Top 10 Thoughts That Prevent From Finding Your Calling


Do you still can not find your calling, meaning of life and in general understand what you want from your career and life? Maybe you have even tried and tried for many times, but nothing works out. Of course, you are not lonely. A lot of people face the same problem. And very often we inhibit ourselves on this way. In most cases obstacles and barrier are inside you. This is something you decided to believe in. In this post on thoughts that prevent from finding your calling experts of our professional resume service present you top 10 treacherous thoughts, which probably are already familiar to you and do not let you move to your goal.

1. “I do not know what to begin with”

Many people have this thought. However, it does not does not prevent you from start doing what you want. If you feel inspiration and have intention to do something, you can always make the first and the following step. The only thing that holds you back is your belief in something.

You can find excuses not to start doing something for a long time. You can be afraid and this fear will never go anywhere, it will always be somewhere close to you. You just need to be focused on how to begin and cast aside all other thoughts. Professionals of our resume service believe that the most important thing is to start doing something. Beginning is often the most difficult part of any process. But if you manage to begin, everything else will be much easier.

2. “I have too many interests”

Most people have several hobbies, many ideas and interests. The problem is a thought that you must choose just one of them and it necessarily should be the right choice. Or the problem may be in a thought that you are able to make such a decision. Your task is not to predict the future or guarantee that everything will be okay. Your task is to test the idea that attracts you and see what will happen. Treat yourself as an experimenter. You need to know how to handle the situation when you have many hobbies. Also it is necessary to know how to manage multiple jobs not to face the lack of time problem.

3. “I am not the one who can do it”

With this thought you try to persuade yourself. However, the thought is not the fact. If you think that you are not ready yet, this is not an objective evaluation, this is just your feeling.

The same is about the thoughts that you have nothing to offer and give to the world. This is not important. In fact, the things that attract you matter more. If you feel like you want to write, write then. If you feel you want to draw, then you should start drawing. You are not a world-class specialist, but this is also a good reason to start. How can you learn to do something if you never begin?

4. “What will people think?”

If you care about what other people will think, it means that you believe that your feeling and in general your life way should be aimed at pleasing other people. However, the more you follow your heart, the more self-confident you are, the more people will respect you and what you do.

In any case it is nor your job to make people happy. Our happiness is defined not by the circumstances, but by our thoughts. And it does not mean that thoughts necessarily should be controlled.  Just treat them not that much seriously.

5. “What if I choose something wrong?”

Have you made a wrong choice? So what? Maybe this is what must happen to you on your way to your goal. Are you starting to notice how many false beliefs you have now? This is absolutely okay. We want to control the whole process, while in fact there are very few things that we really control. Life flows like a river. We can not control its movement, we can only feel it, we can swim in it, but not control it. You experience is defined by your way of thinking. There is no need to control your thoughts. Just follow your imagination about the world.

6. “What if it is all in vain?”

What if you waste your time if you follow your passion? It is impossible. You can not waste your time, because eventually you will be happy, right? And when you do what you like to do, and when you follow your intuition, you feel joy, peacefulness, calmness. Can it be the waste of time? You waste your time only when you think hard about the idea that you waste your time. Having such a thought, you prevent yourself from discovering the world.

7. “It should be easy to find the calling”

It is easy to believe that we should be guaranteed to have life without problems. However, it does not happen. In our life we have hot and cold, black and white. We can arrange a philosophical discussion on this issue. But the most important thing is that you develop and change all the time. That is why sometimes you will face difficulties. The life is going to be difficult. Sometimes it will be even painful. And this is not a problem. The problem is to believe that everything should be differently. It is often not easy to find your calling. However, it should not be necessarily hard.

It will be hard if you try to understand and control the process in advance. But it will be easier if you do not stand on your own way and let your inner wisdom lead you. It is not necessarily to know what your calling is to follow your intuition, your interests and your wisdom. And also you need to act little by little, step by step.

8. “I do not have time”

The search of the calling does not require at all to quit your job, to leave your family or to do something else so radical. This is just another your idea about how everything “should be”. And in fact even if you have just 5 free minutes a day, you can spend them on the search of your passion. Time is not a problem. Or it is better to say, it is the problem that was artificially made up.

9. “I do not have enough money”

Yes, money is important in our world. However, it is not an absolute measure of everything in our life. You can perfectly find your calling without spending millions of dollars on it. Very often a true calling does not require spending money on it. And it also happens that a calling may become your work and thus it will bring you profit.

10. “I tried but nothing worked out. So I am not going to do it again”

All people make mistakes. It is norm of our life. You will manage to avoid mistakes only if you do nothing at all. We have raises and falls all the time. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. You need to learn to accept failures and not to let them stop you. You may fail once or even twice, but the next attempt may be successful. All you need is patience. Try as many times as it is necessary to reach your goal. Do not give up.

How to live your calling

In fact, we all already know where we need to move, what to do, and what our passion is. We just make our way harder trying to understand everything beforehand. However, it is not possible. Attempts to understand prevent from understanding. We ourselves complicate everything.

Today during the day try to notice those assumptions and thoughts that do not allow you to do what you like to do and realize your interests. Do not worry about control. Just try to feel what is going on and enjoy the process. Do what you can do basing on what you have. It is enough.