What To Do Before Leaving The Company


Have you decided to change your job and find a new one? Or maybe you have already found a new workplace? Or you just want to quit your present job and have already written the letter of resignation, in which you have noticed the date when you are going to leave. Anyway it is too early to relax. Of course, having written the letter of resignation you will no longer feel that you are a part of the team and the company as it was before, but it does not mean that you just should sit on a chair waiting for the date of your quit. Our online resume writing service has made up a to-do list that you need to get done and presents it in this post on what to do before leaving the company.

Important papers

You must go to the human resources department and look through all the contracts, decrees and agreements that you have ever signed during the period of your work. You can remember important details that just have flown out of my head. For example, you could be obliged not to work for direct competitors for some period of time, not to disclose certain confidential information and so on. Some big companies make health insurance for their employees, and you could easily forget about this fact. Anyway, you need to make it clear whether everything is okay and whether there are some nuances that you should be aware of.

Current affairs

Work in a company never stops no matter what. Even if in your minds you already have a rest or imagine yourself in a new place, you should never forget about it. Your colleagues and employer will continue working and some of them might get your duties. And who knows, maybe one day you will meet them again in your life or at work. So do not do anything slipshod or carelessly. Prepare all the necessary information on current affairs, teach and inform about everything that person who is going to replace you. But first of all try to finish all the tasks that you have. Also revise all previous projects and tasks, evaluate how much you have done and what results you have got, and write it down. This information may be useful for you in the future for your resume and interview, and it can be very hard to remember some details after some time. That is why experts of our basic customer resume service advise to make notes of suchlike information. Also if you need to create professional resume, visit our resume writing website and contact our team for more information. Besides, you should not forget about your personal files, passwords and history on your work computer.


Only correct complication and transmission of your tasks and responsibilities will allow you to get good recommendations from your employers. Many employees ignore such a possibility to increase their value in the labor market, but they should better use it. Recommendations play quite big role in the employment process. Also discuss it with the key workers that in case of need they could give your characteristic and specify their contact details.


You should not just disappear once, on a wonderful day. Say goodbye to your colleagues, not necessarily to everyone, at least to those with whom you communicate well. Say that it was pleasant to work with them and maybe one day you will meet again and help each other in employment in the future. You should not boast, assert yourself and show your superiority, blame or scold someone from colleagues or the company itself. First of all, you will spoil your reputation in such a way, and second of all, you may provoke a wave of layoffs, often ill-considered, that will only harm your fellows.

What harms work reputation

Career growth first of all depends on professional qualities and the size of contribution that you make into a common cause. The way your colleagues and employer see you also plays significant role. Unfortunately small mistakes or certain features and habits of a man at work can cross out all his positive efforts in the eyes of others. Our professionals have collected four characteristics that will more likely harm reputation of an employee, make him doubt his competence and interfere with his further growth.


You can be the most hardworking employee. However, even if you do not fulfill your promise at least once, your colleagues and employer will start having doubts that they can rely on you. Do not take too many responsibilities, do not throw words to the wind, do not say that you will do something if you are not sure that you will do it.


You are a professional in your field, skillfully perform the duties within your position and you do not want to pay attention to anything else. Such a position can not help or benefit you. There are situations when due to some reasons a company temporarily has to distribute tasks of one employee among others. You refuse to take additional responsibilities while others agree to take them. Thus you demonstrate that they can not rely on you at critical moments. Also employers do not really appreciate such workers. Treat it like an opportunity to broaden your knowledge, skills and get new experience.


If you can help everyone with everything, if you can do what others can not do, this is useful for a company, but you should not do it with excessive self-admiration and authoritative approach. Otherwise there will be created the impression that you are trying to humiliate others, trying to command instead of express your views and help. Respect others, act attentively and carefully. Only in such a way your contribution will be appreciated and gratefully accepted.

Avoid of responsibility

Attempts to justify bad work always look unprofessionally whatever strong reasons for it you have. Do not try to escape from problems, admit your mistakes and try to fix them. Thus you will show your professional maturity.