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Cover letter proofreaders

Every resume should be completed with a cover letter. Many people decided that cover letter is not important, but almost all the employers pay attention to this piece of paper. Our company is number one in the whole country. Our online resume writer can quickly write the resume and cover letter for you.

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It is difficult to write the perfect resume and cover letter yourself. These documents are your business card if you are looking for a job. So, you must have an excellent resume if you are going to be an employee of a successful company.

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The most important questions to your employer

I know that people are worrying during their interview and they always forget to ask the most important questions. We ask you to prepare for the interview and write down everything you want to know about this job, company, schedule, work conditions, etc. Never rely on your memory in such situations. There are many situations when people are disappointed with their new job as they had high expectations. After they got a job, they also got to know many unpleasant things connected with the salary, premium, the schedule, etc.

So, let’s read the main issues you should discuss with HR manager or your employer.

1) Internship. It is quite okay if the employer offers you an internship. Your resume is excellent, you have a great experience, but you should prove it. Not all the employers are ready to say “yes”. Firstly, they want to see who you really are. The internship can be unpaid if you are just like a student in a company. But if you do a lot of tasks without help, you should receive money for that. Ask about it. But you should remember, that internship does not mean that you will receive this job. It is just a great chance for you.

Also in this section:

2) Vacation. Every company has its own system of vacation. It is better to discuss it beforehand. First of all, ask about its duration, the features of scheduling, about the salary during the vacation.

3) The motivation system. You know that your salary can be Net or Gross. Be sure to ask what makes up the main income – your salary, administrative premiums, percent of plan fulfillment, and other bonuses. You can also ask about the average salary of other workers. It is very important to ask how many plans people can actually fulfill. Do not expect high salary if it consists of a percent of sales. You are a new person and do not know what is possible, maybe they give you only impossible tasks.

4) Probationary period. You should ask about your probation. How long will it last? How much money will you receive for that period? What tasks do you need to do during this period? Show your interest, as it is your time and money.

5) Sick leave. It is a very important issue as you must know if your sick leave will be paid or no. You should know how much money you will receive when you are ill for some time. I know that you hope that your health will always be good and you will be an ideal candidate ( But who knows what can happen? Even the usual flu can cause you to stay for a few days at home.

6) Business trips. If in your company different business trips are popular, you should know beforehand everything connected with them. Specify the procedure of payments and how much money you will receive for every day on a business trip.

7) Bonuses and benefits. In addition to salaries, many employees often receive different financial rewards. Of course, it is very pleasant and sometimes is crucial. You should ask questions about benefits during the interview.

8) Responsibility. If you are going to be an employee, you should remember the great responsibility. You can be responsible for the car that belongs to the firm, for a laptop, for other property that you can use during the working hours.

If you discuss all these questions at once, it will be easier for you to decide: is it worth to get this job or not. And the manager will see that you are really interested in everything, and did not just come for an interview because you were invited. You can demonstrate your professionalism during the first meeting with your employer. You should do everything you can to charm the recruiter. More information is here -

Looking for a job, you should check your resume and write a perfect cover letter. Sometimes the resume can be the main reason why all the employers are not interested in you. Cover letter proofreaders in our company know how to demonstrate your strengths and how to hide your shortcomings. By the way, you must talk about disadvantages during the interview. Nobody thinks that you are an ideal candidate, but your cover letter and resume should prove that you are worthy of this job. Use the services of our twenty-four hours CV rewrite company and your life will change for the better. Our customer support is available 24/7. Ask questions, make orders, and send your personal data, using the chat window in the lower right corner of the site. Your new resume and cover letter will be original, excellent and will surely bring you luck. Do not be afraid to start a new life.

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