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Resumes Service OnlineGood resume… What to begin with?

Why do some people send resume in dozens of company and do not get reply, while others send resume in three companies and get three invitations for an interview? The answer is that the last ones have already used the help of resume writing services online, among which our resume service is the best!

You can guess or rely on luck, but one thing is obvious: good preparation gives good results. For this reason it is better to think seven times and write one time an excellent resume. It will bring you desirable job, intelligent employer, career opportunities and everything you are dreaming about.

How to create good resume?

In this post you will find useful tips on how to write resume for accountant, manager, lawyer, engineer, director, manager, economist or any other professional specialists. All the given recommendations have general basic characteristics and do not depend on profession.

Four aspects of correctly written resume

1. Literacy. The absence of mistakes, misprints, youth slang is necessary and probably the most important aspect of resume writing. It is the most important because if the document contains many mistakes, it can be just thrown away, and an employer will not pay attention to everything else. To create good resume, it should be written correctly.

2. Vacancy conformity. It does not matter whether you respond to the published vacancy or just write to HR manager. In both cases you should understand what you want to be occupied with in a company and according to this write your resume.

Mentioning unnecessary facts, you make an employer confused and provoke him to make additional unnecessary questions.

There are so many online resume writing services on the Internet. However, when people order resume writing from our online resume service, our specialists discuss their wishes about the work. We have individual approach to each client. We look at the situation from both sides: from the side of a jobseeker and an employer. The result of all these actions is that resume gets “closer” to potential employer and job search becomes easier and faster.

Examples of correct and incorrect resume writing

  • If you are going to work as an accountant, you should not mention that you have passed courses on site creation or interior design.
  • If you are going to become a cook, you may not mention the accounting courses.
  • If you are searching for the job of a programmer, it is better not to write about sales skills.

And so on.

If you have doubts to write or not to write about some experience or skill, it is better to write. It will be better to answer the employer’s questions personally than not to get invitation for an interview at all.

3. Reasonable resume size. Half of a page is not enough, three pages are too much, one-two pages are optimal option. Of course, it is desirable to use one page only, but not always it is possible to do. Sometimes to write resume competently it is better to describe your experience and achievements in more detail and consequently write your resume on two pages, than try to save words and describe your professionalism with a couple of insignificant phrases.

Tips on resume writing in MS Word

  • optimize the use of space (a table, for example, allows to write something in three columns using just one line);
  • use smaller font (but in adequate size);
  • make optimal fields, headers and footers of a document.

Such simple actions can turn two-page resume into one-page. Since we deal with a great number of resume, we have noticed that verbosity is one of the most common errors.

4. Clear and simple structure

Correct resume structure is another important thing in resume writing. Work resume creation implies correct structuring of information about yourself and your professional experience.

There is no one single form of information presentation, but there are popular ones. The most acceptable way is to use these popular forms instead of inventing something new.

Two commonly used resume structures.

After the resume header you write your work experience:

  1. Name and last name, contacts, personal information.
  2. Goal and desirable payment level (not necessary)
  3. Working experience
  4. Education
  5. Professional skills
  6. Additional information.

This is one of the most widespread resume formats.

Another variant is when there are professional skills written after the resume header:

  1. Name and last name, contacts, personal information.
  2. Goal and desirable payment level (not necessary)
  3. Professional skills
  4. Working experience
  5. Education
  6. Additional information.

To understand better how to build resume correctly, we should study each of the above mentioned points separately.

Full name, contacts, personal information

To the required data belong: first and last name, e-mail, telephone number, city of residence. All the other data is not compulsory. Sometimes there are unnecessary details in resume, such as exact address with index number (you should mention the city only), date of birth (you can mention your age, it will be enough), two telephone numbers (if it is necessary, of course you may write two, but it is better to write only one number), family status (you can miss the information whether you are married or not), it is not necessary to write if you have children. However, it is hard to give correct advice in advance, because there are situations, when some employers require to mention such information.

Goal and desirable payment level

This information you mention only if you want to. You may not write it, because you can discuss it at the personal meeting, and your goal can be briefly described in a cover letter (if you are interested in writing of a cover letter, visit our website for more details). Desirable payment depends a lot on duties that you will have. That is why payment is usually discussed during the interview.

Working experience

It is recommended to write your working experience of the last 5-9 years. Professional experienced should be mentioned in chronological order, beginning with the last workplace. That is why you should write in more details about the functions you performed at the last working place.


If you work for a long time, information about education should be written very briefly. If you are a graduate or a student, it is better to describe it fully: successful term papers, diploma, manufacturing practice and so on.

Courses, trainings, seminars and other educational events can also be mentioned in a resume. But remember that they should correspond the vacancy.

Professional skills

Here you mention all the skills and abilities that fir the vacancy you want to apply to.

The only recommendation is not to write banal things, such as responsibility, educability, sense of purpose, leader skills, high efficiency, stress resistance, the desire for career growth. Many people write it all and do not think about the meaning of these words. Do not be like others, try to be different, learn to be especial.

This is the problem of modern society. All jobseekers write that they are responsible, educable, work for result and so on. It seems that everyone is perfect. The conclusion is not to write this banality in your resume.

Additional information

Here you can write everything that is not mentioned in the previous points, but is important for the vacancy. You can mention your personal qualities, your achievements, your hobbies and other details that may be interesting for an employer. However, you should always remember that you write resume for each concrete vacancy, and not one resume for all occasions.

How to make resume more attractive

There are also some additional tips how to make resume powerful selling tool.

Success presentation. Except the working duties and tasks you can describe success and progress happened thanks to you. Such kind of information will definitely make you special and your resume will become much more attractive.

Usually two-three facts about your success are enough. And of course, they should correspond the desirable work. Mention managerial success to get the position of manager, accounting success for an accountant and so on.

Clear meaning of phrases and words used in resume. Such phrases as “business processes management”, “strategic planning”, “business problems solving” and others are very common in resume. It is better to reformulate them in more simple and clear phrases. It will make the document easier to read, and as a result you will be in a more winning position. Complex words and terms turn resume into official instructions. Write in a simple way and job will find you much faster!