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Often young people need help. They have not quite figured out their adult life, so they have many questions. For example, a widespread problem among young people can be job search, interviewing, writing a resume and all that is connected with it. If you have similar problems, then contact our resume writers service for help. For many years we have been working with young people, students, graduates of universities and colleges and with those who just decided to change the job (

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Causes of bad memory

Often when students are faced a problem that they can not learn or simply memorize a certain material, they argue that have a bad memory. But you cannot say it all the time because even a bad memory can be exercised and it will become better and the best memory will start to deteriorate if it does not exercise at all. Today we decided to talk about problems with memory, the causes of bad memory and how to deal with it.

In order to solve the problem, it is necessary to determine the reason correctly. Problems with memory do not just appear by themselves. As a rule, it is a result of some actions or circumstances.

1. Chronic fatigue.  For many students, it is quite normal when they try to learn a lot of material and go to bed after midnight, and wake up early. The cause of bad memory can be an eternal lack of sleep, a disturbed daily routine, often mental and physical stress, beriberi. Memory does not deteriorate instantly and nothing will happen to you if you have not slept once or twice. Many young people hope that their young body is too strong and continue to have unhealthy way of life, arguing that they are always okay with it. But this is only up to a certain point. Problems always appear unexpectedly when you least expect them. That is why always take care of yourself.

2. Stress. Sometimes students have many tasks and they need to pass a lot of exams. That is why they read a lot of information for one evening or several days. They worry about everything and suddenly understand that do not remember anything. In this case, the problem is quite understandable. The fact that the human nervous system is in a stage of increased activity and this little stress gradually worsens the memory and also causes different health problems.

3. Bad habits. It's no secret that many students smoke and systematically drink alcohol. Nowadays it is trendy  among young people and you are happy if you know somebody who never smokes and abuses alcohol drinks. And do you know that such habits as smoking, alcohol and drug addict can have a bad influence on memory and completely change the student's mind? I'm sure you knew about this, just do not want to pay attention to these facts. Yes, the bad influence of such habits on the memory becomes noticeable not immediately, it will take a year or a couple of years. But be sure, the result will be!

Also in this section:

4. Use of sedatives. Some modern students are too nervous during the sessions, and they don’t know what to do. That is why they buy different even tranquilizers as they are sure that these medicines will help immediately.

Such strong medications can help and also bring a lot of harm. They depress the nervous system, and memory functions become weaker and weaker. At last, the person becomes distracted and forgetful. Believe me, it is very serious.

5. Constant anxiety. If you live constantly in this dangerous state then the thoughts are confused and most of the useful information the person forget immediately. I mean you hear the information and remember nothing. You just tune out everything even if you want to concentrate.

Also, memory may deteriorate due to the fact that the student lives in constant haste. You want to do several things at once, always are in bustle and hustle, in a hurry. And it's not surprising that during this time you become distracted and forgetful. Well, not everyone can be like Julius Caesar. More often, such way of life adversely affects a person.

Several types of memory

The human memory can be different types and one person can have more than one type of memory. Here are the main types:

  • sensory memory (you heard the information and in a second you almost forget about it. For various reasons this information is not postponed in your consciousness).
  • Short-term memory (it is also called working memory and it means you remember the information for a minute. For example, you need to remember the telephone number or the name, surname, address, etc. This data is important for you only at this moment and soon you can forget it forever).
  • Episodic memory (it is the type of memory when you remember the information for a particular period of time as you know that these facts should be useful for you).
  • Long-term memory (you remember the certain information for years. This type of memory the person needs during studies).

Regardless of which type of memory you use more often, you must constantly improve your memory. And you need to do this not just one day and not during one month, but regularly. It should be a useful habit for the rest of your life. There are several simple exercises that help to develop concentration and attention. And as the result, you will increase the ability to remember individual actions, events, facts, life moments, etc. Now I want to talk about those people, who are suffering from bad memory and don’t know what to do with it. You know perfectly that there is always a way out!

What to do if you have a bad memory

1) Motivation. When a student prepares for the exam, he has to memorize a lot of new information. Sometimes your consciousness doesn't want to remember all the numerous figures, complex definitions and new topics. And it is high time to remember about your motivation, that is the final result. For students, this is a scholarship or the highest marks for the semester etc. If you can’t cope with the task but have the motivation, then resume edit service online will be the best decision.

2) Attentiveness. Human’s memory may deteriorate when the person is always inattentive. But we can’t say it about our professional cover letter and resume writers, they are attentive all the time. Many people do a lot of things mechanically, without noticing it. For example, turns off the light in the bathroom, puts the car in the garage, closes the door. Then you start worrying that you did not do something because you simply do not remember when and how it happened. To prevent such situations it is recommended to control all your actions by voice. If you have an opportunity then speak out loud what you are doing, how and for what.

3) Logical chains. This is an excellent method to train your memory which also improves logical thinking, attention, intelligence. A person must learn to stand in logical series beginning with the last situation. If something is forgotten, it is important to remember the day of the week, the situation, time, moment or other little things. Such thoughts will quickly restore the necessary events in memory, their sequence and the final result. If you  do this simple exercise regularly, you will notice soon that your memory becomes better and better.

4) Association. This is another way which can help you to improve memory. For this method you need to remember the situation, using the abstract thinking. For example, what was in the situation, and what could be if...

For someone this effective method allows remembering real events for many years. Try it and I am sure it will help you.

5) Concentration. Bad memory can be due to constant fuss, which distracts a person from a certain kind of activity. Yes, and the absent-minded nature of the person is not very good. That is why, doing some work, it is important to repeat and remember its purpose. In this case, the person will remember not only the process itself but also the final result which he had to achieve.

6) Crosswords. I like crosswords since my childhood and as it turned out that It the most common crossword puzzles train memory perfectly, and it is easy to explain. Firstly, the words are often repeated and the person remembers most of them mechanically. Secondly, crosswords puzzles are perfect for your visual memory as a reaction to similar sentences, phrases, questions.

It is only up to you to decide and choose your own method of remembering information, but as practice shows the method of associations is 100% effective.

In this way, you can memorize any topic, prepare for the upcoming exam in the best way and most importantly - to realize received information. But on the Internet, you can find more useful exercises.

Remember that managers at our company are always online. Maybe you can’t sleep at night and suddenly decided that you need a new resume with the perfect cover letter. Don’t waste your time and make the order right now. Send the request whenever you wish and wait for the answer. We will call you back or write the response letter as soon as possible. Note, that you can order only the resume or together with a cover letter or thank you letter. The price always discussed individually but on the website we have the special calculator which can help you orient in the approximate price of your order. We wish you to become the employee of the best company in your city. Resume writing sites can help you find a career that you will love everything is possible if you believe!

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