5 Signs That It Is Time To Change Your Job


A lot of people are very often dissatisfied with the work they have. Negative can be caused by different factors, and these factors are very individual. Local resume writers of our website are trying to figure out and share with you the main signs of the fact that it is time to change job. We present you this time to change job post so that you stop wasting your time and forces.

1. They do not appreciate you

If your work remains unnoticed, your suggestions on improvement of working processes, increase in profits and so on are rejected all the time, it means you should think about quitting. You can read tips for quitting job on our resume writing website. Overt signs that your work is not appreciated include absence of lack of encouragement and feedback.

2. The company is going down

If the company has changed its priorities too much suddenly, it may be a bad sign. There can be the following symptoms: complete change of managers, the redistribution of assets or an increase in staff turnover. It usually means that the company tries to survive. Another way of surviving is a large-scale reduction of staff. In such cases you should start looking for a new job and getting prepared for leaving your workplace. If you decide to search for a new job, use our resume writing services to create a good selling resume.

3. Your duties are constantly changing

You come to work to implement certain duties, but instead you implement other tasks all the time, which have never belonged to your work duties. If it happens, it may be a sign that the company faces problems and your manager can not find tasks for you.

4. You are bored

If you have much time to spend on communication in social networks, if you are bored, and they always refuse to give you additional tasks, then this is a sign that you have outgrown your position. In this case you need to ask for promotion or look for other job, at which you will manage to realize your potential.

5. Constant stress

If there is no friendly atmosphere at your workplace, your manager always puts pressure on you, gives you too short terms to fulfill certain tasks, then you will not manage to avoid stress state. And there is more, such state may become your style of life, and it will affect not only you personally, but your close ones as well. If you feel constant stress, then you should think seriously about changing your workplace.

Change of profession: how to convince your employer that you will cope with new duties

Changes are always frightening. It is not easy to change radically the field of your activity, but sometime it is just necessary. So how to prove your employer that you will cope with new career feats?

Radical change of professions is a big and serious step. Reasons to do this can be different, and they are individual for everyone. It can be, for example, a desire for self-actualization, to earn more, thirst for new experiences, an attempt to make your dream come true, someone just want to change something in the life. According to the statistics 80% of employees would like to change their profession. But there is a question: how to be employed without work experience in a new field? How to convince employers that you will cope with new responsibilities in spite of the lack of work experience in the field?

From the employer’s view this situation has two sides. On the one hand, if a person wants to change profession, it may mean that he is tired, exhausted and did not manage to achieve the set goals. On the other hand, if an employee decides to make such a step, it means that this is what he really wants. It means he is full of enthusiasm and resolve, and consequently he can achieve great results. Our specialists have prepared for you four tips that will help you to prove your employer that you are ready to conquer new heights.

Get focused on the main skills

Many professional skills (for example, skills of an administrator and a secretary) are the same in many different spheres. Unfortunately, you will not manage to use all your skills developed during the previous work years, but some of them may be useful at your new position. Rely on them. Think it over in advance what from your previous work experience may become useful in your future work.

Tell how you cope with changes

Do you have experience of changing job, duties of which differ from duties at previous workplace? Did you have to work in other department? Have you experienced changes at previous jobs, which you had to get used to and develop new skills? Show how you learn everything new very fast.

Show your interest

Why are you so interested in this field, what has attracted you that you are ready to change your work and cross out your past career? Tell your employer about it all, so that he becomes interested as well. Having shown your interest, you will increase your chances greatly.

Be perfect

Remember that you compete with the candidates, who have experience in the field. That is why any small flaw on your part is not acceptable. Your resume must be perfect, you must get prepared thoroughly for the interview, choose right questions and show your strengths correctly.

Of course, when you have such changes in your career, you should not expect that you will get high positions and high salary at once. So beware of unrealistic expectations on your part, but you need to start something with.

4 tips on how to survive after losing job

Almost everyone is afraid to lose job. And if it happens suddenly, it may strongly turn your life upside down. Sometimes after dismissal it is hard to pull yourself up again and tune in the correct mood.

Job loss is blow not only to the budget, but also to the self-esteem. However, there are some ways to minimize the consequences of such a stress situation. Mood decline is a quite natural consequence of job loss, but it can negatively influence the following work search and life rhythm. Professional resume writers have prepared for you tips, which will help you to cope with such an unpleasant situation and keep positive mood.

Do not panic

Sometimes a light anxiety can motivate to action and facilitate decision-making. But panic will only make it worse. No one makes right decisions feeling strong stress. Remember about this and take only reasonable solutions.

Do not retire into yourself

It is useful sometimes to have a rest, to think about the past, to make career plans, but do not retire into yourself. Do not become estranged from your loved ones and your colleagues. They can give you the help that you really need.

Do not let negative emotions overpower you

Anger, resentment, sadness, fear – you will probably feel all these emotions if you lose your job. They can take you down, so do not let them do this. With such a mood you definitely will not manage to find a new work. Be strong and confident in your powers.

Do not get attached tightly to your comfort zone

A lot of people are not satisfied what they are occupied with. Now you are free and can try something new, go out of your comfort zone and set foot on a new unknown territory, try to change the sphere of your activity. New impressions and new experience will allow you to move forward. Maybe, this is exactly what you need right now.