How To Gain Respect At Work


How To Gain Respect At WorkSome people say that a new job is a new life. This is really so, because we spend most of our time at our job. Therefore, it is very important quickly deserve the respect of employees. And this is not quite easy, because respect is not given simply because it needs to be earned. The task of each newcomer is to behave in a way that in the near future feel comfortable among employees, and it is better to become an informal leader. Do you think this is unreal? But resume services online know some useful secrets and are ready to share this information with you.  Сheap resume services on the web can help you at any time.

The team is people you see at least five days a week and spend a lot of time with them. If you can consider the team at work as a second family, then you are very lucky person. After all, if you have good relations with colleagues, then every morning you will come to work in a good mood. Remember that respect is not an acquired experience, you will not be respected in a year, you will either be respected immediately or never. Just understand this truth and draw conclusions.

There are people who are very fond of their work but have not managed to put themselves right in the team at once. No matter how sad it may sound, such workers will be useless ( Because if a person works without enthusiasm, he can not bring profit to the company.

People respect only those whom they consider valuable and necessary. You will be consulted, praised and nobody will ignore your opinion. But if a person feels bad for a whole day at work, he knows that he is humiliated, ridiculed or simply ignored, then this will be bad for his ordinary life. Low self-esteem, you know, is a very bad thing.

So, we have come to the most important thing: how to behave from the first minutes, to please both employees and boss. How to gain respect? We will share with you simple, but very practical advice. Try to memorize each of them, and apply them in practice. You will see that the positive result will come very soon.

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Top 25 tips on how to earn respect

1. Do not try too hard. Always put yourself first. Yes, your favorite work should be valued and you should conscientiously fulfill all the duties. But this does not mean that you should always stay working late or on weekends. People will take it for granted and will not appreciate your efforts. And yet, be never afraid to lose your job. Let everyone know that you work here because you wanted it yourself. If you constantly worry about what will happen if you get fired, then this fear will be noticed by others. Let you have always  plan B, and remember that dismissal is not the end of life.

2. Pay attention to your appearance. Everyone knows the saying: people are met by their clothes. Therefore, going to work, carefully choose your hairstyle, makeup, clothes, accessories. Imagine that you're going on a date. It's not a secret that people respect neat and modern workers.

3. Be confident. When talking, do not speak quickly and do not mumble to yourself. Do not hurry, feel shy and complex. Just be yourself.

4. When talking to employees, look into their eyes. This will give the impression that you are interested in the conversation, and you are absolutely not shy with your interlocutor. If you can not look into others eyes, then concentrate your eyes on the point between the eyebrows.

5. Remember the names at once. It's very pleasant and polite to address people by name. Believe me, nothing so pleases colleagues when a new employee remembers them from the first time. This immediately puts people to you.

6. Be friendly and welcoming. Do not stand quietly in a corner, do not sit silently near your computer. Smile and try to support any conversation in the office. Show that you are interested in the life of the team, that you want to take an active part in everything.

7. Occupy more space. The complexed person is very easy to recognize: he will sit on the edge of the chair, cross-legged, pressing his elbows and all his appearance will show that he tries not to disturb anyone. But on the contrary, you can use free space and get comfortable. Behave naturally, sit in a comfortable and familiar pose and do not worry too much.

8. Do not ignore deadlines. They set, my friend, to fulfill them. If you give up the task after deadline, you just show disrespect, and accordingly you undermine your authority.

9. Do not be late. If a person is late for a meeting, interview, negotiation, or just a job, this is proved by the fact that his own time is more important than anything else. This should not be done either with subordinates or with superiors. Learn to respect others, then you will have the right to expect reciprocal respect. It would be great for you to sign in to professional resume writing service.

10. Keep the workplace in order. I'm not talking about the ideal order, because working disorder is very important. It is testifies that you work, and not just sit and look at the screen. Just make sure that there is no mess on the desktop, wrappers of sweets and orange peel. If you can not put things in order on the table, how can you deal with more seriously things?

11. Do not gossip or write too much in the correspondence on the Internet. Life is a funny thing and once you can confuse the button Send and Forward, you can forget to close your page in social networks and someone will necessarily read your correspondence. Believe me, you won’t be able to avoid troubles.

12. Do not promise is you will not be able to do. Even if you promise on the basis of good intentions, but are not confident in yourself, you can not cope with the task. Then people will simply consider you a treacherous (

13. When you help others, do it in the right way. Sooner or later, colleagues can ask you for help. If you can, then help them, but do not do it too emotionally. Well, who will like it, if you help, showing how much your colleague is stupid. Or vice versa, if you will serve others too much, then do not people consider you as a real sneak?

14. Know how to refuse in the right way. Here the tactful will be very useful for you. Often colleagues or even a boss can ask you for help at the very moment when you are very busy. Know how to politely and confidently deny, explain that your work now can not wait and offer assistance later. Remember that trouble-free employees are not appreciated, but on the contrary, everybody use them.

15. Work on the conscience. Employees will immediately notice if you are a bummer. And if you do not perform the tasks, all of them can be held responsible for this. Do not let the others down, it will not lead to good.

16. Immediately arrange inconspicuous reconnaissance. Carefully look around, who is who, who are friends in the team, who is the informal leader, what your employees are talking about. The sooner you understand who is who, the easier it will be for you to adapt and develop the right behavior.

17. Improve yourself. Never stop on what has been achieved, because everyone knows that there is no limit to perfection. Both the boss and colleagues will notice immediately if you are an intelligent and educated person. Strive to learn new things and learn.

18. Learn to behave properly with gossips. In every team, there is a person or group of people who are gossiping. Be careful with them and behave wisely. Never become a part of this company, and never be at enmity with them. Because in any case you will lose. If the gossip decides to tell you, then listen to him silently and leave under an important pretext. Never and under no circumstances discuss the news. Ignore gossip and maybe in time you will be able to avoid them.

19. Be a part of the team. Yes, I understand that sometimes there is no desire to spend off-hours with employees. But if everyone is going to go to a restaurant, a movie or a picnic, do not separate, but go with them. Believe me, the informal situation brings people together very much.

20. Do not try to please all employees. There is someone who will be dissatisfied with you and your behavior. Do not be discouraged, just stay in yourself in any situation. A man with his opinion is much easier to respect and appreciate.

21. Rejoice in the successes of others. We must immediately understand that the team is an organic whole, you all work for one firm and bring profit to your superiors. Do not focus only on the amount of your salary, work honestly and rejoice when someone was able to achieve more. With such people you need to take an example, not envy them. You will show great friendliness if you sincerely share with the employee his joy or promotion.

22. Normally respond to criticism. Listen to everything calmly, judge and if you do not agree you can calmly object. Do not start to take offense, yell and prove your rightness. This you only encourage your critic. The Bible says: obey the advice and accept the conviction in order to become wise in the future.

23. Do not be too frank with your colleagues. Your personal life - this is really your personal life and the entry of strangers into it is prohibited. Let no one knows about your quarrels with your husband, problems with children or parents. For the staff is quite enough information about your marital status.

24. Do not show your worries and do not demonstrate your mind. Simplicity (and especially in the first working days) will help you more than once. Be able quietly to ask advice on how to proceed, people love when they are approached for professional help or advice. So they feel they know and can more than others.

25. Do not talk instead of working. Even if you are by nature very sociable person, know how to keep your mouth shut. Do not get too involved in conversations during business hours. Nobody loves chatterboxes at work, they do not do their jobs themselves, and distract the others.

Remember that if you have an excellent relation with employees, you will enjoy working days. Weekends will not pass in fear of the coming Monday and a meeting with hated colleagues. If your employees are kind, sympathetic people, then it will be easier and more pleasant for you to work with them. But do not forget that you yourself need to be as kind and sympathetic, and there are no and never will be ideal people. Learn to accommodate everyone and put up with the shortcomings of other people. After all, you yourself are far from ideal.

Well, by applying these tips in practice, you will be able to properly join the new team, win respect, become an authoritative employee with whom all will be pleased to work and communicate.

Do not waste time in vain. As soon as you came to the new team - immediately start to act! Every lost day is your minus. No one cares about you unless you take care of yourself. Remember this and if you want to stay in this firm for a long time, then do everything possible and impossible to be loved and respected.

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