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The search for work dragged on humiliating half a year, and the mailbox is silent in response to your resume and cover letters. It is time to think about what you are doing wrong. The online resume services can write a resume for you that will definitely interest the recruiter. It is simple to order a cover letter or a resume with The support team is ready to help you 24/7. There are only certified writers, who are PhD degree holders. Taking into consideration the high quality of work, you will be extremely surprised by the cheap prices and the speed of execution. You will also be totally satisfied with our work approach for the customers. We are more than seven years at the market and have a lot of grateful clients all over the world. We will share some useful tips about the documents preparing and give you all the necessary support from editing and rewriting your resume to the writing it from scratch:

At first meeting, people are often judged by the appearance. A recruiter meets you by the cover letter. Do not you write cover letters to your resume? Then there is bad news for you. A cover letter is a key element that can sell your candidacy to a recruiter.

Have written the cover letters but still do not get an answer? The resume writing service online figures out what kind of CVs and cover letters go to the bin and how to avoid it.

Cover letter

Candidate for the post is noticed according to the cover letter. A summary is an additional information on the merits: facts, dates, skills. Usually, the recruiter spends 3-4 seconds for each letter. If during this time the letter is not interested, it is closed. That is why it is very important to avoid mistakes in cover letter.

What letters do immediately go to the basket?

  • Huge sheets with a detailed chronicle of your whole life
  • Letters without greeting, representations of oneself
  • The rules of the official tone are not observed
  • Letter is too humorous
  • Letters that contain too much pathos (do not do a favor to the employer, in this situation, both sides are equally interested in cooperation)
  • Letters, in which the phrase "I want to bring more creativity into my life" or "I was at home for 3 years, now I want to change everything." How does the employer read it? “This candidate wants me to change my life”. However, this is not part of the employer's plans! He/ she needs a specialist and an assistant, not a pupil.

If you have nothing to list on resume, tell about the qualities of your character. How you managed to organize your wedding for 100 people, for example. Hobbies can also be a useful skill for a new job. The main condition is to be honest and do not exaggerate. Honest and hardworking people are sometimes more valuable and promising employees than the hard specialists are.

  • Letters, where you suggest your own conditions. I am ready to work for you tomorrow. My rate is 100 thousand per month. Money up front. I work from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., after 10:00 I do not take the phone. Do you have a measured life and a strict schedule? The employer, too. Why should he/ she adapt to you? All the working conditions you can discuss with the employer after your candidature will be interesting for him/ her. The employer has already "sold" him/ herself, compiling an attractive job announcement. Now it is your turn to present your candidacy. Without any conditions.
  • Letters, in which the candidate indicates the mistakes in the vacancy, on the site, write about the wrong approach to business. If there are such comments, write like this: "I analyzed your site and noticed a few shortcomings. I will be able to fix them in 2 days and this work will increase the attendance of the site. I will gladly share my remarks, regardless of your decision on my candidacy. Just contact me. "
  • Letters from inattentive candidates. Read the vacancy slowly. Find out what exactly employers expect from candidates. When the copywriter writes: "I love to communicate with people," there is a possibility that the recruiter will close the letter. Why do you write about the communication with people, if the copywriter's job is to write texts? "I like to work with the text, I am diligent and pedantic. I read a lot and I am blogging. In my spare time, I meet with friends and go to acting courses." Here is the correct interpretation, not vice versa.

What should be written in the resume?

Dates. Where have you been working and when? What duties have you fulfilled? Do not exaggerate or overestimate the responsibility on the position. Have you worked as a promoter? Perfectly! Tell that this work has taught you to communicate with people, ability to identify the target audience, discipline because it was necessary to arrive without delay, and perseverance for 7-8 hours on foot! Be honest before yourself, first.

Fill the letter with facts

Do not write, "Had experience in sales", write "during my work at the previous place my department's sales increased up to 15.6%." instead. Share your specific results and achievements. The successful cheap resume company can help you with the right wording.

Do not forget to attach photos, indicate your age and city of residence

Attach only one photo. Resumes without photos are viewed less. You do not need to make a photo album from your resume. Put in the photo with a smile on your face. The photo must be up-to-date and you should like it. However, at the same time, it should be restrained and adequate. No strangers and objects in the photo. Neutral background and modest clothes (closed shoulders, adequate décolleté). The employer wants to see you without masks, without any alter ego in feathers. He/ she needs a specialist, and you will have the chance to show your personal life in the photo later if you make friends.

Attach a link to social networks

You should have a social network page, whoever you are. Bring it on order. Remove profanity and compromising photos. This is suitable for friends, but not for the employer. You can create a work page if your social network image is so spectacular that it is difficult to hide it. If you do not use social networks, create a page with a simple questionnaire and several photos. You may not use it any longer. There should be the information about you on the Internet.

Have several CVs for different vacancies in the stock

Do not specify places of work where you did not manage to acquire useful skills for this vacancy. Check some more outstanding resume tips from the professionals.

It is not necessary to rename the resume for every vacancy

Set similar titles for the queries that you are looking for. Manager / manager of social networks, editor / junior editor and so on.

Your resume should be called:

"Mary Smith, Customer Service Manager." The subject of the letter is as follows: "Resume from Peter Hook for the position of a client manager". Simplify the life of the recruiter. Increase your chances of being noticed. Letters with the theme "The employee you have been looking for all your life" and "The best cook in the world!" are sent to the basket faster than their authors can imagine. In addition, if you are blogging, websites, or other projects that are proud of, attach links to them. Check our blog for more helpful information on the subject.

Do not write down your school records as achievements

At the resume stage, the recruiter does not care about your estimates. But! If you have a diploma with honor, indicate this fact. Usually, a diploma with honor is an indicator of the discipline and purposefulness of the candidate that is also very important.

Execution of a cover letter

Welcome the recruiter and introduce yourself: Good afternoon! My name is …... and I apply for the position of a client manager. If you have any questions as to the cover letter writing, address the best writers to help you:

Tell what attracts you in this vacancy in free form

The ability to implement some of your skills and goals. Interesting tasks. The fact that you already had experience of such work. Not the location next to the house or wages.

Tell why you are attracted to work in this company

Learn about the employer on the Internet. If its activity is public, underline the positive sides for you. If there are none and nothing is known, first, think, why to respond? Alternatively, just skip this step.

Tell why you are interesting to the employer as a candidate

Describe briefly your skills, experience, qualities of character. This description should echo a professional CV, but do not retell it. Correspond the requirements for the candidate, which the recruiter indicated in the vacancy.

Let know that you are always in touch and indicate all your contacts

Always in touch. Not from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.! Politely say goodbye, wish a good day.

Attach a resume in PDF format

No more other documents. If you have a portfolio, attach it with a link for viewing. Preferably, with online browsing, without downloading. Even if you are a cool designer and photographer, no one will want to download 3 GB of your portfolio. Hire the professional executive resume writers if you need any kind of experts’ support.

Recruiter is also a person

The employer is either. It often happens that this is the same person. The employer, who can be currently in this position, selects the candidate. He/ she combines the selection with his/ her main work. Most likely at night.

On the day, the recruiter can receive more than 100 applications. In fact, this is the minimum if the position is universal and / or popular. If a recruiter is not interested in you, do not wait for an answer. He/ she simply cannot physically answer everyone. Especially considering that after the refusal the questions "why" usually come. The list of "because" is too long to answer everyone.

The task of the recruiter is to find a candidate, not help you work on the mistakes. Do not blame him/ her for that. The recruiter has a weekend. When sending a letter on Friday, do not wait for an answer on Saturday and Sunday. To avoid this unpleasant experience, it is recommended to order the resume revision help online.

Some vacancies close slowly. They are open for many months not because there is hell in the company but because it is not urgent and they are looking for “their” man. Typically, companies are looking for managers for the longest time.

If you changed your mind to go to the interview, please, let it know in advance. Do not write about the fact that you lost your keys. It is enough to write: "Good afternoon! Unfortunately, I cannot come to the interview. There were other circumstances. My candidacy is no longer relevant. I am sorry to bother you". That is it. They will say to you: "Thank you for having warned me." 8 out of 10 candidates do not reach the office. Be honest and polite.

As you may notice, there are a lot of nuances that require the specific knowledge and skills. That is the reason many job seekers hire online resume writing service. Do not hesitate to contact us and make your dream job come true.

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