7 Important Habits That Will Change Your Life For The Better


What work habits you need to develop

To cope better with the tasks, which arise during the working process, you need to develop 5 simple habits. It is not easy to develop them, but they will help you to make your daily work pleasant. Our service presents you post on working habits that will make your life better. Since our website is among best professional resume services, tips given in our post about working habits will be very useful for you, if you follow them thoroughly.

One of such habits is doing everything in time. First of all, do everything possible to implement at least 80% of your tasks in time. Use alarm clock, reminders, do everything possible to fulfill all your plans in time. It will not be easy at the beginning, but as the saying goes “Train hard, fight easy”. Having developed the habit, you will soon realize its advantage. You will not only get rid of constant “work for home”, but also you will find time for yourself, travelling and family. Also this habit will make you look for others as a person, whom they may rely on, who inspires confidence and causes positive reaction.

For successful work you also need a habit “to take breaks”. People, who work too much and really hard, i.e. workaholics get to the hospital more often. To avoid such situation, it is necessary to alternate the kinds of your activity, and also make small breaks (15-25 minutes) every 1-2 hours. Such breaks will help you to save your mental stability and physical health. These breaks should be spent with use for your health: for example, move actively, change your surrounding, communicate or just go outside and breathe the fresh air. It is not good to smoke or drink coffee during the breaks, because it will cause much more damage to your health.

The third useful habit is the habit to write down your ideas and goals. This habit will always help you to remember and see your goals, distribute them for the next week or month. Such habit organizes a person’s life.

To be successful you also need to delegate your tasks. No one in the whole world is able to do everything on his own, because there is no such modern man who has powers and time to do all work by himself. The number of operating information flows is so huge that it is not possible to cover them all in 12-hour working day. If you want to do more and work less at the same time, then you just have to delegate your tasks to other people. It is easier to control the work of several workers than to try to fulfill the dozens of tasks on your own.

And one more rule. Always have a backup plan, because very often the things do not go according to plan. In such cases you need to have plan B. If you do not have plan B, you may get into the chain of repeated tasks and the need to “do it all over again”.

7 important habits that will change your life for the better

Do you know that success begins with habits and everyday rules? Your habits define what kind of person you are and what you can achieve in future.

Everyone may have great dreams, enough skills and knowledge, but if we do not practice this successful way every day, then we will not manage to develop and accumulate small pieces of success, which eventually turn into something bigger. For this purpose you need to develop useful habits. Our certified professional resume writers present you 7 habits that change life and will help you to achieve success according to a specialist in personal growth Shawn Lim.

1. Start your day earlier

Almost each successful person, who tries to achieve something great, gets up early. The aim is to spend more time with yourself and to fulfill the most important tasks, to get prepared for what expects you later. Famous leaders and entrepreneurs, such as Howard Schultz from Starbucks, Richard Branson from the Virgin Group, Apple CEO Tim Cook, head of Disney Bob Iger and others get up or used to get up really early.

How to do it. Train to get up early and prepare for what will happen later during the day. At the beginning it will not be easy and you will feel uncomfortable, but you have to overcome it to turn early awakening into a habit. A good strategy is to start getting up 15 earlier at first and gradually move your wake-up time to earlier time.

2. Read half an hour at least

Investing in yourself is one of the most important preconditions that allow to achieve great result in your life. There is no difference between you and me, except our knowledge and our skills. Our way of thinking makes us different; it makes us who we are today. So it means, if you want to improve your results you need to change your way of thinking. If you do it, you will manage to change your way of decision-making.

Reading is one of the easiest habits to develop, which improve the quality of life. Do you want to learn how to talk? Read culinary guide. Do you want to learn to invest in the stock market and achieve financial freedom? Learn from books, and for the speed attend seminars as well.

How to do it. Make it a rule to read at least 30 minutes a day. You can do it in the morning, or in the evening. Read books that supplement your knowledge or just personal development books.

3. The rule of five

This is a powerful technique, which eventually brings great results. Dreams and thoughts about how you will become rich and successful will not help before you start taking specific measures. This technique helps to do something important every day, so that eventually you achieve the desired result.

Every day write down 5 things that you need to do to reach your goals and do them. If you have more time, do more. But it should be those tasks, which guarantee the necessary result. And repeat it every day, until this practice will turn into your habit and become automatic.

How to do it. Either in the evening or in the morning write down 5 the most important tasks, which you need to fulfill during the day and obligatory fulfill them. Make yourself do it every day until it becomes your habit.

4. Praise others, make compliments

When did you do it for the last time? When you make compliments, positive energy appears, which surrounds you and generally improves the situation. Of course, you do not have to do it, do not make compliments mechanically. To make it work, you need to praise people from the heart. You should really feel it and speak honestly and sincerely. But if you pretend, you will get the opposite result.

True leaders praise good work of other people. If you want to create strong and successful business, you need a good team. And for this purpose you need to look at the positive sides and achievements of the team.

How to do it. Practice in making compliments. Look for something good in people around you. You may start with your close ones, relatives and friends. Praise them and observe the result.

5. Fulfill your promises

Reputation is being built during 20 years, but can be ruined in just 5 minutes. If you think about it, you will act differently. That is why do what you say, keep your promises, fulfill them at your full capacity. In business as well in life people do not trust those, who break promises. Ethics and fulfillment of promises are two main features, which people pay attention to when decide whether they should deal with you or not. If you do not keep your promises systematically, it harms your relationships with other people.

The goals, which you set, are also promises given to yourself. So follow your goals and fulfill them in all seriousness. Never treat them carelessly, because such treatment defines what you will become and where you will be in future.

How to do it. Define your goals and start following them right now. Never and nothing do slipshod. Fulfill all the given promises, especially in business.

6. You will not cope by yourself

Some people say that they have achieved great results because they did everything on their own, but it is not true. Remember education, which your parents have given you, or love given by your close ones and friends, or you clients, who trust you and pay you money. No one achieves success on his own.

When you realize this principle, you will start trusting people and delegating them your work. And when you start delegating, you will that your business begins to grow, your life starts a new level, and you become a real leader, because you create new possibilities for bigger number of people.

Never forget about your team and other people, who have helped you to become what you are, especially after the moment when you reach the desired result.

How to do it. IF you want to build successful business, achieve significant results in the life, you need to create a good team. This is not a solo concert. You need help of others.

7. Share with the society and the world

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson – they all donate money and in general give a lot to the society. You may say that they do it, because they are rich and they have everything. But think what is easier – to donate $10 or $100 000?

Sharing with the society is a character feature that need to be developed beginning with something small. If it is difficult for you to donate even 10 dollars, you will never donate $100 000. Those people, who are already rich and successful, can donate and help others more actively, because they already have such a habit. They started to do it when they were not rich and successful yet.

How to do it. Start developing this habit, start sharing with the society, start making your contribution to the world life. Do not wait when you become successful. Begin with something small and turn it into a habit. Start acting today and right now!