Describing Your Shortcomings During The Interview


Shortcomings During The InterviewSooner or later each of us has to get a job. After graduating from university or college, everyone is looking for a better job, has lot of successful and unsuccessful interviews, a probationary period and finally the job in the company of your dreams. If you have any difficulties or doubts whether your CV is properly drafted, you can feel free to contact this best online resume service for help. We will quickly compile you an excellent resume, which will open the doors to many companies. It would seem that there is nothing easier than writing a few words about yourself ( But in reality, the resumes compiled in an unprofessional manner are immediately doomed to failure.

It is better to understand immediately the fact that all interviews have a standard scheme. Whether you want it or not, you will be asked to name your advantages and disadvantages. And here is the fact that with listing your advantages nobody had problems (after all we like ourselves) but with the request to name at least three your shortcomings there is a pause at once. And at once I'll tell you, it's better to avoid pauses during interviews. Do not hide some of your shortcomings, because who knows, maybe they will be your main advantages? Do not worry that you will be considered inadequate and complete ineptness. Everyone knows that ideal people simply do not exist.

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Often recruiters form the issue of shortcomings in different ways. Sometimes you will hear a direct question, sometimes you will be asked to name those qualities that impede your career growth and so on. Why such questions are included in the questionnaires or interviews is very difficult to explain, but since they are there, you need to correctly learn how to answer them. And today we will help you with this. We will tell you how you can wisely turn your shortcomings into virtues.

What they expect to hear from you

Here again it is very difficult to understand. Nobody will believe that you are a man without shortcomings, in one word perfect. This can not be natural. But also to talk about the laziness, disorganization, nerves and so on, also does not make sense. You will be politely asked to leave once and for ever.

The employer or the personnel manager simply wants to see who is sitting in front of him, a mature person or a naive child. Because only mature people know how to recognize their shortcomings and then they are already looking for ways to deal with them. The employer is interested in your self-esteem, whether you know how to think constructively and work, including working on yourself.

Some people advice never and nowhere mention your shortcomings. Filling out the questionnaire, just ignore this question. But this is also wrong. Once the question was placed in a questionnaire or an oral interview, then your answer is important and interesting.

Never lie

You do not have to invent and answer in a pattern. In this case, lie is always inappropriate. Maybe you are sitting before an experienced psychologist and he has seen many things in life already, so whom are you trying to deceive. Answering such questions, you need to follow the following recommendations. Remember that there is no standard pattern of shortcomings, because for each job you need your own set of qualities. If for an accountant to be restless this is a minus, then for a sales manager a huge plus.

I'm working hard on this ...

Your main task is to demonstrate to the employer that you are perfectly aware of your shortcomings, but nevertheless you do not reconcile with them, but you correct everything. For example, you can say: I often allowed myself to be late for classes at the university. But now I have learned to appreciate not only my time, but also the time of other people. I try to come to the office about ten minutes before the start of the working day. I always take into account traffic jams and wake up early in the morning to catch everything. The ability to work hard on your flaws is very important.

Similarly, you must build a response regarding your other shortcomings. Believe me, such deep, clear and sincere answers will satisfy employers.

Turn the cons into the pros

It is also correct to say about your shortcomings from the side. My friends or colleagues believe that I'm too scrupulous to everything and I like to control everything ( But I make every effort to look at the world wider. Many people think that I'm too talkative, but it's just the consequences of my professional activity (if you pretend to be a manager, a journalist, and so on).

Do not tell something private

Believe me, the manager does not sit here so that you can confess to him. Hold some information in secret, especially if it can interfere with your professional activities. Do not dig yourself a hole. If you are addicted to computer games, you better keep silent about it and look for ways to get rid of dependence on your own. If your family has collapsed, because you do not know how to build relationships, then why should the rest know about it? We can help with resume writing wherever you need it.

I don’t understand it properly

Sometimes (but very wisely and cautiously!) you can inform the manager that you are not competent enough in some areas of activity, but only not those that are directly related to the desired position.

Focus on what is important for this position

For example, if you are going to work as a sales manager, then you need to focus on your punctuality, communication skills, courtesy, the ability to quickly find contact with people. But you should not stress that you are creative, unpredictable, contradictory, and so on if you want to get the job as an accountant.

Always stay calm

Yes, employers know that this issue often plunges applicants into a stupor. You are silent in fear, and the account manager just takes advantage of this moment. In a few minutes, an experienced recruiter correctly assesses your outstanding mind, stress resistance and the ability to quickly find answers to complex questions.

Popular shortcomings that can be useful

1) Mistrust. If you are cautious in communicating with people, this means that you will think three times before deciding to make a deal. This is a good quality in this case.

2) Self-confidence. Do you always achieve what you want? Always confident in their abilities and in victory? So you will become an excellent leader, who will be able to lead the rest of the staff.

3) Hyperactivity. This quality may be a minus in everyday life, but on a certain job it will be a big plus. For example, you can accomplish tasks much faster and instantly resolve urgent issues.

4) Slowness. Look at it from the other side. After all, you are working slowly, but very qualitatively and do not lose sight of even the most insignificant details.

5) Excessive anxiety. So you will be responsible for the fulfillment of tasks, worrying about everything done at the highest level.

6) Restlessness. It's easy for you to change the situation.

7) Demanding. If you demand a lot from yourself, then you are a responsible person, if you are also demanding of others, then you can be entrusted with serious work.

8) Straightness. You always say what you think and call things by their proper names. Maybe in life it hurts your friends, but in business negotiations you need this feature.

You see, there are shortcomings that can easily be turned into your pros.

Being warned is already a huge advantage. If you read this post, then you already know what is waiting for you and consider your own options for an answer. Therefore, you will have more chances to successfully pass the interview and at the right time not to be frightened, not to become confused, but simply to pull yourself together and present all your qualities in the most favorable light. Do not specify more than two or three shortcomings. A few qualities will be enough to show your self-esteem. Professional resume editing for money is always ready to write resume or cover letter for you.

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