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Simplicity of writing

The whole process of resume writing consists of simple steps. According to any resume sample you need to write your own resume making necessary changes and filling in the fields with necessary data. Having finished resume writing, you can use online resume services to check if you have made it in a proper way, or you can just use our service to get professional support, online resume writing service is always there for you. Our specialists will give you help building a resume, so that you will not have to waste your time and you will be pleased with the result.

Help at all stages

If you decide to write resume on your own, you still will need professional help and recommendations. On our service you can find all the necessary information about resume writing, such as what to begin with, what resume should consist of, what the most common mistakes are, how to avoid the mistakes, what is acceptable and what is forbidden to write in a resume. Also if you face any problem during the process of resume writing, our supportive team is always there for you. We are ready to help at any time and at any stage. Do not hesitate, follow our advice to achieve better results.

Compliance with the requirements

Having used our service, you get the result that corresponds to modern requirements, which employers and recruitment agencies make to the resume design and content. Properly formatted resume influence positively the first impression of employer and HR manager, what significantly increases your chances to get the vacancy you want.

Useful tips on the style of writing:

  • writing resume use brief and succinct phrases;
  • resume should be written in neutral and benevolent tone without using complex expressions, showing too much politeness and emotionality. Do not use complex terms and abstruse phrases. Remember that your resume will be read by HR specialist, a person who may not know your professional terminology. If there is a need to use complex terms, if possible try to write those, which are used in a vacancy description;
  • use prepositions that are used in an officially-business speech: according to, respectively, accordingly, due to the fact that, and so on;
  • use complex conjunctions: due to the fact that, in view of the fact that, in connection with, etc.;
  • try to use as seldom as possible personal pronouns: I, me, my and so on.

Having decided to write a resume you should be very serious about that. Any resume is a jobseeker’s visiting card, which an employer sees and creates the first and decisive opinion about you. So it is extremely important to fill your resume with appropriate information and not to make spelling mistakes and misprints. Our team of professional resume writers will help you to cope with this difficult task. All you need is to contact us and say “help me build a resume”.

What a resume should be

Creating resume you should keep the following principles in mind:

Structuredness. All the information in resume should be presented in certain order and according to the chosen form.

Selectivity. Thinking over your resume, first of all define your goal, it means you need to decide what job you want to get. Analyze your professional experience and chose only those points, which correspond to your goal. Selective approach will save your resume of excess, unnecessary information.

Objectivity. Be realistic and objective describing your experience and skills. You should be ready to prove everything you mention in your resume.

Briefness. Resume size should not exceed two pages, that is why you should write information briefly, emphasizing the most important and essential for an employer moments.

Specificity. You should be very specific in the choice of words and phrases. Do not write “I was occupied with teaching”, “I helped to reduce errors”, “I get new knowledge very fast”. It is better to use such phrases as “I taught two new subordinates”, “I reduced errors by 15% and saved $40 000 for the company”, “I learnt new procedures in a record term – in two weeks”.

Activity. Do not be verbose and avoid passive forms. Emphasize achieved results using the verbs of action. Do not write “I was responsible for implementation…”, “I was finding the use of the following possibilities…”. Write instead “I implemented…”, “I used effectively…”, “I was responsible for…”.

Positivity. Prefer positive information to negative. Do not write “I used to deal with complaints”, “I tried to prevent the decline in the share of sales”, “I moved from the position…”. Use instead “I helped clients with…”, “I increased the product potential on market”, “I promoted to the post of…”.

Emphasize the achievements. Focus the attention on your achievements. Do not write “I worked for three years”, “I performed additional work”; you should write “I got a promotion and two payment increases”, “always fulfilled the work at terms”.

Try to avoid personal pronoun “I”.

When resume is already written

In addition when resume is written check it according to the following positions:

  • ask someone who knows well the sphere of resume writing to check your resume;
  • describing your present work use the verbs in present tense, for example “I work”, “I design / project” and so on;
  • respectively, when you describe your previous working places, use the verbs in past form;
  • be consistent: if you use any abbreviation once, you should use it in the whole text of resume (but it is better not to use abbreviations at all and write all the names in full form);
  • avoid long phrases and abstruse words;
  • clearly highlight necessary headlines;
  • check that your resume is written in the same style;
  • choose a readable format (large fields, not too small and not too big font, enough distance between the lines and so on);
  • for the printed version use white paper of good quality;
  • it is very important to write your resume on one, maximum two pages;
  • be sure you are able to prove information written in your resume.

Always follow the rules of grammar and stylistic unity. Remember that your resume is the reflection of you as a professional. Resume is a document that can help you to “open new doors” if it is correctly written, but also can put a crimp in the process of job search. So maybe it would be better not to risk and trust the professionals? Say: “Help me build my resume”, and our answer will be: “You can fully rely on us”!