Traditional VS Video Resume: Check All Pros And Cons


Traditional vs Video Resume

Every day some people are looking for a job. Job applicants use different methods to craft the best and the most interesting resume. Some of them use the services of many professional online resume writing companies. They understand that at this moment the resume is the most important paper. Some people are unlucky and think they have a reversal of fortune. In reality, everything is very simple -

How to be one of the best? How to get the attention of HR manager? Today we are going to discuss many interesting and useful things. I am going to tell you about the new and unconventional format of the resume. The professional resume writers online will check all the advantages and disadvantages of this method, we will compare it with the traditional one. At last, you will have an opportunity to compare both methods: traditional resume on the piece of paper with the creative video resume. It is up to you to decide what type you will choose, but we want to tell you everything connected with it. Before sending the creative video resume, make sure that this company does not choose only the checked and traditional way of hiring people. Are you sure that all the employers are interested in videos? Otherwise, you can be in a pickle.

Video resume: what is it?

Nowadays people decide to turn over the traditional CV format into something unique. Let’s first understand what video CV is and why we need it.

Your main task is to interest the recruiter. Every day the recruiters receive the dozens of the resumes and all of them are similar. I do not know why many job applicants are too lazy to get creative. In the modern world, there are so many new tools and techniques, it won’t be difficult to craft the best and interesting resume (video format).

Believe me, such new type of resume became popular very quickly. And today I want to tell you more about it. Use this method if you want to get the dream job. Of course, to make a video is not as simple as to write your biography on the paper. It will require some special skills.

Video resume it is not an amateur video. It is a perfect short video made by a professional. Such kind of video should include your brief biography, your professional achievements, skills, and personal characteristics.

If you decided to make a video resume, our professional CV and cover letter writing services 24/7 recommend you to do everything according to special rules. You should know that your video must consist of several parts:

  • introduction (say hello, tell who you are and where are you from. Do not worry, as it will be very noticeable to everyone. It is the easiest task to introduce yourself);
  • first meeting (at first, name the position you are applying for. It is very important and you should know that the person best of all remembers the information which sounds at the beginning and the end of the video. The employer is not going to outline everything you are talking about, by the end of your video resume he can even forget what was from the very beginning. You must definitely tell about the university or college you graduated from. Do not tell about your weakness, try to turn professional weakness into benefits);
  • work experience (do not tell a lot, only the most interesting facts or achievements. The detailed information your recruiter can find in the printed version of your resume. Never tell about your previous jobs one by one. Name some of them and that’s all. It will be too boring to listen to all your successful projects. Be ready to answer questions connected with the work experience during the interview).

At last, if you want your video resume being interesting and useful, check the time. The excellent video should last no more than 5 minutes. Be ready that some companies decided that such kind of CV should last only for a minute. How can you tell everything important for such a short period? Rules for self-presentation will help you ( What you must add and what information can be excluded. I know to make a video resume is not an easy task, but most of all it is worth all the efforts. We also know what can change your life for the better -

Where can you publish your unique resume? I never recommend people to publish videos on open resources, where your presentation will be available to any person. It is a great mistake. Add the video to different websites which are connected with job searching. A video resume can be sent in the attachment to the letter. You can send it as a separate file or give a link in the printed version, by clicking on which everyone can view it.

All the cons of the video resume

Every medal has two sides. The same our expert resume company can say about the video resume. Firstly, I decided to discuss the cons of this resume.

1) Informal. Not all the companies are ready to look through such types of the resume. For some applicants it will be very difficult to speak about their weaknesses in front of the camera (

2) Inconvenient. But if the manager wants to clarify some data, it will be difficult to do it because of video format. To watch the video once more – is not for busy people.

3) Difficult. You are wrong if you think that it is too easy to find the professional operator. This person must have experience in making such kind of videos, he/she must help you to decide what to talk, which image to choose, etc. Forget about the amateur video, it can spoil your future career. Such kind of videos can have problems with the sound or images during the viewing.

4) Expensive. Every job seeker should understand that there is no such thing as a free lunch. You will spend a lot of money on a professional video resume. To make an order on our website will be cheaper.

5) Uninformative. What is the main goal of every resume? You want to get to employer’s attention, to stand out among other job applicants with the same experience and skills. But it is very difficult to prove that you are the best only for several minutes. Having watched your video the employer can’t even understand why you are special and better than others candidates. This kind of the resume is not good for students. They have nothing to talk about.

6) Impossible to use without a traditional resume. It is quite understandable that your video resume is only an addition to the main paper resume. You should know how to avoid mistakes in the ordinary resume. The video version can give you more opportunities, can characterize you as a creative and talented person who is not afraid of new ways to introduce yourself. But video CV will never replace the traditional format. The recruiter must have the printed version of your CV. He/she can’t watch the video many times just to remember the main information about you. So, want you or no, you should definitely add the ordinary resume to your video. Order the paper on the online resume writing website.

The next important disadvantage of the video is that you can’t send the same video to different companies. You must spend time on making different videos, which will include different individual characteristics.

Also in this section:

Pros of the creative type of resume

1) Originality. Thanks to the video resume, you can demonstrate all your creativity, fantasy and imagination. But it doesn’t mean that you make the video as you wish. There are many rules and requirements for this format of the resume. For some people, such video is the only way to interest the certain employer. Your creative resume will stand out in the pile of other resumes. And your goal is to get the employer’s attention. I think you agree with me that creative video is always unusual and impressive. Do not forget that many job applicants prefer the traditional resumes. That is why making the video resume is your chance to be noticed.

2) The absence of competitors. Many jobless people are not sure that a video CV will help their job search. Video resumes just start being popular. It is not a secret that if you want to get a job, you must be better than other job seekers. To have an unusual resume is your chance to prove yourself and to demonstrate all your strength. Do not be afraid of something new and while other people continue to download the CV samples, you can make an interesting video. It won’t be easy for you, as a new format involves many difficulties. But it is a great chance to surprise the manager.

3) Video resume shows your personal characteristics. It is very difficult to judge a person by a printed version of the resume. The employer sees only a set of words and sentences which describes you as a talented and creative person. Your recruiter can also see your picture, but it also can’t help decide are you a good professional or not. The video format allows us to see a real and alive person. The experienced employer will definitely pay attention to your manner of speaking, appearance, confidence. It will be easier to create a psychological profile of you. Do you want it or not, form the first minute of the video the recruiter can notice all your skills and whether you are competent in the certain job position or not. Do you want to be successful? These daily habits of effective people are just for you!

4) Control. In fact, the video resume is the same as your first interview. On the video, you will tell the most important information about you. The same will be during the interview. So, the video resume is a kind of training, but you can control and change your words and actions. You can check the manner of speaking, retry something, etc.

5) Saving time. A video resume is very convenient for those people who are applying for the position which is not in their native city. Thanks to the video the recruiter will see who you are. He/she will decide whether it is worth inviting you for an interview. You will save your time and money; you will come to another city for nothing. The employer can invite for an interview only those candidates who actually meet all the requirements.

6) Demonstration of your creativity. Some people are applying for an interesting position. And it will be a good addition if in the video you will show your creativity. Often your success depends on this video. That is why the candidate can spend a lot of time and money on making a video as he/she knows what the results can be.

Such addition to a resume will be useful for those who want to be a journalist, stylist, florist, actor, director, photographer, etc. Of course, you do not make the video if you are going to be a waiter, chef, maid, seller, etc. By the way, read about funny work tips -

It is difficult to list all your achievements and strength on the piece of paper, but in a creative video you can praise yourself and it won’t be very noticeable. You can have a few rehearsals, at home you will be more confident even in front of the camera. Most of the job seekers are too excited during the interview they are denied (  Try to be natural, do not pretend, speak sincerely, honestly, and the recruiter will choose you from hundreds of others. When you will be invited for an interview, keep calm. Remember that the recruiter has seen you on video, he/she knows who you are and your meeting should be pleasant and successful.

How to make your successful video resume

Our resume writing service in the USA wants to help you and warn you against popular mistakes. Many applicants were defeated as they did not know the simple rules. Follow these tips and your video resume will be perfect.

Brevity is the soul of wit. Your video should be short (from 2 to 5 minutes). Nobody has an extra half an hour to listen why you are so talented and perfect. Appreciate the time of other people. Forget the long introduction and avoid interview and resume lies. Name yourself and get to the point immediately. You should know all the text by heart. It is stupid to read the text or to peep in your notes. Try to avoid the long pauses and filler words. Check your dress. It is unacceptable to appear in front of the camera in a bathrobe, a tracksuit or a bathing suit. I hope you catch what I mean. Pay attention to your appearance. All these tips can help you to avoid hard job search.

Do not forget to smile. This should not be a hysterical laugh just a slight smile. In a word, you should be pleasant to look at. Relax before this video. I know, you are very excited, you understand that this resume means a lot for your career, but try to relax. Herbal tea, breathing exercises will help you do this. Check that your video has the high quality. Watch the video several times; make sure that the sound and images are perfect. Use the best video editors to make the perfect one.

Your video resume can be very simple, but you should know what can annoy the HR manager. And believe me, it will be better than the traditional CV. Please, avoid these most popular mistakes. It is difficult to explain why many applicants forget about the background. Maybe they are so worried and think that the employer will notice only them and won’t pay attention to dirty dishes or your bed. Monochrome wallpaper or a beautiful wall is a perfect background. You do not need to seem better than you are. Many people try to outdo themselves with the only aim – to be better than others. Do not joke a lot and be too creative. You are not going to work as a clown, are you?

Traditional printed resume: why is it good?

I think there is no need to tell you about the traditional type of a resume. I am sure that you’ve dealt with many printed resumes. There are many resume samples on the Internet. You can choose the qualified resume edit service to order the paper. You can copy or download them and write down the necessary information. As a rule, such resumes are worthless in the employer’s eyes. It is just your questionnaire, but the recruiters are looking for something interesting and unique. That is why we always ask to have also a cover letter as an addition to your resume. We know the best proofreader for a cover letter. You can order both papers at our company.

1) Universality. Such kind of resume is not new in our world, all the managers are ready to look through these pieces of paper. The recruiters are always busy people, and they can’t spend much time reading your resume. Every day they receive many papers on e-mail and usually spend 2-3 minutes to look through every resume. Depends on you, will you be able to interest the employer in such a short time. In comparison, with the video resume, the traditional form is more profitable in this case. It's much easier and faster just to open a file document than to download a whole video.

2) Your career growth is in the main part. For many recruiters, this point is very important, and they can find the necessary information immediately. They do not need to watch the whole video just to listen to your previous achievements and jobs. By the way, add the recommendations from previous jobs to your traditional resume.

But this fact is only good for those job seekers who have great work experience. Do not worry if you are a student or just a graduate. Surely, you have no experience just a little practice and your knowledge. What can you write in your resume in this case? Our writers can give you the answer. They know some secrets which help to create an excellent paper even for those who are dreaming about the first job in their life.

Cons of the usual resumes

The main disadvantage is a similarity with the others resumes. It is very difficult to be creative and to get the employer’s attention if you need to write the traditional resume. How can you impress the employer if everything has already been said and done before you? It is a great mistake to download the ready resume and change the personal data. If you are going to write an excellent resume and do not know how to do it, use the services of our company. It is your chance to receive the dream job. Our certified professional resume writer knows how to make you look good.

It is up to you to decide what kind of resume you will choose. Our professional custom resume writing services tried to tell you the full information about both kinds of resumes. Each of them has its own pros and cons. Make decisions, taking into account your circumstances. As it is impossible to assert that this or that variant is better. There are different opportunities and ways for every person. Our company wishes you good luck. We know that you can find a new and well-paid job very soon. Remember that we are always waiting for your request! On our website you will always find the urgent resume writing help for you!

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