15 Secrets to Winning Interview to Inspire You


It is evident that your resume and cover letter are some of the most important tools for getting an invitation for a job interview. Still, it is your performance at the interview that makes all the difference and might either cost you a job or help you to get a job offer. In the course of time, job seekers are trying to find ways to perform well at the job interview, so the following post will provide a few valuable pieces of advice to help you achieve ultimate success. It is true that you probably have spent hours on composing your cover letter and resume and getting ready for the interview, while the very idea of facing the hiring manager in person can be associated with much stress. A job interview is like a test that you need to pass to get a job. You will be asked specific questions and in case you don’t answer them correctly, you will be out of the game. At the same time, a job interview is also similar to a formal conversation, so it is your opportunity to demonstrate what you can do for the chosen company and find out what your future job will be like. Here are 15 secrets that will definitely inspire you to get through all the hardships associated with an employment interview.

  1. Begin the preparation for the interview from listing your strengths and abilities as well as your aspirations regarding the future job. Besides, you need to know for sure what you will answer to some simple questions that you might be asked during the interview. A hiring manager might ask you to tell him/her about yourself, and it is truly astonishing how many job seekers fail to answer this question successfully. Therefore, while getting ready for the interview, you need to think over a few concise responses to similar questions and what is more important, you need to feel more confident while answering them.
  2. It is also important to collect all the work samples before the interview. If you spend enough time on looking through your portfolio and the list of achievements, it will be a good foundation for preparing appropriate responses to the possible questions during the interview. If you don’t have a portfolio, consider gathering it before the interview in order to get ready and increase your chances for success.
  3. Another advice is to develop a few stories to show your excellence in various job tasks. It does not really matter what type of job interview you will go through, because if you have a few stories to demonstrate your accomplishments and passion for the future job, you will be completely prepared for any unexpected situation. If you don’t know the techniques of making a good story, try to find the relevant resources in the internet.
  4. One more secret is to ask the hiring manager what you should expect during the interview. Information in this case is the key to success so you should know for sure what type of interview you will go through to be prepared for specific interviewing strategies.
  5. Try to find out more about the future employer and the vacancy itself. If you have any network contacts, try to find more information about the company you will be working in. Learn as much as possible about the vacancy and the organization to get a clear idea of your future prospects.
  6. Get ready for the interview and practice a lot. It is advisable to write down the responses to the potential questions that might arise during the interview. In this regard, you need to make sure that you provide enough details regarding each particular question. Don’t try to remember all the responses. The best way to gather your thoughts is to practice a lot. Don’t forget that practice makes perfect.
  7. Another advice is to make a tryout of your interviewing skills and abilities. If it is your first time at the interview, you might need to work with a career expert or a friend who would help you to go through a fake interview and get ready for any kind of unexpected situations. Keep in mind that you need to work on both your verbal and nonverbal responses to the questions. You might need to make a video recording of the fake job interview to see yourself in the role of an interviewee.
  8. Don’t forget to dress appropriately. It is a fact that appearance sometimes makes all the difference when it comes to going through a job interview. Your major goal is to merge with other people working in the company. In this case, you will ensure that you look appropriately. And don’t forget that it is better to look a bit conservative on such an occasion. Therefore, you need to work on your make-up and avoid wearing too many accessories.
  9. One more recommendation is to bring some copies of your resume or CV to the job interview. It is evident that a hiring manager might accidentally misplace your documentation. In this case, a few extra copies of your documents will be of much help.
  10. Don’t be late for the interview. Try to arrive at the destination about 15 minutes earlier. The extra time will allow you to gather your thoughts and get ready for the interview. Besides, it will allow you to complete all the necessary paperwork. Furthermore, arriving early will give you a chance to look around and see how workers of the company treat each other.
  11. Greet everybody you encounter with respect and don’t forget to smile. This refers to assistants, hiring manager and receptionist working in the company. In fact, many job seekers make a mistake of treating the support staff disrespectfully, and this sometimes costs them a job position.
  12. Try to create a good impression on the hiring manager from the very beginning of the job interview. If you want to make a good first impression, you should pay attention to how you greet the manager and how you make the eye contact. It is also of great importance to demonstrate self-confidence and enthusiasm during the interview.
  13. Don’t forget about your performance. A job interview is a moment when the whole process of preparation should pay you off. If you use positive nonverbal signs like a smile and a good posture, you will pass the interview successfully. Don’t forget to stay calm disregarding the situation.
  14. Close the job interview appropriately. When the job interview comes to an end, it is time to ask a few questions that would show your interest in the position. Afterwards, don’t forget to say thank you to the interviewer and make a request of any information that might be required for the next stage in the recruiting process.
  15. Finally, once the interview ends and you come back home, don’t forget to write a thank you note to every particular person who was present at the interview. This will show your professional attitude towards the workers of the company.

To conclude, if you want to succeed in winning the job interview, just follow the above steps and you will definitely achieve positive results. Don’t forget to make sure that the company you are going to work for corresponds to your personal needs and requirements.

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