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Resumes ProofreadingEvery day millions of people look for a job. And their main tool in job search process is their resume. According to how resume is written, whether it is “catchy” and attractive, or ordinary and formulaic, the final result depends. Resume influences the decision, if a jobseeker gets an invitation for an interview, if he gets a work or not. So it is obvious that resume should be written competently. To get a really good resume, it would be better to use resume proofreading service, among which our resume service is one of the best. Using proofreading resume service, you improve your resume and increase you chances to be invited for an interview, and thus to get the desired work.

Now we are going to give you useful tips on how to send a resume by e-mail so that it will be read for sure. Read our advice carefully, and you will not waste your time waiting for employer’s response any more. You will know for sure how to act and what to do.

How to send a resume by e-mail so that it will be read for sure

How to reply a vacancy by e-mail so that your reply will not get lost? Our online resume writing service has systematized the most common mistakes of the jobseekers and prepared for you easy and effective tips. If you send resume via job search sites, you use facilitated form of response to the open position. You do not need to think what to write in the subject of the letter, where to attach a cover letter and what address of a recipient you should write.

However, sometimes you need to communicate directly with an employer, recruitment agency or a recruiter. In this case you should remember some simple and essential rules of resume sending by e-mail, so that your letter will not get lost and will be read for sure.

1. Specify the subject of the letter

The first and important rule that many people according to the recruiters neglect. Subject field should be filled necessarily. Write the subject, for example, “Response to the vacancy…”, or “Resume for the position…”, or just write “I am a designer”.

Thus your letter will pass spam filter and the recipient will understand that he gets a response to the issue that he is interested in at the moment.

2. Fill the “body” of the letter with a cover letter

It is considered rude to send to an employer an empty letter with attached to it resume. Use the “body” of the letter to write there your cover letter. It is easy to attract attention with the help of such a letter, if you know how to write a cover letter that will work.

If you have nothing to say, you can always write something like that: “Good afternoon! Please consider me as a candidate for the vacant position … and read my resume in the attached file. With respect / yours respectfully …”

Even such a banal and formulaic variant looks much better than a letter without any text at all.

3. Do not overuse smiles

Smiles, or language Emoji, is quite popular in correspondence. But do not forget that the stage of resume sending has business and formal nature of communication, and you probably even do not know the recipient of the letter. So keep smiles as real emotions during the interview.

4. Attach the resume file correctly

File with resume, portfolio or other mentioned in the letter documents should be definitely attached to the letter. If you forget to add the necessary file, it will make not very pleasant impression. Also check whether you have not attached to your resume outdated or focused on a different position papers by mistake.

Never entitle the file just “resume”. The most optimal variant is to write your name and the name of the desired vacancy. For example, “Johns, Sales Manager, resume”. An employer may get many letters in a day with the same names of an attached file, and he usually stores such files in one and the same folder. So do not create unnecessary work for an employer, thus you will get extra points.

It is better to create a resume with the help of MSWord. For more attractive outward look of the resume, you may save it as PDF file.

5. Check the letter on grammatical mistakes

Make sure that there are no grammatical errors and misprints in the text of the letter. Mistakes in such a letter are unacceptable: check the text with the help of a special spelling and orthography program. This helper may not notice all the mistakes, but it can correct at least the obvious ones.

6. Write the recipient’s address at the last moment

There is a strong reason why you should write it at the last moment. This is the beast guaranty that you will not send unfinished letter accidently having pushed the wrong button. Also do not add several recipients sending your resume. You are writing the responding letter for the certain vacancy, aren’t you?

7. Send a letter with resume in the morning or in the evening

According to the statistics 40% of letters written late at night or early in the morning “succeed” more often. To get in the first rows of letters that a recruiter will read, send your letter after 20:00 and till 8:00.

So when you are sure that all the 7 points mentioned above are fulfilled, your letter may be considered ready to be sent. We also recommend you to read other posts on professional and competent resume writing to use on practice all the niceties of job search process. Use our services, and all the problems on resume creation you face will disappear at once.

Now we are going to give you another 10 tips on what you need to do if you have not received a response from the employer.

10 things you need to do if you have not received a response from the employer

You have passed an interview. Maybe successfully, maybe not. One day has passed, a week, two weeks, but there is no response from the employer. What to do?

Reasons why an employer does not announce you the interview results may be numerous. Some employers do not have time because of the large number of candidates. Others do not want to tell bad news or are afraid of a sharp negative reaction to their reply. Regardless of the reasons, it happens and happens very often. Our service publishes 10 things that career consultants recommend to do in such a situation.

1) Be initiative

Do not stand waiting for something. Act. In today's job market jobseekers should not be afraid to be active and punchy. Career experts advise to send a letter to the employer on the next day, in which you will remind about yourself. Such a letter not only will remind the employer about you, if he has forgotten, but also will show your interest in the work. It may influence positively the decision of your employment. Except of reminding, it would be great if you add a comment and your personal opinion on some fact about the company that you have learnt after the interview. It means that you have been making inquiries, it means that you are interested in the company and you will do your work well.

2) Make a plan

If you call and write letters too often, it will be annoying and it will be a sign of despair at the same time. But if you will not try to learn the decision, it will look like an absolute absence of interest for the vacancy. You should be consistent in your attempts, make a plan and follow it. Set a limit to a number of attempts. If during this time you manage to get a response, it will be great, if not, you need to move on.

3) Be polite

Behave properly during a telephone conversation or in letters, even if you are dissatisfied. Maybe the company is going to interview other candidates and only then make a choice, or the decision is still in progress, or they have decided that you suit better other position and now they are solving this question. The decision on hiring is important and sometimes it requires more time.

4) Use social networks

Search for people who work in this company in social networks. Analyze what they write about, probably they will mention something about the business or planes of the company. Very often people are ready to help you gladly. To get help you should ask for it first of all. Ask how the process of hiring is, on what stage it is and so on.

5) Analyze the reaction before making the next step

Try to define the results of the interview before its end. If your communication with the representatives of the company is warm enough, then of course there is a sense in the repeated appeals. If the conversation was not very pleasant, you may not waste your time. Sometime the absence of the response is also a response.

6) Move up the chain

The opinion of HR managers not always coincides with the opinion of the company's employees of higher rank. If you do not manage to get a response from HR manager, move up the “food chain”. Try to connect with the head of department, who can give you the necessary answer or with whom you can discuss the second interview. Anyway, the probability to put an end to this issue and stop tormenting yourself will increase greatly.

7) Listen to your intuition and be realist

It is always hard to accept the refusal and we always hope for the best, misleading ourselves. Think rationally. Do not deceive yourself. It is better to spend time on work search than on vain illusions.

8) Keep in touch with the employer

Watch for changes in the field of your potential employer. When you call or write to learn how the hiring process is, tell what you have learnt about the latest moves of the competitors, what new methods other companies started to implement to achieve better results and so on. In such a way you will show that you have already started to work, that you are already interested in the success of the company. It means a lot.

9) Do not take too personally

If you have not got a response, do not take it too much personally, and of course do not take it as personal offence or hostility to your person. A company chooses staff basing on many factors, and each company has its own factors of selection. If you have not got a job, it may not be connected with your skills or personality. That is why continue your search, do not get angry, do not take offense and do no blame yourself.

10) Let this fact characterize the company

The actions of the company after the interview do not always correspond its corporative culture and treatment of the workers by 100%, however you already can make your own conclusions. If you do not get any response without obvious reasons, or you can not contact the person who can answer your questions, it probably means that a job in this company would not suit and satisfy you. So you can move forward without unnecessary thoughts and regrets.