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A cover letter is a special document which will help you to get the best and well-paid job. People usually send cover letters with their resumes. But the professional cover letter should include more detailed information about the reasons why the certain employee chose this company and why he/she thinks that deserves this work. Writers from our company can write such letters for everybody. These resume writers online will gladly help you as quick as possible.

Cover letter and resume help is in our company

Our company helps people to get a job for many years. It is easy for us as we know everything about writing the resumes, cover letters, thank you letters, etc. You can make the order immediately. Just visit the website and start the chat online with one of our managers. We will explain you everything, discuss prices, tell about the discount system, and discuss the details of your order. It will be better if you prepare all the necessary data beforehand, if something will be unclear for us, we will contact you. The writers are very popular as they are real professionals. They know all the requirements, and they can make your resume interesting and attractive. Believe me, nobody will write better resume than we can write.

All the prices are attractive but discussed individually. For example, you can order only the resume or resume with cover letter or with thank you letter. The price depends on it and of course, on the deadline. Make the order earlier and pay less money. Our best economical CV writing service online guarantees you the best quality and your paper will be almost original. There are no the same resumes in our company. Be ready to go to the interview with the managers from the company of your dream.

How to get salary raise

If you are a good employee you are dreaming about the wage raises and it is normal. But it is very difficult to talk with your boss about it, especially if you know that he is not going to be generous. Today we are going to tell you how you can convince the boss to raise your salary. Follow our advice and hope for the best.

Also in this section:

1) At first, you need to think and realize if you are really worthy to get a salary raise. Sometimes people are sad as their spend money too quickly, and they are sure that the salary is too low. But the reason can be in you if you are not able to control your own financial situation. In this case, it is stupid to ask for higher salary. If you ask it is not enough money for me, your boss won’t help you. But if people in other companies for the same work receive more money - it is the other question. Talk to other people of your profession, look through different job vacancies on the Internet (pay attention to the salary), and find out how much a specialist usually gets with your competence and experience. If your salary is too small, you can talk to the boss.

2) Have different arguments. You should know how to sell yourself in the best way (https://resume-service.org/blog/how-to-sell-yourself-4-simple-steps). Even if your salary is lower than in other company, you can’t come to the chief’s office and ask: I want higher salaries immediately! You need to remember that the company should appreciate you for what you are doing. Before asking the higher salaries think:

  • Did I do something good for the last months for my company: signed a great contract, finished the great project, or increased sales?
  • Am I enough productive: if I spend time on social networks during the working day, how often I need breaks and drink a cup of coffee.
  • If the clients and co-workers are glad to deal with me?

If all the answers (or two at least) are positive you can ask for a pay raise. It will be better if you write down all your achievements with the certain percents and numbers.

3) Choose a convenient time and place. There are different tips for this conversation. It is very important as the main part of your success depends only on this factor. Remember that Mondays and Fridays are not the best days for such a conversation. At the beginning of the week and at the end everyone feels tired and is not ready to take decisions. And it is not the best time to talk about the salary if everyone is busy with the urgent project. Usually, at this time everybody is too nervous. Never talk with the boss about money in the canteen, corridor or the elevator as your boss is not thinking about the salary and job in such places. He also wants to have a rest. But you can always ask when it will be convenient for you to come and discuss some questions.

4) Keep calm and be ready to act. I know everybody is worrying in such moments. Maybe this post will help you a little - https://resume-service.org/blog/how-to-answer-question-about-desired-salary.  For a while, you can forget everything you wanted to tell to your boss. It is normal when person is afraid to be refused. But fear should not defeat you. Breathe deeper and remember all the reasons why you are useful to the company, remember all your advantages as an employee. Keep calm, do not raise your voice and do not demand. Tell about your plans for the future, what else you can do for the company and what you are ready to do better in your job.

But be ready for the different results of the conversation. Not all the bosses are kind, not all of them appreciate and understand their employees. If he is not going to get you a pay raise and if you are sure that you deserve it, maybe it is the best time to quit your job and order the new resume. I know it is not easy thing to change the job, but sometimes it is the best decision ever. Do not be afraid, if you are sure in your professionalism, there is always somebody who will appreciate you and will pay you a great salary. Everything is possible if you believe.

And, of course, there are no better professional resume and cover letter writers than ours. In our company work only the best people, and we are sure in which of them. We can help with cover letter for resume in the best way. We take care of the customers, we want everybody to find the best job, and we know how important in this case is your resume and cover letter. Order these papers right now and be ready for the miracles. Our site is very easy to use and there is always somebody in the office. Managers are ready to answer your questions. The company works 24 hours 7 days per week. Holidays and breaks for dinner are not for our best experienced resume writers. We always have a lot of customers which need our help. You can be one of them.

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