How To Show Up During The Group Interview


How To Show Up During The Group InterviewEveryone who gets a job, probably heard about the method of group interview. This is not an easy task and many people are scared. Honestly, I do not understand why most people are afraid to show their knowledge to the public. Companies, on the contrary, are more and more inclined to conduct group interviews. Firstly, it saves a lot of their time, and secondly, in the crowd it is often visible who is who. Even if you came for an interview and then suddenly realized that in the office you are not the only employer, but a whole group of people - do not panic! All right, you will be asked the same questions, so there's nothing to worry about ( But do not even think that you are sitting quietly and unnoticed in the little corner. This is your chance to stand out among the crowd so make sure you use it!

There are two types of group interviews. First - when several people are claim to one job and the manager conducts an interview. The second one is a competitor and several employees of the company. In any case, there is no reason for panic. Remember that the hidden purpose of such interviews is to look at your interaction with other people, to observe how you can demonstrate your skills among strangers, how quickly you solve pressing problems, how you behave in a new collective. This is the goal of employers, well, your goal is to stand out from the crowd, win respect and call the professional interest of the client manager. You have to go through this stage and get a personal interview with a tete-a-tete. Believe me, it is not difficult to overcome a group interview if you know about its true goals and strategies. About the goals you already know, and the secrets of correct behavior resume writer will tell you later.

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The main thing is not worry, because even if you have a negative experience, this is also an experience. In the future you will know exactly what awaits you and do not repeat your mistakes or other people's mistakes. Remember that you need to demonstrate all your best qualities, because for you it remains a secret of which employee the company is looking for (I do not mean the job vacancy but the features that the applicant must have). This customer resume online service is the best one.

Tips for those who want to show up during the group interview

1) Make an unflappable face. So what is a group interview for you a complete surprise? You do not need to show your fear and horror to everyone in the audience. Smile and sit down, and then decide what to do next. Yes, you want in panic shut the door on the other side or contemptuously measure the look of each competitor. Do not do either one nor the other. Let your facial expression be calm and benevolent.

Remember that the employer can watch you from the first seconds as soon as you come. He can see and understand many things, so keep an eye on your actions.

2) Find interlocutors at once. It happens that people have to wait for the beginning of the interview and many prefer to just look at the screen of their phone and read their own records. But do not be like everyone else, look around and start a conversation with other applicants. You can talk about the company, about the upcoming work. Thus, you will demonstrate your ability to establish business ties, and this is always useful in business.

Try to appeal to everyone who is in the audience. If possible, call people by name and remember everything they say. Because any information can be useful to you.

3) Use the ideas of your competitors, but never repeat their answers! If you notice that someone has offered a really interesting and cool idea, then do not hesitate to support this person. You just do not need to copy his words, on the contrary quickly come up with your own continuation or development of the same idea. Add your thoughts and demonstrate your own thinking.

4) Stay yourself. Often people behave strangely, demonstrating their self-confidence. Just be yourself as usual. This is already aggression, when you interrupt others or neglect their opinion. Believe me, people who are ready don’t respect others are not interested in employers. After all, one day you can hurt the company and not bring it success. Speak loud and clear, but you do not need to constantly raise your voice, because you did not come to the position of loudspeaker.

5) Speak confidently and in fact. Shy and overly modest people are very difficult to pass group interviews. The main thing here is that the crowd does not trample you. Never start to say sorry for the fact that you had to interrupt someone. And do not be silent in the middle of your answer. After all, competitors are waiting for this, wishing to answer instead of you.

Do not think that chatting incessantly, you will attract attention. Attention will be paid to you, but it will not do you good. It is better to speak less but in fact and in original way, so that your answer is unique and then remembered for a long time. In group interviews do not pass the answers learned in advance. After all, most likely others have learned the same thing, and you will look stupid. Better concentrate on your advantages and merits. You can order cheap resume by experts right now.

6) Listen carefully to the others. Often in group interviews while another answers, the rest are actively trying to think through their speech, thereby missing the answers of the others. This is wrong, because in this way you do not remember the names of job seekers or employers. Try to be involved in a general conversation and do not forget the body language. Sometimes it is more eloquent than words. If you were visited by a grand idea - write it down, but do not immediately interrupt the others and say what you have not yet forgotten.

7) Do not forget about the thank you letters. This little act can help you a lot. Send a letter of gratitude for the time you spent, mention an important idea or thoughts that was heard during the conversation (

And, of course, do not forget about the neat and stylish appearance and the main manners of behavior.

Do not be afraid of such interviews, especially if you are a young man or a student. Remember school lessons, seminars at the university, because this is the same group interview. You there tried to stand out and demonstrate your knowledge against the background of other students. So now the task is the same, only you will have a goal much more serious: not to get a good mark, but the best job ever. Believe in yourself and in your strength, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us for help. It is not a problem for today to find proofreader resume.

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