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Experts Help In Resumes WritingIt happens that jobseekers not only miss important information in a resume, but also write something absolutely unnecessary. That is why writing resume you should be sure that information given in it is appropriate and your resume is ready and worth to be sent to an employer. To make sure in it, you may use our resume rater. Our online service is among top rated resume writing services. Resume writers of our website work professionally and fast. And now specialists of online resume building service give advice on what you should remove from you resume right now, if you want to make it look professional.

1. Information about general skills

Knowledge of such programs as Word and Excel is already a common skill for any office worker. This information will not give you “extra points” comparing with other jobseekers.

2. Personal data

You should demonstrate your professional portrait to an employer, not the details of your personal life. That is why information about your family status or children will be inappropriate.

3. Foreign Languages at the minimum level

If you are fond of studying different languages, in your resume you should write only those languages that you know at a sufficient level (for example, at least medium). A long list of languages, in which you know just several phrases or basic notions, may be a sign for an employer that you can not focus and learn the languages to an acceptable level.

4. Detail work experience for more than 10 year period

“Old” work experience will only take the space. It is better to write brief company, position and key achievements description.

5. Experience copied from job description

Describing your experience focus on the concrete achievements in the company and the duties you performed to show employer what you can do and what your strong sides are.

6. Broken links

If you want to add link to your resume, for example, a link to your website, project portfolio and so on, check before sending whether you have copied or write it correctly, whether you link works and transfers to your profile and so on. You should be absolutely sure about the links you write.

7. Remove formulaic phrases from the “Target” field

There is a field called “Target” right after your contacts in resume. Usually jobseekers write there formulaic phrases, such as “To realize my potential maximally…”. However here you should enumerate the list of positions you are interested in.

8. Always check the spelling

About 5% of the general resume amount contains mistakes: elementary grammatical errors, errors in punctuation, in foreign words spelling and so on.

9. DOCX file

Save your resume in DOCX format, it is the most optimal option. PDF, ODT, DOC, RTF files are not very appropriate.

10. Use convenient for the recruiter resume name

The name of a resume file should maintain at least the last name of a jobseeker and preferably the name of desired position. Thus it will be more convenient for the recruiter to find the resume in his own files, to send it further and so on. The recruiter will appreciate your “care”, and such a small step can make your resume more expensive.

11. Show you are useful in your cover letter

There are many different opinions about cover letters. However, most experts say that a good cover letter in 20% of cases makes resume more valuable, if it is written competently. But cover letter is not always demanded.

12. Delete unclear abbreviations

Sometimes when you work for a company for a long time, you often use certain kinds of abbreviations accepted in your company. But HR manager may not understand them, and really valuable and important information may be lost. Try to avoid abbreviations at all if possible.

13. Paraphrase the formulaic phrases

There is always a temptation to use at least one formulaic phrase in your resume. However, such phrases are commonly used and can be found in any resume or vacancy description. Avoid them, because for the recruiter they are nothing more than “an empty place”.

Paraphrase them, for example: result orientation – I always think about the result in my work; client orientation – I put the client's interests above my personal; communicability – I can easily find common language with the clients / colleagues.

14. Create normal e-mail address

What differs professional from a child? Professional gives to his mailbox his full name, meanwhile a child uses childish words, games nicknames, dates of birth and so on. Besides, use your personal mailbox. HR experts do not recommend to use mailboxes of your relatives, there the name differs from your own. Also it is absolutely unacceptable to write your working e-mail. Recruiter may think that you are being fired, that is why you are not afraid to send resume from your working mail.

15. Remove your family status

There is only one case when family status mentioning may be an advantage: if a young woman looks for a job and wants to emphasize she will not be on maternity leave right after the employment. In this case you can write the number of children.

16. Explain work experience breaks

You can not just mention work experience break. You should write why there is a break. An option “I will explain at the interview” is unacceptable, because a recruiter may think the worst having seen the break.

17. Delete the date of work completion at your previous job

This is the only trick you can do in your resume. It is believed that a man writes resume before the quit, and after the quit he just forgets to correct the date. In this case it will not benefit you if you write the exact date of work completion.

18. Do not write the dismissal reasons

There is no reason to write the dismissal reasons. Whatever you will write, recruiter will have doubts and suspicion about your desire to explain your dismissal. What if you are lying…?

19. Do not explain the details of your resume

It is unacceptable to write explanations, comments, notes and so on in a resume. Only dates, facts, and achievements.

20. Remove the recommendation list

The worst thing that can be is the “Recommendations” block and a phrase “I will provide the list on-demand”. What is the point of this block? Recommendation list is not necessary, it is excess. Before interview with you no one will phone people mentioned in recommendation list. And after the interview you can give the list if demanded.

21. Remove table and large margins

The whole civilized world refused from the tables in resume many years ago. Do not be a “dinosaur”. Also do not make too large margins in your resume.

22. Do not show your resume to HR specialists you know, if you are not sure about their professionalism

Today many HR specialists believe they are masters and like giving advice. Ask them first how many vacancies they have fill b themselves, how many people they interview a day, what books on recruitment they have read. If the answers are: more than 500 vacancies, 5-10 per day, more than 5 books (at least); in this case you can really trust their advice.

We hope that there was something new and useful for you in these tips given by our service. Good luck in your search!