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Where to buy a resume paper? Here are a simple answer and quick solution

The cheap professional resume writing services will not waste your time on platitudes and write about the importance of the resume when selecting the work. We’re sure you perfectly understand all this yourself. There are many articles on the Internet on this topic and a thousand examples. The problem you can face on this way can probably be in finding the right editor and proofreader of your resume. In case you're searching for 24/7 support, the high-quality service, cooperation with the professional writers and affordable fees, it is the high time to ask for the professional resume help on The service has been working for more than 7 years and have many grateful customers who are happily employed.

At the same time, it seems to us nobody says the most important thing, so the resume building services wanted to make a detailed, intelligible, and, most importantly, an honest guide for you.

What to write

In Western culture, a summary is called CV (Curriculum Vitae), in Latin, it means "biography". The truth is that your future employer should make an apprehension from your resume not just about your previous career path but also what kind of person you are. On the other hand, a person who reads your resume will have the interest in your personality and it’s not idle. It’s important for him/ her to understand whether you’re in line with the spirit of the company, whether you will be able to share its values and whether you will cope with your future responsibilities:

Try not to reflect on what you did, but what you have done, talk about the result, about your achievements. You need to focus on the specifics, ideally on the numbers. For example, write not "Was SMM-manager", give proof of your professionalism: "Over the week, I increased the number of subscribers to 10 thousand people." If you worked in consulting, remember everything and write: "I successfully implemented 9 consulting projects: 5 for FMCG companies, 3 for oil and gas enterprises and 1 pro bono for city administration."

What do those applicants whose work was routine and by definition could not bring tangible results? Concentrate on the fact that you performed everything perfectly. For example: "During my time as an assistant accountant, the firm successfully passed two audits"

In general, your CV should reflect:

1. Name and surname. You do not have to indicate the age. One should not be embarrassed about his/her age. The indication of the sex usually looks ridiculous, since it’is most often easy to install it from a name, and still takes an extra line.

2. Here, closer to the beginning, indicate your contacts: phone number, email address (decent, strict, created on a good postal service). A sign of good taste will leave a link to your business profile on LinkedIn. By the way, give a link to your profiles on Facebook if, of course, it’s generally decent. Most likely, your name will be checked through the social networks, so why not to make it easier for the HR manager to work?

3. In the block about work experience, place all your past places of work in the reverse chronological order. Write not only the names of companies and your positions in them but very briefly, your job duties without unnecessary details, only the most important experience that can be useful in a potential new job. Be sure to specify the terms of stay in each position. But take into account: the inconstant workers, often jumping from place to place, cause only distrust of the personnel department. Therefore, if you have changed eight jobs over the past year, tell only about the pair of the most important. This is not a lie: tell about yourself in brief, give the key information and do not attract attention to the unimportant things.

4. Bring information about your education. Do not start with the preparatory school, indicate at once the key ones, Bachelor's and Master's diplomas, maybe even your academic degree. Try to fill in the column for additional education: courses, webinars, summer schools, which gave you a suitable experience. Here, be sure to note that you participated or even won a specific case-championship. HRs of large companies are increasingly paying great attention to this.

5. If the experience and achievements are still very few, tell about your skills. Describe what software you can work with, what languages you speak and what works are best for you. You also may hire professional resume writers online and have your resume made by experts.

6. Pay close attention to the preparation of the hobby section. This very section describes you best, not just a simple worker, but as a versatile, talented person it will be interesting to work with. Beware of pointing out frankly marginal and socially dangerous hobbies (although who does not have them?) Joke. Nevertheless, do not try to fit everything under the vacancy. In the resume of the trainee in the audit department, the line about the love of paragliding will be much more vivid than the hint that you adore calculators. Potential colleagues are pleased to learn at the stage of the resume that they can discuss the best slopes for skating on the board, for example, or where it’is better to go around with you. In addition, it’is no secret that many hobbies will tell you more about yourself than you yourself. Think for yourself what phrases from the summary can tell about you: "Winner of the marathon We Run 2017 at a distance of 10 km" or "I like gadgets." Disassembled and assembled the iPhone 6. Works. " The main rule is to write this information briefly and at the very end. The top professional resume writing services for you can help you with the right wording and make this section really spectacular.

How to structure

The most important aspect of your resume is its structure. It should be very clear, logically verified and practical. How to achieve this?

Resume and cover letter services online will explain it in more details:

1. Immediately after your name and contact information, give Career Summary (an excerpt from all that you write below). In this column, you must answer the questions: who are you, what are you doing, and what are your advantages? Few people add Career Summary in the resume and it will show you as the right person who knows how to highlight the main things and one who respects the HR employees.

2. Next, the Work Experience block will go. In it, you must indicate your previous jobs in reverse order. It should look something like this: company name, your position in it, years of work; scope of the company; your achievements in the company.

3. Then, also in the reverse order, tell us about your Education. The structure is roughly the same: university, your degree, years of study, and your specialization.

4. Finally, go to Additional Information. First of all, tell about your leadership qualities and participation in all kinds of clubs and student organizations (relevant to the vacancy, of course). Indicate in which competitions and case studies you participated in and what you have achieved. Tell about your level of knowledge of languages, and then go to a hobby. In addition, remember structure, structure, a clear structure!

Advice from the top resume writing services online:

Your resume will be read up to the end by 10% of HRs. Therefore, immediately start with the main and write about the key and relevant things. In other words, if you want to become a strategy consultant, do not write that you conducted projects in operational consulting in the first line of your resume. Write about your experience in strategic consulting at the very beginning, even if its volume is less than in the operating room.

How to apply

There is nothing worse than an unstructured resume with the broken logic of the narrative. Although there is something even worse: an unstructured resume with the broken logic of the narrative and an ugly layout. If you do not contact the first-rate resume writing services online, you will spend half of the time on a resume "combing", that is formatting and strict decoration. That is rather difficult and routine work for the newbies.

What is worth doing:

  • Order professional online resume help and forget about all the worries and insecurities concerning your new place of work. You will get the professional resume and many invitations to the interview. If you prefer to do it yourself, read our tips and send your ready paper to us in order to have the free critique from our service.
  •  Put everything on one page. It’is necessary that all your undoubted merits can be easily grasped by one quick glance, without any turning of the page. With a probability of 99%, the second page of your CV will not be seen at all.
  •  Make sure that the font is easy to read and pleasing to the eye, so that the line spacing does not change, and the alignment of the text in different paragraphs is the same. In general, format everything not to irritate the reader's eye.
  • Add stylish but strict details that will differentiate your resume from a heap of others. No kittens, monograms and motley ornaments, unless you claim to be the main creator but, in this case, it’is better to show your creativity in the attached portfolio. Add a couple of bright accents, laconic dividers, and the page will get a much more professional look.
  • If you want, insert a suitable photo, the text with illustrations is better fixed in the reader's memory. Do not use your child's picture from the zoo or scan the photo of your passport. Just put in a photo that best expresses everything that you wrote in the text.
  •  When it seems to you that the resume is already done, postpone it for a couple of days, and then carefully subtract. Most likely, you will find a couple of typos and absurdities that you will not see right away.

Look at the custom resume templates we give as the examples of the resumes on our site. They are very successful for those who are just starting their career. They are very clear and infographic, and, in addition, it’is well-structured and tastefully decorated.

  • Pay your attention to specific skills, personal qualities, the experience of sub-jobs and listening courses. Such a summary will describe its owner as a neat, thorough person who knows a lot and is already ready to become a full-fledged employee of the company.
  • Another important observation: the author of the resume should be remarkably laconic, that means he/ she knows how to highlight the most important thing and appreciates the time of his/her potential employers.
  • Use simple words and constructions, and people will be pulled to the phone to call and meet you. Find clear and easy words for everyone, replacing professional terms. You will have time to show off your knowledge of the terms during the interview. Take it as a rule: one sentence with a maximum of one line. Thus, you will reduce the risks that a person does not understand the essence of the written and does not finish reading.​

How to send

Sending a resume, remember that it’is only attached to the letter. If you write the letter incorrectly, it may not be read, not opened at all or simply not seen in the mail. Do not forget about that.

There is a much useful information to read on our blog. Nowadays, more and more people prefer to buy a resume from the writing service to have the outstanding new resume or to improve the existing one. Do not hesitate to contact us and get the job of your dream.

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