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How to write a resume?

How to write a correct resume? Resume writing is not easy at all. How ever, having competently composed resume sample, you will successfully deal with it. Or you may use our resume writing service. We will do everything in a proper way and very fast for you.

A lot of those who look for a job ask themselves what information should be mentioned in resume. Mentioned professional skills and qualities should prove to an employer that you are the one he is looking for and he should invite you to interview.

9 rules of professional resume

What do you need to know to write perfect resume? There is no and can not be right answer, because there can not be perfect resume. Each case requires personal approach.

Nevertheless, search and read the rules of resume writing. If you do not like reading rules and instructions, this fix my resume post will help you to make you way to a new job much shorter.

Professional resume rule №1: clearly specify the desired position

Naming the desired position is one of the most important points in a resume. The destiny of your resume depends on how clearly you formulate what you want.

Do not use such variants as “any position”, “specialist” and so on, because these formulations can not give to an employer idea of what you want. The employers will not spend their time on thinking what they can offer you. If you do not mention concrete position, your resume will get into “rubbish bin”.

Do not write in your resume several mutually exclusive positions, even if you are good in each of them. Write a couple of different resume, and in each make an emphasis on experience and skills demanded for each concrete position that you want to get. Yes, you will need to spend more time, but the result will be seen much faster.

Professional resume rule №2: decide what salary you want in advance

In the field “Income level” it is better to write a specific amount of money, which you want to get. Avoid variants as “999 dollars”, it will not attract employer’s attention, but provoke incomprehension.

Professional resume rule №3: refrain from humor

Resume is an official document. Composing it, avoid irony, humor and sarcasm. You can make jokes later, but now official style will bring you much better results than the most appropriate in this case joke.

Professional resume rule №4: be laconic

Do not make your resume look like epic novel by writing there texts of your articles, publications, your thoughts about life sense. All this is too much. Resume should not exceed one page, maximum is two pages. Excessive pithiness is not good as well. Resume with not filled necessary fields and words “I will tell everything on personal meeting” will be througn to rubbish bin at once.

Resume writing rule №5: delete inappropriate personal information

For your own safety do not write in resume your personal information, such as passport number, exact address and so on.

Good resume rule №6: evaluate whether it is necessary to give links on your profiles in social networks

If social networks do not characterize you as professional, for the time you look for a job it would be better to limit the ability to view your profile, giving access to friends and close ones only. In general, do not describe the details of your personal life in your resume, including your intimate life. Avoid information that is not relevant.

Exemplary resume rule №7: check the spelling mistakes in the resume

There should not be grammatical mistakes and misprints in your resume. CV with mistakes makes negative impression on the employer. By the way, our website is a great resume fixer, so you can use our service to write grammatically correct resume.

Resume writing rule №8: check the accuracy and relevance of information

Be honest writing resume. It is easy to check whether you have knowledge of certain programs, whether you have certain skills and abilities. If necessary you will have to prove the information you have mentioned with the help of documents or with relevant examples.

Resume writing rule №9: complete your resume with a recent photo

Photo in a CV is not necessary item. However, if you decided to add your photo to the document, remember that it must meet a number of requirements. There should be only one person on the photo – you, and your face should be clearly seen.

What should not be in your resume?

1. Deception

Writing that you have some knowledge and experience, which you do not have, will not help you to get a job. The maximum you can get is that you will be interviewed. However, an experienced HR manager during personal meeting, asking additional questions, will disclose the deception.

2. Artsy style and hackneyed phrases

If you want to write memorable resume, do not try to distinguish your CV with the help of unusual font, size or bright colours. The clearly structured CV, in which you present your achievements and advantages, is much more attractive for the employer.

Avoid hackneyed phrases. Use official style only. At the same time use vivid expressions that are characteristic of business style.

3. Cliché

Cross out from the resume all the phrases similar to “highly motivated professional with good communication skills and a focus on results” or “I am looking for a job where I could show all my best qualities and skills”. Remember that employer gets dozens or even hundreds resume a day. You aim is to stand out among them, and cliché is not a good way to do it.

Use in your CV so called key words. For this purpose read attentively vacancy requirements and choose the main terms that employer uses.

4. General skills information

Knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel is not a special skill anymore. Almost any person, who works in office, knows how to use them. Such information will only overburden your resume and distract from really important information and significant advantages.

5. Personal information

Family status, gender, children do not interest your potential employer. Your task is to present you as a good specialist in a brief way, and not to tell you life story.

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What you should keep in mind writing resume

1) Do not develop your thoughts too much. The size of a perfect CV is the matter of dispute. Experts say that three pages are too much, and an employer will not manage to read them all. At the same time they say that one page is the resume of beginning workers. For an experienced specialist one page is not enough to present his professional skills. So two pages are okay. Remember that employers pay most attention to the first page, so try to write there the best information about yourself. And always check your resume, also ask someone to read it.

2) Emphasize your achievements and unique qualities. Resume is a list of your achievements, and not description of your carrier path. Your main goal is to demonstrate to employer how much valuable you can be for the company.

3) Speak the same language with employer

We have already mentioned that it is necessary to use key words in your resume. Fill your resume with the same phrases and terms, even if you have been using other terminology before. In such a way your resume will convincingly show that your skills and abilities suit the company and you correspond the requirements.

4) Show your literacy. Check your CV many times. Turn a spell check function on and necessarily ask someone to read your resume. Employer will definitely notice mistakes, and it will make negative impression about you.

5) Remember about the look It is important your resume should be easy to read. Use typical for official style fonts (Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman) with 12 font size, this is the best option.

6) Do not write universal resume. You should not write new resume for new position you want to get. However it is necessary to add specific details and change the emphasis for every single vacancy you apply to. Remember that employer expects to find an answer to the question why you are perfect candidate for the vacancy in your resume.

7) Add photo only if it is appropriate. Many HR managers say that you should add photo only in that case when you appearance is directly connected with functional responsibilities. For example, if you are applying for the post that is considered the “face of the company” or work implies certain publicity (e. g. PR0managers, sales consultants, office managers, promoters).

8) Do not leave “open” questions. Any ambiguity or reticence in the resume may provoke additional questions and consequently doubts. Try to clarify all the moments that can cause questions. Do not let “white spots” appear in your CV. For example, if some period of time you did not have constant work, but were occupied with freelance, do not miss this period and mention what you exactly you did. Also write the time when you were engaged in volunteer work and studying.

Remember that a good HR manager anyway will check the points that provoke doubts. It would be better if you write only true relevant information and be honest about everything.