10 Principles Of An Ideal Daily Routine


10 Principles Of An Ideal Daily RoutineHow do you spend your morning? How many useful things you do before coming to work? As we have already mentioned, successful people get up earlier, that is why they achieve success in career and business. In this post on ideal daily routine principles our resume service presents some tips on what you need to do in the morning to improve your personal and business life.

“Morning should become your best friend”, – claims Jennifer Cohen, expert on increase in labor productivity. It does not matter whether you like it or not, but clever use of the first hours of a new day can be the key for successful and healthy style of life. Early awakening is a common feature of managers, government officials and other influential people. Here are some examples: Margaret Thatcher used to get up at 5 am, Frank Lloyd Wright (American architect and a pioneer) used to start the day at 4 am, head of Walt Disney Robert Iger wakes up at 4:30 am.

You can claim that you work much better at night. However, many recent researches prove that efficiency and usefulness of work in morning hours are higher, than in the evening and night hours. Besides, if you care of your health, early awakening will help you to live happy and long life.

So here are 10 things that successful people do, especially in the morning, published in this post about principles of an ideal daily routine. Our business professional resume website shares with you this useful information got from experts of HR sphere.

Why do some people have time to do everything they plan, and other can not cope with the routine? The key for effectiveness is correct daily schedule.

Different experts give a large amount of tips an how to increase efficiency, and these tips often contradict each other. Journalist Eric Baker held a lot of interviews with successful people and defined some principles, which these people use to have time for everything. According to his observations the most important thing is to correlate the importance of a task with the energy spent on it. Also do not forget that you can have more free time if you use our online resume service. Our professional writers will fulfill any your request competently and as soon as possible.

Do morning rituals

Researcher Laura Vanderkam studied the schedules of successful people and found that they all had one common feature. More often such people wake up early, before rush and general madness begin. Besides, they follow certain rituals day after day, doing the same thing in the morning. In particular, it is useful to think what goals you need to achieve today and in future. This habit will help you to tune into a working mood and focus on important things.

Do not be distracted by not important things

Very often, having come to work, people at once start reading urgent letters or begin to discuss the last weekend with the colleagues, laying aside the most important tasks for later. And this is a huge mistake. According to research first 2-4 hours after awakening our brain works the most effectively. So what should you spend these hours on something not essential? Do not be distracted by such things, and when you come to work, do the most important tasks at first and all the rest leave for later.

Think about the results

In the afternoon after lunch it is especially hard to start working again. To come back to your businesses again, you may repeat your morning ritual in short version: think of what you have already managed to do. The thoughts about achieved results motivate well for the further work.

Hold meetings in the daytime

If morning is perfect for solving difficult tasks, then afternoon is perfect for the routine. The creator of “Dilbert” Scott Adams says: “In the morning I create, in the afternoon I copy”. At this time, switching from one task to another will be useful for you. According to research, the best time for meetings holding is after 3 p.m. By the way, very often people, for whom it is hard to focus on solving of one problem, work more effectively when there is someone next to them.

Leave your evening free

Expert on time management Tim Ferriss advises to write down before having dinner those things, which you want to do tomorrow, and after that he advises to forget about the work and relax. However, it does not mean that you should spend your evening in front of the TV screen. Meeting with friends, going to gym and favourite hobby to restore powers and energy much better.

Physical exercises

It can be yoga session or visit to the gym, but doing physical exercises before work fills you with energy for the whole day and gives a sense of accomplishment. Anyone will cope with a pile of documents after 200 times of press exercises. Morning exercise also helps not to be bothered with the heart problems after a long day. Even if you are not filled with vitality at the thought of jogging at 5 am, then at least wake up 15 minutes earlier to make some push-ups and stretching. It will help you to wake up completely and get prepared for the working day.

Day planning

Use your capabilities to the maximum when you plan you goals and tasks for a day. Morning is a perfect time for planning, because it is probably the calmest time of day. Correct schedule allows to solve tasks right along. But do not forget about peace of mind. Also plan 10 minute breaks and walks after the stress meetings. Are you following healthy style of life? Find some time in the evening to prepare some nutritious snacks for the next working day.

Healthy breakfast

We all knowhow much it often happens, when we drink a cup of coffer in the morning and rush to job, having eaten nothing at all. Plan some additional time in the morning to nourish your body for the tasks that you need to fulfill. It will help you to focus on the work, and not on your rumbling stomach. Breakfast helps not only your physical health, but also has good impact on your communication. Even a 5 minute conversation during the breakfast with your children or your husband / wife improves your mood before going to work.


Today in society people start paying more attention to physical health, but almost neglect mental health. Morning is a great time to dive into your mind for meditation. Find a minute and visually imagine the success of the coming day. Even a minute of positive thinking improves your mood and helps to look at the coming working load in different way.

Unloading of the day

In the task list there is always a point that makes you worried more than others. It threatens you the whole day or even a week, you lay it aside each time, until we get used to the idea that it should be done. Old tested tip is to put this the most unpleasant task on the first place. For this purpose you can even refuse to drink your usual morning cup of coffee at work. In the morning your energy fuse, as a rule, is the most powerful, consequently you will be more prepared to fulfill the most difficult tasks. Look at it this way: your day will become easier closing to the evening and not vice versa. Till the end of the day your tasks list will be fulfilled and you will have time for a good rest. Go ahead and good luck!