Reasons Introverts Are Less Lucky To Get A New Job


From the very childhood we are told that people become happy and successful when they are communicative, risky and even impudent. In this reasons introverts are less lucky to get a new job post we will try to figure out how introverts can adapt to the society and the world in general where everything is created for the comfort of extraverts. For more interesting resumes visit our website

Who are extraverts and introverts?

Carl Jung used to say that absolute extravert or introvert is a potential patient of a mental hospital. Healthy man has qualities of both types. The famous psychiatrist used to say that the phenomena of introversion and extraversion are extreme points of one and the same energy continuum. People on the introverted point of the continuum generate energy within themselves, those who are on the extraverted point get energy from the outer world.

An introvert differs from extravert greatly, and the main difference between them is than introvert almost does not need external stimuli. A big amount of stimuli, such as communication, or places and events change, are harmful for an introvert. Extraverts vise versa have a need for external impulses, and if there is lack of such impulses, they feel uncomfortable.

How to understand that you are introvert?

At school more often extraverts want to answer and make comments from their sits, meanwhile introverts keep their thoughts in their minds. Imagine a chain “a thought – a word”. Time period between a thought and its expression can take hours or even years for introverts. Extraverts do not let their thought be lost and express it at once. Information is processed by introverts deeply, that is why extraverts often ask them to give advice.

Introverts like to spend time alone and they take care a lot of their personal space. They do not really like parties, and feel guilty refusing an invitation. Long-time communication exhausts introverts and takes their energy. In general, any disturbance or annoyance oppresses introverts much more than extraverts. Extraverts get upset because of the news from external world, while inner feelings are the business of an introvert.

The world is created for extraverts, isn’t it?

Social psychologists David Myers claims that to be happy one needs three qualities: be optimist, have high self-esteem, and be extravert. The same image of modern man is promoted by movies and advertising. Communication skills are the main requirements when applying for a job. Noisy offices, where you can not stay alone, obviously were created not for introverts. The paradox is that there is no company or organization that could survive without using analytical mind and scrupulousness of an introvert. There is a lot of introverts among famous people: for example, Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak or on of Google founders Larry Page.

Life of introverts is harder due to the fact that there are many myths about their type of character. Introversion has acquired myths and misconceptions.

One of the most popular myths is that introverts do not like to communicate and they are shy. In fact, communicating with people introverts waste much energy, i.e. this is energy-intensive process, so introverts try to limit their communication not to get tired. Idle talk exhausts an introvert as well as loneliness exhausts an extravert. That is why the fact that introverts do let people too close and keep them on distance is not the sign of arrogance. On the contrary, ability to focus on the inner world, feelings and emotions allows introverts to feel, understand and empathize other people better.

According to another myth if an introvert wants he may become extravert. First of all we should realize that if there were not introverts in our world, we would live in a world without scientists, artists, musicians, directors, mathematicians, poets, doctors, writers and philosophers. Second of all, to ask an introvert to turn into extravert is the same as to ask someone to change his race.

What to do at work?

The most simple thing that an introvert can do is to tell the colleagues about his introversion. Not to be bothered by phone calls, an introvert may ask to send his e-mails, use plates “Do not disturb” or “You are welcome” and appoint consulting hours. “I am introvert” is a rescue phrase that may help you to avoid corporate party or invitation to spend evening in a bar after the working day. You can also use such a phrase: “If it seems that I am somewhere far in my minds, please remember that I am introvert, just call me!”. Honesty is the best policy.

There are introverts who come to office and spend the whole day in front of their computers focused on work. However, communication is a part of a working process, so you always should be in “communicative tone”. Specialists advise introverts to devote some time (about 45 minutes a day) to make a “walk” around the office and communicate informally with other workers. When you feel the desire to be alone, always keep playlist with favourite songs and headphones close to you.

Since introverts keep silence during conferences and meetings, and managers and colleagues can not read minds, merits and talents of an introvert may be not noticed, and his ideas not appreciated. To gain professional weight, you should tell about yourself, and not necessarily aloud. If the world is created for extraverts, then social media is created for introverts. Present yourself via different social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and others. For example, before going to conference you may choose a person, with whom you want to establish business contacts, and write him about your desire to meet him at the conference.

What about business meetings, it is better to set time limits, for example: “I have two hours, and then I will be busy”. If there are several meetings in a day, it is better to make 30 minutes break between them, and spend these 30 minutes in solitude.

Open space or closed office?

Introverts are born creators, innovators, thinkers and leaders. However, natural abilities and talents of introverts can be discovered in “right” conditions only. For example, work in an open office is a real tragedy. The problem is noise and constant movement that paralyze an introvert and do not let him fulfill his duties. Most people work in such offices today. Open space workplaces suit not everyone, and in case of introverts, they reduce productivity, attentiveness, creativity and job satisfaction.

Some experts claim that companies should not refuse from open spaces and give each worker separate office to make the life of introverts easier. Closed spaces have their disadvantages as well. First of all, workers spend much time on virtual chats, meanwhile in open space they have opportunity to solve any question directly appealing to other person. Second of all, the speed of information exchange in open space is higher, because there is no need to walk around office and knock the colleagues’ doors, all you need is to turn your head.

Other people insist that there should be open as well as closed spaces in the office. In such a way workers can change surrounding during the day: they may gather to discuss some ideas, or stay alone to think. It will increase working efficiency of both, extraverts and introverts.

How to behave in a big company meeting new people?

Introverts usually feel awkward and uncomfortable in new surrounding. That is why it is better to meet new people on neutral territory for the first time, in this case it will be easier to leave if you get tired from communication. If you feel very uncomfortable, it is better to take timeouts, for example, you need to go out to make a phone call. Never be ashamed of your worry, it will be better to admit it sincerely and with a smile on your face.

Extraverts created “small talk” or in other words “idle talk”. Introverts do not like such a form of talking, however you should not neglect it. For example, at a party or a presentation you can join a small company, and you do not have to participate in their talk, you need just to listen or to pretend that you are listening.

If you do not want to talk at all, find some occupation. For example, at a party or a festive dinner you can help the hosts serving the dish on the table or taking photos of the guests. It helps to release tension. Psychologists also advise to leave parties and meeting when you feel tired without being afraid of hurting someone’s feeling.

Famous psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung used to claim that you should not act against your nature, because it may have harmful effect on lifetime. It is important to realize that being an introvert is normal and even good. So the main advice for introverts is do not copy other people's patterns of behavior and do not try to change yourself.

What kind of activity, what profession and work is suitable for an introvert?

Now we are going to present you brief list of what an introvert can be occupied with.

1. Work with numbers. Choose profession of bookkeeper, stockbroker or financial analyst if you want to reduce contact with people to a minimum. These professions are connected with monotonous work that may seem boring to extraverts, but they suit perfectly introverts.

2. Work in the IT-industry. If you enjoy working with computer, choose such professions as programmer, system administrator, web designer, site administrator and others.

3. Creative writing, journalism. Introverts can perfectly express their thoughts, that is why text and article writing is a job that suits people who prefer loneliness to communication.

4. Design. Designer job is in great demand and highly paid. Designers, as a rule, do not work in a team, but have individual projects that express personal creative world vision.

5. Marketing research. If you have logic and analytical mind, this job is just for you. Your task is to process the collected information, and there is no need to go to office every day.

6. Scientific and research activities. This is absolutely individual job that allows to actualize your academic and creative potential, however it not always brings financial well-being, especially in the first few years of scientific activity.

7. Creative activity. If you are creative personality, you can become artist, photographer, musician, jeweler or choose other creative profession.

8. Driving vehicles. Profession of a driver is perfect for introverts, since it requires attentiveness and concentration, and there is a minimum of communication with people.

9. Work with plants. If you feel connection with nature, choose profession of a grower.

10. Work with animals. If you love animals, it will be a good idea to become veterinarian, cynologist, handler and so on.

As you can see, introverts face more difficulties in searching for job, in getting job and generally in life, because our world is created for extraverts. Still, having read this post on jobs for introverts, you realized that introverts can get suitable for them job or to create more comfortable conditions on the job they already have. There is nothing wrong or ashamed in being an introvert. The most important is to be a good person.