

What is resume and what is its purpose?

A lot of people still think that resume writing is just imposed on us formality. But if you look deeper in the process of employment, you will see that resume is the main means for achieving the goal, in particular for achieving financial well-being. Correctly written resume is the fist step to victory, because an employer first of all relies on information given in resume, and depending on how this information is presented, employer becomes interested or not. About 10 years ago it was enough to announce about yourself with a brief ad in a newspaper. However, today we live in other times, which dictate us their own demands, and only those people win who keep up with the times.

In the beginning of 1990s advertising came into our lives, and as the practice showed, it became powerful engine of trade. As well as any description of a product introduced in media, resume is also an informational source for your “customer”. Resume writing is a creative and painstaking process, but unlike advertising it is more complicated. Even the most talented sellers admit that they can sell anything except themselves. So there is no wonder that 90% of employees do not know what they are, they confuse the specifics of practical experience with education, they can not give exact “naming” to themselves. Most of people who ask “help me make a resume”, look for a concrete example of resume that will suit them for job search. Of course, you can download resume, and even find a resume sample that is perfectly appropriate to your experience. But it does not mean that it will make you much use. It would be right to write resume on your own. However, not everyone can do it correctly, but still it is worth to try.

How to write resume if you have never done it before?

It is acceptable to look for resume samples on the Internet as a guide to independent actions, but it is not effective to copy someone’s thoughts. Your resume, as well as your photo, should reflect your merits. Each employee has his own specific features, all you need is to discover it and present in a right way. The most important thing is not to miss correct details that can help you to provoke interest at an employer. It can be description of your goals, motivation, advantages of professional experience and skills. Before starting to write resume, it is necessary to decide on its content, i.e. you should think of whom and what you want to tell, and more important is why.

The main purpose of resume is to make an employer notice and evaluate you. If you hesitate that your resume is written competently, do not hurry to send it. You can always ask highly qualified specialists, who not only help with making a resume, but also can consult you on all matters related to employment. Such kind of help you can get on our website, our professional team is always there for you.

Help on making a resume

If you are here and read this post on resume writing, it means you have faced certain difficulties with the employment and you need help on making a resume. There is a huge amount of information on the Internet, almost everywhere the same things are written. But still on practice it is pretty hard to write qualitative and effective resume.

Why is resume necessary?

To answer this question, you may ask yourself: “Why do trainers, tutors and teachers exist on the planet?” Why for example do you need a mathematics teacher if you can buy excellent books and teach-yourself books and learn everything on your won?

It is simple. Teachers accelerate greatly your learning and your development. You yourself are 100% of efficiency. You with a teacher are 300-600% of efficiency.

It is all the same about resume writing. You can write a good resume yourself, but you will spend much time and efforts on self-education. Of course, this is an interesting way, but there is much shorter way.

Professional help in resume writing

There are a lot of situations when you need help of professionals in resume writing. Here are some of them:

  • You want to make your resume better. You are looking for the manager’s position. How to write resume in, so that you are offered only management positions?
  • You want to climb the career ladder. New position, new salary, new company. Do you need to write something about it in your resume or leave it as it is?
  • You are changing the sphere of work and you need to understand what skills and experience you need to emphasize for an employer.
  • You had significant gaps in work experience. How can you present it in your resume?
  • You have a management position, but you want to find calmer work. How to explain your motivation to an employer? What to write in resume?
  • You are writing resume for the first time. Your resume is good, but you are rarely invited for an interview. How to increase the number of invitations?
  • How the work on resume happens. First of all conversation and identifying of your goals and aims take place. What are you looking for? What kind of work do you need? What problems are you facing now? How are you searching for a job? And so on and so forth.

All this is important to know to write a good resume. And in general it is not about resume! Very often people do not understand how they can find desired work. Resume is not the aim, it is just one of the means in job search.

The main aim in resume writing is to help you to reach your goals.

How to write a good resume

According to how this document is written, not only your career directly depends, but also probably all your future life. On our service you can get all the necessary information that will help making a resume.

It does not matter how you look for a job, asking your friends, searching in newspapers or using the Internet, there will be a moment when you will be asked to show or send your resume. Today it is obvious for everyone that work search without a competently written resume is not effective at all.

Resume structure

As a rule, resume consists of 1-2 pages and includes the following blocks:

1) Contact information.

2) Name and second name.

3) Address (full address including index number).

4) Telephone number (home, contact, working with area code; you mention working telephone number only in that case, if you have an opportunity to communicate enough free in the workplace).

5) E-mail address (if you do not have it, you should definitely create it).

6) Aim (not necessary, but it is desirable): brief description of what position you are applying to and why you want to get it (no more than 6 lines, 2-3 lines are okay). If you send your resume to a certain vacancy, instead of the aim you should mention name or code of the vacancy. If you have several different aims, you can write two-three variants of resume. It is better to write a couple of resume focused on different aspects instead of one general.

7) Qualification. Write briefly about your professional skills, strong sides and achievements.

8) Work experience in reverse chronological order, it means you should begin with the last working place.

9) Education. You can also mention additional education: courses, seminars, trainings, traineeships, etc.

10) Additional information: knowledge of foreign languages and computer skills, driving license, membership in professional organizations, and so on.

11) Recommendations. If there is such an opportunity, give contacts of people who can give you recommendations.

What you should not write in resume

Do not include in resume:

  • all your working biography (in fact, your potential employer is interested in your last 3-5 working places for the last 10 years, no more);
  • your physical data and health condition;
  • your weak sides;
  • the reasons why you have quit your previous job.

Having finished writing resume, be sure that you can prove all the information you mentioned in your resume. Just be honest, use our resume writing service and you will definitely succeed.