Cover Letter: Why is it so Important?


Some people think that it is enough to compose an outstanding resume to get a dreamlike job. However, in reality a cover letter plays an important role in the job-seeking process as well. The current post will analyze why cover letter is so important for those who want to find a good place of work. What is a cover letter? It is an introductory letter that describes your major accomplishments at previous workplaces and proves that you satisfy the job requirements. The major function of a cover letter is to add some value to your resume. There are not many employers who would seriously take into account everything that is written in the resume if the cover letter is not enclosed. Therefore, you need to make a cover letter a part of your job-seeking technique. Every cover letter should be individually composed for every employer you are writing to. This will give you more chances for success in your job search. The current paper will further analyze the value of a cover letter in greater detail.

Why is a good cover letter as important as a well-written resume? In fact, a resume is not so valuable for your potential employer if he/she does not know exactly what sort of work you would like to do. For this reason, you need to enclose a cover letter in which you will explain what kind of position you are looking for and how exactly you are qualified for this or that job position. Your cover letter is aimed at explaining the things that you cannot explain in your resume. If you have certain gaps in the history of your employment or in case you are trying to enter a new job market and change your qualification in the future career, you need to have a well-composed cover letter that will explain all these circumstances for your own benefit. This will guarantee that you get the job position you wish to occupy. In this regard, you need to know exactly what your cover letter should look like. It is important not just to enclose any kind of a cover letter, but rather to polish your cover letter to perfection in order to win the employer’s appreciation.

                Here are a few tips of how to make a cover letter shine:

  • It is advisable to address a cover letter to a specific person if it is possible. This will capture the attention of whoever you are writing to.
  • Try to grab the attention of the reader by including an eye-catching paragraph at the beginning of your cover letter.
  • Make sure you emphasize some of your major accomplishments or the working experience you are proud of. This will make the reader look through your resume and pay attention to your strengths.
  • Try to concentrate on the kind of qualifications that are relevant to the job requirements.
  • If it is possible, it is advisable to emphasize your attitude towards the company’s culture. This will make sure that your future employer is aware of your willingness to work specifically in his/her company.
  • Try to avoid including any kind of negative information, because this will divert the reader from your cover letter and consequently he/she will not bother to read your resume.
  • It is advisable to finish your cover letter by expressing willingness to pass an interview in the company you are writing to.
  • Keep in mind that cover letters generally occupy no more than one page, while digital versions of cover letters are even more concise. Therefore, you need to avoid making your letter too spacious.
  • Finally, try to avoid all kinds of errors, which include typos, grammatical mistakes or misspellings. If you make any of such mistakes, it will automatically divert your audience from reading your cover letter to the end.

With the help of the above pieces of advice, you will manage to write a competitive cover letter and will have more chances to be invited to an interview. Evidently, it is also important to ensure that your resume is well-written and error-free. Still, your cover letter plays a great role because this is the introduction of your skills and experience. Most employers would not read your resume if you do not enclose a cover letter specifying your qualifications and competence. You need to keep in mind that a well-organized and strategically correct cover letter is sometimes a more important weapon in the job search than resume. And here are several reasons why it is so:

  • A cover letter allows job seekers to target the specific job position and the future employer in a different way compared to a resume. While your resume is aimed at providing details on your experience and skills, it gives a much broader picture. This especially concerns the cases when a resume is rather long, so it is always better to make a short introduction with the help of a cover letter. And don’t forget that you need to write a different cover letter for every job application. This will give you more chances for success.
  • Another reason why a good cover letter is important is that it does not only repeat the information from your resume in a more concise form, but also tells the employer why you consider the specific job position so attractive and want to work specifically for the chosen employer. Due to the fact that it would also include a list of your unique skills and abilities, it will ensure that the employer will seriously consider your job application and probably decide that you would become a valuable part of his/her company.

To conclude, it is evident that a cover letter also plays a significant role, even though sometimes it is hard to make it eye-catching and appealing to the employer. Although writing a great cover letter is not simple, there are various techniques of how to make it more competitive and well-written. It is advisable to make a research on your future employer and the company you will be working for. Besides, you need to learn more about the kind of job you will perform. All this will guarantee that you succeed in finding a job of your dreams.

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