These Jobs Can Extinct On A Short-Term Horizon


We live in a constantly changing world. So there is nothing weird in the fact that many things that used to seem strange and fantastic yesterday became common today.

More and more professions and occupations become automated; machines perform work instead of people. The market economy requires efficiency, that is why the owners of companies and shops replace people with machines, which should not be paid and which are not tend to make mistakes.

In some time workers will have to get higher education to operate complicated machines, and manual labor will remain in the past. However there are professions that will be no longer demanded in 10-20 years. If you are interested in posts about job, you should definitely visit our website. There you can get help in resume writing and also you have a great opportunity to order resume online. Our team of professional resume writers will do everything according to your personal demands.

Have you ever thought about the choice of your professional life path or about profession change? I bet you have. This post on jobs that can extinct on a short-term horizon will help you to avoid mistakes and not to choose profession that may disappear at an early date.

Time flies and the world develops. Today many people already know that technological progress develops according to the laws of not arithmetic, but geometric progression, what means it develops extremely fast.

For example, remember that 15 years ago only the most well-off layers of the population had personal computers. The Internet was something like a miracle of a fantasy world. And what can we see today? Tablets, smartphones, laptops are everywhere, Wi-Fi covers the streets of many cities. Who could think 15 years ago that it all would happen? The development does not stop, and in 10 years our world will be different. So in this post about jobs that can disappear soon we are going to talk about professions that can extinct in just 10 years (or a little bit later). First of all these are professions that can be easily automated without significant loss in quality, i.e. such jobs in which clear programmed instructions can be formulated. So let’s see.

What professions are we talking about?

1. Watchman, guard, check-taker, parking attendant, traffic police inspector, etc. – these specialties can be replace with improved video monitoring system. Taking into consideration future technological progress, it will be cheaper to install the necessary video equipment, than to pay people who do these jobs. It means, you should think twice before choosing one of these professions.

2. Miner. In 10 years all more or less developed countries will equip their mines with such equipment for mining that will not require using heavy human labor (at least in such an extent as it is now).

3. Copywriters and rewriters. Already now special programs that can generate short texts exist, for now they are in English only. Unfortunately, today the results of their work are not satisfying, but 10 years is relatively big period of time. quite possible that these programs will be much improved and the result of their work will be demonstrated on the most popular websites.

4. Postmen. Of course, today we prefer to use cell phones and e-mail to talk to someone. Most of old people also learnt how to get pension using bank cards instead of waiting for a postman. Probably, this profession will not disappear absolutely, but in the near future the number of postmen will be greatly reduced.

5. Seamstress / dressmaker. There are different opinions on why profession of seamstress will disappear from the face of the earth. Someone say that dressmakers will be replaced by 3D printers, which will print clothes, others think that people will spray themselves with a special spray cans that will contain cotton fibers, and the result of such a manipulation will look normal. We believe that clothes in the near future still will be sewed but the process will be much more automated. Machines will replace people everywhere it is possible. It means that the profession will not disappear, but the number of its representatives will decrease.

6. Cashiers. Already now in supermarkets of some megacities there are so called “self- cashboxes”. Honestly saying, according to recalls, such cashboxes often break, and also there are long queues because people are not used to “self- cashboxes”. But in 10 years technique will be much improved and people will learn how to use them, so it is not a good idea to choose the job of cashier as your future profession.

7. Call centre operators. Today mobile operators, banks and other organizations try to replace people with automatic answering machine that offers to make choice in service menu according to your problem. Now it not always works efficiently, but in 10 years the system will be greatly improved, so that voice robots will be able to create illusion of live communication. It may happen in 10 years or later, but it is not worth to choose the profession of call centre operator.

8. Working specialties in plants, factories, workshops, etc. Many representatives of this profession will not have work due to the reason that new improved equipment will not require large number of workers.

9. Tourism managers. Internet development allows people to choose the country they want to visit on their own. They also can choose hotel according to their budget and any other services and plan their trip without travel agents.

10. Bookkeeper. In about 15 years there will no be need in bookkeepers. Powerful and inexpensive accounting software based on artificial intelligence will be invented soon, so even a pupil will manage to deal with accounts. These programs will not make mistakes and also it will not deceive, as often bookkeepers do. So naturally employers will prefer electronic machine to human bookkeeper.

11. Paralegal (lawyer assistant). This job in 13 years or so will also be successfully performed by a special program. Lawyers themselves will not disappear, of course, but automated “assistant” will relieve them of the need to deal with the huge amount of paper documents, numerous phone calls and letters, and will provide any necessary data. Besides, such an assistant will not ask to go home earlier and there will be no need to pay it salary.

12. Taxi driver. They will disappear in about 25 years. By the time all the cars will become automated and self-managing. All you will need is just to get in your car, set route program and the car will take you to the destination point complying with traffic rules, reacting to obstacles and going around traffic jams. It all, by the way, program will do much more efficiently that human.

13. Air traffic controller. The most common reason of plane crashes is “human” factor. Computers will make mistakes much more seldom than people. Probably, the total number of accidents eventually will lead to the absolutely replacement of people with machines.

14. Parking officer. Automated parking is already exist in our time, and their number will increase in the coming years. Special equipment will allow to control automatically the time that a car stands in the parking lot, and in case of failure to pay, a driver will not be able to leave the parking.

15. Interpreter. This profession will exist for another 18 years, as futurologists suggest. By the time there will be invented improved system of texts and oral speech translation, in which the quality of translation will be the same as “human”. It means that there will be no need in people-interpreters.

Of course, all this does not mean that unemployment will grow. Representative of disappearing professions can retrain and acquire related specialties. Anyway, someone will have to develop programs for the “automatic substitutes”, and here experienced bookkeepers, lawyers and interpreters will be demanded. Besides, many new professions will appear, professions related to development and use of technologies, which we have never heard about yet.

All this waits for us very soon, but will it happen in 10 years or later depends first of all on economical situation of the country and accordingly on the ability of the companies to invest in the purchase of modern machinery and equipment.

Now having read this disappearing jobs post you have got more information on this issue, so you can make right choice of your future profession.