10 Reasons Why You Will Never Do Something Great


This post on why you will never do something great will give you a slap and make you wake up and cheer up. Experts of our online resume service will tell you something you will never be taught. We are going to tell you about something that will make you go beyond the ordinary existence. For example, how to move away from your parents, to quit a job, to send it all to hell and to do at least something.

Experience that you gain in real life goes beyond our educational system. Such necessary in everyday life skills you can develop only if you will really manage to “find yourself”. Only when you put all your eggs in one basket or face the possibility of failure. These skills will appear only if you bet your shirt to make something really great. You will develop the skills that you think you already have. All we want to say is that in the game called “life” you do not have any chance at all. Why is that? Our resume website resume writers wanted to help you to find the way out of the situation. And now we are ready to present you explanations and useful tips on what you need to do.

You almost have never lost

You feel comfortable in your mediocre and you do not even want to try to do something. You prefer to talk about the fact that you should learn another language instead of really learning it. You would better “sit still” or maybe you will make some difficult task for tomorrow. You hate your job but you are not ready to look for a new one. And while you are sitting in your hands and do not even want to try, other people “collect” mistakes, try their forces and learn something new.

When they lose, they learn and change their way so that it always leads forward. It is like the metal hardening process: people pass fire to get shape. To get the shape of a sword with the sharpest edges that will cut you into piece if you do not make more effort.

You care about the opinions of others

You care about the opinions of others and you also adapt to them, because you are afraid of how the world will look at you. You think so because you judge other people, and consequently others also judge you. You care more about the “junk” you have, than the actions you have made. While you are spending money on new clothes, cars, expensive food and parties in bars, really clever people get interested in themselves. And while you are trying to adapt to the surrounding world, others try to adapt the world to them. They will confidently abandon all doubts and show the world who they really are. They have immunity to other people’s minds. While you are trying to adjust to the reality, they study something unusual.

You think you are more intelligent than you are

In fact, you have been doing the same what other people do. You studied the same what other studied, and read all the same they read. But if you studied just to pass the exams, do you really believe you have become smarter?

Knowledge is not about how you study, but about how you live

If it is necessary, clever people will manage to pass tests and exams. But can you face and cope with the tasks that those people have? Such people are able to pass the tests that are evaluated not by a point scale or by a percentage, but by one single evaluation called survival.

You do not read

You read only what you have to read or nothing at all. You believe that history is boring, and philosophy is stupid. You would prefer to watch a TV show instead of to discover something new for yourself, instead of to try to understand the thoughts of other person so that you could understand the surrounding world better.

You refuse to accept that the whole power of the world is hidden in the words of those who lived before us

All you really need you can find in a huge number of books that now are more available than ever before. You are not even reading this post about great things. Probably, those who are reading it already know everything mentioned here. You can take a horse to watering place but you can not make it drink.

You are not curious

You are not curious because you learn the news from state-controlled media that present the same information copied from each other. You are not curious because you do not take the trouble to ask yourself a simple question “what if it is all a lie?”, and allow for the possibility that it is really so. The direct duty of mass media is to distract you from the most important things.

I have a thirst for knowledge, regardless of the topic

While you are occupied playing “Angry birds”, other people read about string theory and quantum mechanics. Thus they can look at their own arguments from different points of view and look for their vulnerability to understand how others may contradict them. They can understand both sides of a dispute, and if they take your side and start arguing for you, then they will win, even if they have just won in this very dispute.

You are not making questions

You do not doubt the authority. And you do not ask yourself. You do not understand the importance of correctly asked question, of respectful disagreement and possibility to defend your opinion in front of those who do not agree with you. You do not ask questions about the reality because you are too busy surviving in this monotony. You need to structure your questions to the world.

The truth makes you irritated

Admit the fact that in fact you know nothing. Probably, this post on reasons why you will never do something great is already driving you wild. An article on the Internet will never compensate you the time of life that you have wasted. You live proudly having raised your head, without being interested in what happens around you. You live in blissful ignorance of the reality that is so much close to you that if you put out your tongue, you will feel how much “toothsome” the truth is. And then you will realize that the only thing that prevents you from doing something really great is you yourself.

What is next?

Will you prove that the author of this post is not right or you just close it not daring to do something? Remember that even a thousand miles way begins with one step only. Are you sure that your resume fully reveals your potential and can make an employer really interested in it? Good resume is the first step to a new job. Analyze your resume right now, do not postpone it until later. If you have doubts about the quality of your resume, you can use our professional resume rater, our resume writers will evaluate your resume and help to fix possible mistakes. So act, improve yourself, try, do not be lazy and you will definitely succeed. Thousand miles way is not that difficult if you do not stand still.