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Do you need a new job with better work condition and with a higher salary? Our company is ready to help you. We are an agency that provides a wide range of services that relate to writing a resume, cover letters and thank you letters. You will find all the data about us, our customers, feedback on the website. Our business professional resume service is always best of the best and never disappoints our customers.

Online professional CV creation is popular nowadays

We offer online services. In the modern world people are too busy to go to the office and make the order. In our company, everything is very simple – you can discuss the details using the Internet. We take care of our customers and work all the time, 7 days per week, without even holidays. So you can buy creative resumes wherever you want. Our managers are always ready to answer you. To make the order you can use the chat icon in the right corner. On the website you can look through our interesting blog. A lot of useful posts are published there. For example, tips for introverts how to get a new job.

The prices for the CV are individual and it depends on many factors. But I am sure that our price list is the lowest in the whole country. We perfectly know what we are doing and why. Our customers are always satisfied with the cooperation. With good resume you have a great chance to receive the job of your dream.

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What to do if you are going to be fired

Sometimes it happens that people have to leave their jobs. There are different reasons for this. Today we want to give you some tips that can help you survive this difficult period.

1) You should retire first. Sometimes people understand that due to the circumstances the dismissal cannot be avoided. In this case, you can go first. It will be better than wait while manager or your boss ask you to go away. It will be easier for you to explain to a new employer why you change your job. Agree, it's much better to say: “I quit my job because…” than “I was fired because…” This phrase changes a lot! I am sure that these tips will be useful for you - https://resume-service.org/blog/15-useful-tips-how-to-leave-your-job-on-good-terms.

2) You should understand why you got fired.  Ask yourself: why did you get fired? Sometimes the boss must lay people out. But if your situation is different, you need to figure out everything. Were you a bad employee and ignore your duties for the last time? What was the reason? Maybe you are tired or hate this job and team. It happens that people suddenly realize that they are dissatisfied with this boss, job, and salary. But they are afraid to change the job and continue working. If you are not sure, read this post - https://resume-service.org/blog/10-signs-that-you-need-to-quit-your-job. In this case, the boss or managers can notice the changes and, of course, they do not need such an employee. Maybe it is high time to change the scope?  Do you need an online CV creator? Take a rest and think it over. Before looking for a new job, you need to analyze what you are waiting for.

Sometimes the reason of your dismissal can be your laziness. In this case, it is a great problem for you. Change your attitude to the duties; otherwise you will not stay long at any job.

3) Do not forget your friends from previous job. Who knows what will be in the future? The life is often unpredictable and if you decide to change the job, remember about your friends and colleagues. Try to maintain a good relationship with the maximum number of people. If you continue to work in the same scope, these contacts may be useful to you. Even if you had problems at previous job or conflicts with the members of the team, you should understand that not everyone is your enemy. Sometimes people can make mistakes as nobody is perfect. It is also very important to say goodbye to the boss without quarrels and scandals. Be thankful for years or months you spent in this office.

4) Talk to your boss. It was your own decision to quit and you are ready to do it right now, but do not be in a hurry to write a resignation. It is better to talk to the boss at first. Explain to him, why you decided to go away, what happened, why you are dissatisfied at this moment. If the boss appreciates you, he can offer an alternative – to change the department or even a promotion. But if you understand that everything is really hopeless, then it's better to leave and never regret it.

I understand that to change a job is always a difficult choice. It is quite normal when people are afraid of something new. I also had different situations when I understood – it is better to leave everything than continue suffering. In difficult situation I always try to remember an interesting phrase: sometimes the life closes one door in front of you, but do not be upset, look around the other door is open. It is life: ups and downs. You are not the first and you are not the last. Believe that the best will happen soon.

And one more thing for you: changing the job, do not forget to change your CV, write a new cover letter and thank you letter at once. These simple documents are your tickets to the future. I think you have no experience in writing resumes, in this case it is better to give this task to our writers. Send the short message (create my CV or edit my CV online now). The talented and professional writers will do everything very quickly and in the best way. Give the necessary data, pay by credit card and wait for the CV. With the papers from our company you can apply for the best position in the best company of your city. You need to do something to be really happy. Lazy people are always dissatisfied with their life. Keep it in your mind and never be like them!

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