Top 15 Remote Jobs For Every Age


Remote job and free schedule are trends of the modern world. Who and when gets benefit from remote jobs? What problems does one face with remote jobs? What are the pros and cons of remote job? We will answer all these questions in our post on remote job.

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What is remote job?

Remote job means a way of interaction with an employer, when an employee and an employer are at a distance from each other, and the results of the work are transferred via Internet. For example, a writer can send via Internet a new book, a programmer can send program code, and they may work at home, in café or any other place where they can get an access to the Internet.

Who is remote employee?

A remote employee can be staff specialist hired by a company on the employment contract basis, as well as freelancer, private specialist hired to implement a project or for temporary work. That is why you should not think that remote job and freelance are the same, because in fact these are two different notions.

What are the advantages of remote job?

Free schedule. You are free to decide when you work and when you rest. However, a client always defines the time and date when a project should be ready, so called deadline.

Saving of time. You should not go to work spending a couple of hours on public transport, subway or traffic jams.

Money saving. There is no need to buy “office clothes” and other attributes of strict dress code.

Additional income. You may easily get extra money by taking projects from other clients and companies, because an employer does not control whether you work with his projects only and what you do at your free time. In case of remote job, employer is interested in results, not in the process. However, we recommend to discuss the possibility of part-time work with your employer and not to work for direct competitors.

Disadvantages of remote job

There is no communication with the colleagues. Someone suffers from this, someone does not care.

As a rule, you should buy computer and programs you need for your work on your own money (but there can be exceptions).

You have to organize your work day on your own, because there is no one who controls you.

Often free schedule work turns into work with irregular working hours, including work on holidays and weekends. However, if you correctly organize your work day, this problem will be solved.

Remote job is the future and partially the present. Transferring staff in remote job mode, employers save on office, and for employees such a kind of job is much more convenient. In large cities it takes sometimes two or three hours just to get to work. Remote job does not create this problem, you may work at home and there is no need to go somewhere.

What kinds of professions are suitable for remote job?

Remote job or job at home perfectly suits creative people who dream about life free from control and assessments, it suits those who does not like to work under control of an employer. Remote job is a good option for people who want their income and professional growth to be dependent on their own diligence and creativity. Programmers, journalists, copywriters, coach trainers, photographers, designers, artists, script writers, writers, interpreters and other people of creative professions such a kind of work suits perfectly. And not only creative professions, lawyers and economists as well can find remote job on Internet.

Where to look for remote job?

You can find remote job by looking through the sites of companies, potential employers. Many companies publish the vacancies on their web-sites and usually mention the possibility of remote job for a vacancy they offer.

Be alert and careful while searching for an employer. Always check the company that offers you a job, look for additional information about the company and read comments about it. Do not pay insurance fee or any other fees that employer may demand. Search for typical scheme of deception on the Internet to reduce the risk of choosing the wrong company or employer.

Top 15 remote jobs

1. Designer

Designer is a quite demanded in the network profession, however there is a huge competition in this field. You will need much strengths and time and in the very beginning your income will not be high, but gradually the payment of your work will grow.

Popular design trends:

  • print design (packages, magazines, booklets layout creation);
  • 3D-design;
  • design of video games;
  • flash graphics creating;
  • illustrations creating;
  • technical design;
  • graphic design (logo design, corporate style, etc.).

As you can see, the field of activity is very wide, and for a creative person there are thousands of options for self-realization.

2. Copywriter

The essence of copywriter’s work is creation of unique text content for Internet resources. This is the most classic remote job on the Internet, writers almost never meet their clients personally.

Copywriting demands patience, perseverance and the most important is masterly possession of a word. This profession can not be called easy. Journalistic experience, philological education may help greatly. If you learn to sell products and services with the help of a word and to create unique interesting for the readers content, you will become demanded and highly paid.

3. Web Project Manager

Specialists are occupied with the creation of concept, strategy, and structure of an Internet project (website). Such a person creates technical tasks, conducts market research, is engaged in site optimization and promotion in search systems.

4. Personal assistant of an entrepreneur

Personal assistant of an entrepreneur on the Internet has the same functions as personal assistant in real life: current affairs organization, optimization of “boss” schedule, work with documentation. The main difference in that you work via Internet.

Remote assistant of a businessman should:

have good knowledge of IT-technology and computer;

know how to make reporting;

prepare business plans;

work with freelancers and give them technical tasks;

have flexible thinking and a high level of business communication.

The income is not limited, it depends on the generosity of entrepreneur.

5. Call centre specialist

Call centre operator is a person who helps to receive information, tells about services, and gives consultations on various issues via Internet.

One of the functions of such remote employees is communication via online chat. Specialist responds on text messages, audio calls, and sometimes video calls.

Work in this field implies deep knowledge of the theme operator works with, and also ability to communicate with people.

6. Programmer

A good specialist in digital technology can always find work on Internet. If you know English well you may work with foreign clients, they usually pay more. To become remote programmer, you need to have higher technical education or to be talented self-taught.

7. Private consultant

A specialist in any field can consult other people online, via e-mail, chat, or other electronic means of communication.

Such an activity does not require rent a special room, tight work schedule and other attributes of real work. All you need is your knowledge and good communication skills.

8. Foreign language teacher

Hundreds of thousands of people want to learn a foreign language. Students, pupils and everyone who wants to communicate for example with foreign clients need it.

If you are specialist in this field you may teach others via Skype or other means of video or audio connection. The distance is no longer the problem.

9. Internet marketing

Internet marketers study consumer markets and try to figure out what goods are of high demand and what goods consumers need. Subsequently these specialists study the advertising tools on the Internet and its efficiency. Commercial success of a company depends on good correct marketing.

To become good Internet marketer it is good to have specialized education and to understand the psychology, design and sales.

10. Sites and groups administrator in social networks

The activity of network administrator is similar to the work of site content manager. The task of administrator is creation of advertising posts, texts, competitions holding and other organizational work.

11. Software developer

There is no secret that software development is one of the most demanded and well paid professions today. A remote employee may have full time job as well as certain project or task.

12. Online communications manager

Online management is relatively young and rapidly developing field. Such a specialist is usually responsible for updating and creating content, social media management and reporting.

13. Lead generation specialist

Lead generation specialist, as a rule, deals with the search of people who are interested in a certain product or service, and also provide their contacts to various companies. This work suits resolute sociable people, who are able to organize themselves.

14. City guide writer

Different companies that work in the tourism and real estate field often hire people, who prepare for them city guides and other descriptions of the districts and objects. They write about population, shops, sightseeing, entertainments, transport and so on.

15. Business consultant

Consultant may work with one local company as well as with several international companies (depending on the amount of work and efforts). The main functions are to study business processes, work on productivity improvement, and search of various solutions. This job often requires work experience in the sphere of management.

As you can see, there are many options. So think thoroughly and choose what suits you best.