How To Find A Job That You Will Love


If you do not admire your job, you like it less and less, probably you think of how to change the situation. However, it is really hard to find a work of a dream on modern labour market. Sometimes we feel that we do not do what we should do. Work does not bring us pleasure and we want changes, we want to change radically the field of activity and have a job that we really like. How to make this step? Where to get necessary experience? How to integrate into a new profession and how to start the career anew? Our resume service online will try to give answers these questions in this post on how to find a job that you will love.

You are not so young

Alas, but it is so. And if you decide to change your career and field of activity, then the chance that you will work on someone who is younger than you is pretty high. Do not let your ego stand on your way. The lack of experience in a new sphere can be covered with life experience and maturity. Earlier gained skills of business doing and communication will give result, and you can always adapt them to the new nuances of a profession. Move to the second plan the age and let yourself learn from younger colleagues and managers. Do not worry, soon you will definitely catch it all.

Money is not everything

Of course, money is important. But if you restart your career, then you should not expect to get high salary from the very beginning. Learn what the lowest salary level in the field, in which you want to work in, is and decide if this level suits you. If they offer you salary less than minimum, which you are ready to accept, do not be afraid to ask for bigger payment. However, do it carefully not to scare away potential employer. Specify the possibilities for career growth. Probably, employer will agree to increase the salary in some period of time on conditions that you will successfully cope with your responsibilities.

Invest in yourself

Be engaged in self-education. Attend various courses, seminars and trainings that contribute to the professional growth. It can be paid as well as free events. On the internet you can find many events in different spheres. Also consider cut in wages as investment in yourself. The difference between your previous and present salary is the pay for education and experience, which will always pay off.

Get experience

Do the work that is not a part of your job responsibilities, help other people in this field and do it for free. Experience is priceless, and it is impossible to get it without practice. To understand in what direction you need to move, you should attend different traineeships and study fields of activity.

Favourite work: what is it?

William Shakespeare said: “Favourite work makes us get up early and gladly fulfill our duties”. When one has the work he loves, then he goes to work with pleasure, his eyes burn with enthusiasm, he is involved in his job, he wants to grow and develop in his profession, he does not have the feeling of tiredness or boredom, he treats his work as something gripping and inspiring. Work becomes loved one when you start taking care about close ones: about yourself, about the family, and about people who surround you.

So how to find such a work? Our resume writing service presents you several useful tips given by a successful HR manager of a big company.

1. Any offer must be evaluated from the point of view of your values

Each person is unique and lives according to his own settings and values. A favourite work is always interesting. It brings benefit to you and others. For example, if you are a creative personality, then go to a creative agency and start organizing concerts, exhibitions and so on. If you value health and healthy style of life and you want your work to be useful for others, then you may find a work that has relation to environmentally friendly products, sport clubs, the delivery of clean water and so on.

2. Corporate culture of a company and its values must be close to you

Corporate culture is a set of values and meanings, the main purpose of which is to stimulate the workers to achieve greater results. You can read useful tips on how to uncover corporate culture on our website dedicated to resume writing. If the values of a company are close to you, then it will comfortable and pleasant to work in this company. For example, one of your main values is trust and sincerity. These values are basic, but they are distinguished because success of any business is 100% dependant on people who work in a company, and most employers realize and appreciate it.

3. Company has to create conditions for the development and growth of its staff

Creation of favourable conditions for labour and work, professional growth and comprehensive development of the workers is a social responsibility of each employer. A company must invest in people who want to develop and build their career. For example, a company has many successful stories of professional and career growth, such as growth from an operator of a call center to the head of a customer department, from a sales representative to a head of sales, from a driver to a sales manager. If you have possibility to growth with your company, then this work may become your favourite one.

4. It is not enough to choose a work according to the parameters “pleasure – money”

Very often a man who decides to change his workplace faces difficult task of work choice according to the several important parameters. So if you have a couple of job offers and you need to choose one, you may use the additive method:

  • you need to make a list of all the choice criteria and make them a table;
  • then you should make a table of factors significance (give each factor the degree of importance from 0 to 1);
  • to consider several options of employment, you need to give each company on each criterion a mark from 1 to 5;
  • in a total line you will get the final amount of points by multiplying the factor coefficient by the mark of a job option.

The job option that has the biggest number of points is yours! Examples of the additive method use you can search on the internet. So now you know how to find the favourite work. We wish you good luck in choosing a workplace and success in your new job!