How To Deny Employees And Superiors


How To Deny Employees And SuperiorsWork takes 80% of the life of an average adult. Often people's life is divided into two periods: before they get a job and the very period of active earning money. Often I listen different stories how people are being exploited in their workplace, in other words, they are simple used. Now it is a very common phenomenon. And all this happens because many workers do not know how to politely refuse both to the boss and the other employees. It's not about rude permanent refusals, which will prove you as an impolite, unpleasant and very self-centered employee. I'm talking about polite refusals, which in a simple and accessible way explain why you can not help now and do not offend your interlocutor.

If you do not know how properly and politely you can deny others, then this post is for you. Today our best resume services decided to talk a little about the refusals at work, about the cases when one should be able to refuse and when it is better gladly agree and help another person.

If you are one of the many hired workers, then you should be familiar with such situations, when the beloved chief tries to shift some of his duties to you, using his position. At first, it seems that there is nothing abnormal in this, because orders must be done, not discussed. Well, if not the boss tries to load you with extra work, then the cunning and clever subordinates. But often we connect with situations where, on the one hand, you need to fulfill the order of the boss, and on the other hand is your private time, which you want to spend on yourself or to fulfill your own obligations. But how can you explain briefly to the boss that you can not stay at work longer because your husband has a birthday or you have a long-awaited appointment planned.

So you are in such an uncomfortable position from which there are only two ways out: silently agree to additional work, sacrifice your time and make yourself a credibility of the subliminal and childish person, or immediately reject the request or order.

But none of the employees wants to lose their post prematurely and many are confident that their refusal to perform an over-the-top job will lead to dismissal. Calm down, it's not like that at all. If you are often used as an additional workforce, then each time it will be harder and harder for you to form your refusal. Then it will be almost impossible. Therefore, as soon as there was such a problem - immediately take the decision. You need as soon as possible to learn how to build a relationship with the boss and with the team correctly and not infringe on your rights to a private happy life. After all, no one will want to meet with a full-time workaholic who does not have time for the first kiss, because he always at work? If you do not know where to order resume proofreading, you can use the services of our company at any time.

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How correctly to refuse to the chief and not to lose the job

Believe me, only in films you can see how the heroes reach unimaginable heights due to the fact that they always agree with everyone. The real life is built a little differently. Getting a job, you must clearly set out all the priorities. What is more important for you: work, boss, career, personal life and so on.

One psychologist in her scientific work summed up these words: people should learn to say NO at work, otherwise their constant consent can ruin a career. Your task is to do your job qualitatively and on time. If you make a mistake because of the overabundance of duties, it will not interest anyone. You just lose the trust of your superiors.

There are cases when the employee is still at the bottom of his career ladder and on the opinion of the boss about him depends a lot, then you can agree to fulfill the assignment, if it really has to do with your work. But with a promotion at work, be prepared to teach others to appreciate your time, just as you value the time of the remaining employees or superiors.

So, intending to refuse to the boss, you must first think of all pros and cons of the work that they offer you to perform. These recommendations will help you to be more polite and courageous, at the time when you decided to give up some kind of work.

1) Remember the employment contract that you signed while getting a job (read it carefully before signing, all conditions and payment for processing must be clearly stated there).

2) You should clearly formulate the sentence why you can not take on additional tasks. But at the same time, let me know that if force majeure happens, then you are ready to do everything to support the firm.

3) If you are persistently persuaded to get involved in a strange project, just list all your duties for the boss at this time and ask for advice.

4) Do not delay the time with refusal. Thus, you will only torture yourself and you will not be able to concentrate on fulfilling your duties. And yet you can anger the boss with your inability to make quick and correct decisions.

5) Do not make excuses! Do not talk about the pity in this case. Your task is quickly and accurately inform the boss that because of this additional task you can not cope qualitatively with the main job. Say that you are ready to do part of the work and let the boss decide what kind of work it will be.

6) It happens that the responsible colleague has gone on vacation before handing over an important job and his duties is given to you. In this case, you can say that you are not the best contender and think that Catherine cope better. But be careful, at last you can be considered a jerk and lazy.

7) Do not pay attention to flattery and false compliments. Believe me, your boss knows better than you how to manipulate people and if he does it in your case, then you will never experience what others are doing and feeling, denying superiors (

8) Ask your colleagues for advice. Many of them already know how to refuse correctly. You can follow their example.

9) Leave a rough and impolite refusal for the end. Already in an extreme case, if the boss systematically wants to load you and does not understand polite refusals, you can say this: it's not my job, it's yours. I do not get paid for it, so I will not do it. This kind of work is not part of my direct duties. Yes, as a result of such failures, you may lose your premium. But it's up to you to decide what is more important for you finances or psychological health and free time.

How correctly deny colleagues at work

Often people like to be in demand and feel indispensable. Of course, it is very pleasant, but you should think a little and not to confuse the disguised disapproval with the fact that you are constantly and brazenly used to perform additional duties. Perhaps your indispensability serves only to cover up someone else's laziness and incompetence? I think, working in a large team, you have often thought about it, feeling the attitude of employees to you. This cheap resume writing services online is really one of the best in our country.

You can be a kind and sympathetic person, but you should not load yourself with unnecessary work. If you have the task to refuse someone from the staff, then you can use most of the recommendations that we have discussed earlier. Nevertheless, there are a few good ways that work only in the case of employees.

1) You listened attentively to the meaning of the request and the task, made an understanding look and immediately begin to list all the items of the task in order, ask again if you understood everything, with what it is better to begin, how to finish, which algorithm of actions is. Your colleague necessarily doubts whether he chose the right one for whom he decided to assign the task. At some point, he will show that it's better to do the work yourself, rather than explain it to you a thousand times. Or he decides to look for someone more intelligent. In this way, you will appear very responsive and kind, nevertheless you will be able to avoid unnecessary duties.

2) This trick always works flawlessly. Many employees have achieved excellence in their ability to manipulate others. By simple and unobtrusive methods, they can force anyone to do the work they need. Anyone, but not you! If an employee comes up to you with the request to help and carry out the task for him, gladly agree. Of course, you are very competent in this matter and can help, but as if between words, mention that for this you should have to stay at work longer than usual. Well, you agree (you just can not do it for the sake of your favorite team), only let the employee or his parents take your children from the kindergarten or let him explain to the boss why you will delay the monthly report. Yes, there are a lot of options, choose the most suitable for your case. Here the fact is important that you do not make excuses (I have my own family, personal life, a lot of work, and so far), you agree but at the same time intensively look for an alternative. And this means that you are not indifferent to other people's problems and troubles. Believe me, in most cases, your colleague will instantly analyze the pros and cons of such an offer and decide to seek help from someone else or do the work himself. Well, I congratulate you, the goal is achieved.

Believe me, knowing a few tricks of right refusal, can help you quickly and firmly entrenched in the team as a kindhearted and sympathetic person, and not a working mule who is ready to work 24 hours a day and 7 days per week.

Of course, your knowledge of all methods of refusal does not guarantee that people will immediately stop using your kindness. Use these methods in moderation, train politely and correctly refuse and as a result, everything will be fine ( The main thing is not to overdo it. In any case, always remain a person and if you have free time, you know how and can help someone who asks, then do it. Do not be lazy and do not be proud, people will remember your kindness, and then maybe you will also need their help. In life everything can happen.

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