Radical Job Change: What To Begin With


Create yourself anew: what to begin with to change your life

Our online resume service presents you very simple, useful and honest instructions from a programmer, investor and businessman James Altusher for those who want to change the sphere of activity radically, but do not know what to begin with.

Here is the thing: James Altusher was bankrupt for several times, returned to life for several times, he had to “rebuild himself” again and again. He looked for new workplaces and started career anew. People who knew him at that time can not recognize him now. And so on. He says: “I started my career from scratch for several times. The reason I did it was the change of interests. Sometimes I did it because I burnt my boats absolutely and it happened that there was a great lack of money. And sometimes it happened because I hated everyone from my previous work or I was hated by them. Many other ways to remake or “re-invent” yourself exist, of course, so treat the following information with a share of skepticism. The further information is what has helped me. I have seen how it works and how it helps other people. I saw it in interviews, in letters that I received during the last 20 years. Make an attempt, try or do not try. The choice and decision is yours”. So in this post on “What to begin with radically changing job” the experts of our resume service present the most common questions of people who decide to change their life and answers to them according to James Altusher’s experience.

1. Changes never end. Each person always discovers something new about himself, every new moment.  Movement never stops until life goes on. But each new day you make a decision on what direction to choose: going further, going back or staying where you are.

2. Start it all anew. Everything that one has achieved earlier is nothing now. For example, a person has got a degree in medicine. Or he / she has made an invention, or moved to another country, or won the lottery. Whatever has happened, it has some meaning for this very person, but it is absolutely meaningless for others. If a person decides to restart the life, he needs to forget about what he has achieved previously. If you begin it all anew, now you have nothing. Accept it.

3. You should find a tutor. A tutor is a “must have”. We all need a person who will show us how to live, how to make steps and maybe even how to think. If now you are thinking of where to find such a person, do not worry about that. Why? Read on to find out.

4. Tutors: the major types. Direct type. This tutor type is someone great for you, is a person who will demonstrate and teach how the things he has now have been got and achieved. We should also warn you that usually tutors are not kind and do not have a great desire to reach someone. As a rule, a great number of tutors hate their followers.

Indirect type. Most instructions and directions one can get from different kinds of materials, such as books, movies and so on. We can even say that a good tutor may be replaced by books (but for this purpose you will have to read a couple of hundred books). Often people look for easy way and want to read only one really great book that can help them. What to say? There are about several hundred books that are really worth to be read. There is only one advice: read the books that can inspire. The books you read should help you to strengthen your beliefs daily.

Any person can develop and become a tutor. If a person is nobody and wants to recreate himself, the things you observe can become a metaphor of your wishes, goals, desires and aims. A tree that you see with its underground part, which is not visible to you, and groundwater that feed it is a peculiar kind of metaphor for, for example, programming if bind together the separate points. All the things you are looking at will be “connected by the points”.

5. If nothing makes you interested, do not get upset. You main task is to care about your health. This is your starting point. Begin with something small. If you want to reach success, it will be enough just to love the work you do. There is no need to go crazy about your occupation and worship it.

6. 5 years is required time for remaking. These 5 years description is the following one:

  • The first year: you are struggling, you are reading, you are in the very beginning of something big.
  • The second year: you realize that it is necessary to keep professional relationships with certain people. You are engaged in something day to day. Finally you understand how the map of your own “Monopoly” game works and looks like.
  • The third year: now it becomes real to begin earning money. However, right now you are probably capable to earn enough amount of money to fend for yourself.
  • The fourth year: now you probably earn enough money for living well.
  • The fifth year: you make a fortune.

James said that sometimes he felt depressed during the first couple of years (sometimes even four years). He could not understand why nothing worked out, beat on the wall and hurt his arm. This is normal, continue to do what you are doing. Or quit it and choose other field for activity. This is your life, so you are to make decisions. There will be a day you will pass away and after that it will be really hard to change yourself.

7. If it seems that something goes too fast or too slow, it probably means that it goes wrong. The things should happen and develop in normal way. Remember that everything has its limits and is good in moderation.

8. Money? It is not a universal measure. However, money is a good measure. We can often hear “it is not because of money”. But if people say so, they need to be perfectly sure that they have some other measure. Can you, let’s say, be occupied with what you like? In the future a lot of days will come when your occupation will not satisfy you. The process may last for many years in case if love is the only reason for doing this. It is great when you feel happy and pleased, however, there will be days when you feel miserable. Our mind is a means. We should not allow it to command us what we should be.

9. When is it possible to say “I do the (name of a job) work”? When does (name of a job) become your new profession? Do you want to hear the exact date? Then the answer is right now!

10. When is it possible to start doing the (name of a job)? And again, right now. If knitting is your dream, then go to a store, buy threads, needles, several hundred books and begin knitting. Remaking of yourself begins at this very moments, right now. And it continues every single day.

11. When will I earn money? The task is to invest 5000-7000 hours in this business annually. It is well enough to get in the world top 200-300 in any specialty. Getting to the top, you will be provided with quite enough amount of money. The understanding of how money is made comes on the third year. You will manage to support yourself financially by the fourth year. A lot of people stop on this point.

12. The top 30-50 can make you rich and there is a chance to make a fortune if you manage to get there by the fifth year.

13. How to define that this is “yours”? If there is a field, on which there are 500 approximately books that you can read, then this field is yours. Visit a book shop and start finding the necessary books. If in a couple of months you get bored, then visit a book shop again. It is okay to get rid of illusions. This is the sense of defeats. Success is obviously more pleasant than losses. However, the most important lessons we get from failures. It is very important to be able to wait. During your interesting lifetime you will manage to change yourself for many times and to fail for many times as well. This is also kind of entertainment. These attempts will turn your life into a colourful magazine, and not a guide book. There are people who want their life to look like a manual. But when your life is a colourful magazine, whether it is good or bad, changes happen in it every day.

14. Decisions made at the moment will remain in your biography the next day. Biography becomes interesting when people make unusual and extraordinary decisions.

15. The today decision making will become a part of your biology. It means that they will be a part of who you are, of your nature.

16. Maybe a person prefers something exotic, for example, discovering water depths or reading about the wars. Do once again the previously mentioned stages. It will provide you with wealth in five years. No one but you knows how it will happen. When you are in the very beginning do not look for the way end. Begin with the first stage and first steps.

17. Let’s say others want to make me architect. There is a question for you: have you ever agreed to give a couple of years of your life to someone? Or maybe the whole life? If yes, then the only way out is to wait for the second life to live it as you want. A person can not live trying to please everyone around him all the time. All people have their own lives and only one chance to live it. Do not waste it.

18. My tutor expects that I will follow his way. There is nothing weird about it. First you can follow his steps. After that act on your own, but with respect. Fortunately, no one threatens to kill you if you do on your own.

19. My partner worries of who will care about our children? A person, who changes himself, always has some free time. The part of self-changing is to find moments and adapt them to the way you want to use them.

20. It may happen that friends / other people think or say that I am fool or crazy. What kind of friends will think so?

21. One can dream about being an astronomer. In this case you deal not with self-changing. You deal with a certain kind of profession. If space is your passion, there are a lot of professions that have relation to it.

22. There are cases when a person likes to drink and hang out with friends. In this case in six months read this post on job change once again, or reread it a year later, it would be much better.

23. Let’s say I have something else to do. Or I cheat my spouse or betray my partner? Reread in a couple of years this radical job change pot. By the time your career will be ruined, your life will be destroyed, you will have no friends and there will be no one to support you.

24. Some people say that they can do nothing at all. Read point 2 of our post one more time.

25. We can often hear such phrase: “I have no diploma or it is absolutely useless”. And again return to the point 2 and reread it.

26. Let’s say I need to focus on payment of a mortgage, education or other loan. Then read once again point 19.

27. Why do I always have a feeling that I am an outsider? Many great people, by the way, were outsiders. No one, who had authority and power at their time, would ever give them a job. Each person sometimes feels like an impostor. Skepticism is the mother of the greatest creativity.

28. It is impossible to read several hundred books. Tell me what inspiring book I need to read. In this case you may give up already now.

29. Let’s say my health does not allow to change myself. The change will whip up the production of useful substances in your body. Move on and maybe you will not recover fully, but definitely will become healthier. The health is not a reason to stay passive, do not use it and do not pretend. Finally, at first rebuild your health. Your task is to increase the hours of sleep and fix your eating habits. Start going in for sports. These are the main self-change elements.

30. What can be advised if my partner has set me up and I still can not stop judging him? Do not judge and do not think of him and never recall him again. Anyway, the half of the fault was yours.

31. Sometimes people are going to be imprisoned. Great, reread point 2. Read as many as possible useful materials in prison.

32. Certain type of people is modest and shy. Read post on how to beat professional weakness on our resume website. Usually such people are better listeners. They can easily concentrate and they know how to cause sympathy and liking.

33. Let’s say five years are too many and I can not wait. Are you going to be still alive in five years? If yes, begin development and self-changing now.

34. How to create useful contacts? Build ranges. Place yourself in the middle. The closest to you range consists of friends and family. Then online communities follow. After that – people whom you know from informal meetings and tea parties. The next range is conference participants and opinion leaders in their field. The next one is tutors and successful people. And the last one is clients and those who make money. Start wading through these ranges.

35. It happens that my ego interferes with what I am doing. Then in six months most likely you will return to the point 2.

36. What if I am interested in a couple of things at the same time and I can not choose. Make a combination of them and in this combination you will become the greatest professional on the planet.

37. Let’s say I am so much interested in something that I feel like I am ready to teach others. You may read lectures on YouTube. One person audience will be your beginning and the task is to observe whether it grows.

38. Money in sleep is what interests me. What should be done for it? Everything is possible. Go back to the point six

39. How to find tutors and experts? After one or two hundreds of books when enough knowledge will be gained, choose potential tutors, about two dozens of different people, and for them make up ten ideas. Probably there will not be any answer from them. Write another ten ideas for the same number of different tutors. Repeat this action. For everyone who has not replied you need to send your ideas again and again. And repeat it until someone replies you.

40. I am not able to make up ideas, what is then? In this case practice is what you need. The brain abilities are tend to decrease. So they need constant training. From the very beginning there will hardly be any good idea.

41. What is needed to read (not taking books into consideration)? Having finished with reading books you may read sites, magazines, forums. However, the most part of all of that is junk.

42. Let’s say I am doing everything that you tell, but still it looks like nothing happens and works out. Do not worry. Just have patience. Do not stop. The process of self-changing must continue day to day. Everyone wants to make the things happen as fast as possible. However, do not rush. If one goes to the target, eventually it will be reached.

43. There are moments when I start feeling depressed. Daily an hour is needed to sit in silence. For coming back to the point, the silence is necessary. You might think that it sounds stupidly, in this case do not do it. Live on with your depression.

44. Sitting in silence takes time. Let’s say I have no time for it? The advice is that it should last for two hours. Do not treat it as a session of meditation. You just need silence

45. Let’s say I have fears. 8-9 hour sleep a day is required, and you should also try to never be engaged in gossip. Sleep is the first key to a good health, it is not the only key, but the first. Some people say that 4 hours are enough for them to sleep, or that in their country people are considered lazy if they sleep a lot. These people will be defeated and die earlier than then they could. Talking about gossip, it should be mentioned that our mind is programmed by nature on presence of 150 friends in our life. So talking to one of your friends, it often happens that you gossip about someone of the remaining 150 people. However, most people have less than 150 friends, so the brain start wanting to read magazines with gossip till the moment it believes that you have 150 friends. Do not be as silly as brain.

46. Pretty often or almost always I think that I will never succeed. We will say it once again: the process may seem long and it lasts for years, but if you manage to pass this way, you will become extremely happy and pleased with yourself. Let this thought warm your heart.

47. Constantly it looks like I face different kinds of personal troubles. Find other people, whom you can be close with. A person who tries to change himself will always meet people, who try to suppress him. We are afraid of changes, because they can be dangerous. Since people are living beings, they are programmed biologically to look for safety, and they believe that changes are risk. That is why quite often we meet people who try to prevent us from doing something. Our task is to learn to resist.

48. Let’s say I am satisfied with my office work. We are happy for you then.

49. Is there any reason to trust you or this post? You as well as other people were defeated for many times. You may trust no one. No one makes you trust someone.

50. It looks like you are a great tutor, can you be mine? What to reply? Read this post one more time if the answer is still not clear for you.