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The salary is very important for every employee. We decided to talk about salaries and how can the average employee ask for a salary increase. Everything is very simple if you will understand some truth. We will try to explain you some points. Stay with the, and you will receive the best resume and well-paid job.

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How to apply for salary increases

I don’t believe that you don’t want to have a higher salary. The worker can be satisfied with the working conditions, with the team and the everyday job, but every employer dreams about the higher salary. You know, there is no extra money. This post will be interesting for those people who realize that they do a lot of work and receive a low salary. We will teach you how you can apply for the salary increase and be successful in it. You should ask your boss, but be smart. And don’t be upset if your leader is always busy.

1) Wait for the right moment. Your request will be special, so you need to talk to the boss at precisely the right moment. How to choose this moment? You should remember and check some things. First of all, you know that every company has its own resources. You can start a conversation about your salary if your company is successful, the profit increases, the boss is happy. It is stupid to ask for a salary increase if things go wrong in the company. It's clear that your request would be denied.

Secondly, you didn’t have great failures at work for the last time. Otherwise, how would you explain that you deserve a higher salary? Why should the boss pay more, if you fall short of expectations?

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Before this conversation, check if your boss is busy or not. If he/she has a lot of urgent tasks, your request will be irrelevant. And most of all, you will be rejected, or even shouted. Start this conversation if your boss has a good mood. The employees are also people, and they can understand your situation if they want.

2) Prepare a lot of arguments. Imagine that you are a boss. Think a little what do you want to hear if one of your workers asks for a pay increase?  What arguments will be useful and what can spoil everything?

We can give you some useful arguments:

  • “Now I have a lot of duties”. You have a lot to do, but recently you have an additional burden. For the working day, you fulfill all your tasks and have time to help other workers. Explain, that thanks to you, the boss can save money and don’t hire another employee, but you need a higher salary. But do not be impudent, no one will double your salary! You can ask for 20-30% increase. By the way, we have some tips for the overtasked people -
  • “My colleagues receive more money for the same duties”. You are not a newcomer in this company and you can expect your salary will be higher. Especially since the newcomers in other companies get more money. This is an excellent opportunity to ask the boss of the salary increase. But be honest with yourself! Maybe the newcomers have more tasks. Try to be the best of the best and then you can ask for the pay increase.
  • “I make a profit for our company”. For every organization, the success rate is the money that the company has earned with your help. But your words should be justified. Be ready to demonstrate the numbers, graphics, and statistics. Prove that you make the company more productive ( These are very strong arguments.
  • “I am ready to work harder just to increase my income”. Now you are experienced and you can do all the previous tasks very quickly. So, you have free time for new tasks. Ask the boss to give you more responsibilities and a higher salary. First of all, ask what you should do to receive the certain salary. So, you will understand whether to expect a higher salary or it will be better to look for a new job. If the leader is ready to consider the options, this is a good sign. Demonstrate that you are not afraid of responsibility, that you understand all the profit-making process in your company.

And now let’s discuss the arguments which can lead you to failure. These arguments are very useful, but the can be easily turned against you:

  • “Working for this company, I received great experience”. At first sight, this phrase is a great characteristic for you, but you need to take into consideration some details. To be successful at your job, you need to develop all the time. So, it’s quite normal when a person receives an experience and becomes better, but you need to prove that you are better than other employees.
  • “If you will increase my salary I will do all the best for the company”. Remember that promise is just a set of words. But if the boss will increase your salary and will do everything officially, it will be difficult for him/her to reduce your salary without a reason. That is why this deal is not beneficial to him/her. Before entering the boss’s office, you should be sure that you are the best of the best. You should be able to prove your importance for the company. Fulfill all your tasks very well and then other employees will be able to confirm that you are really a valuable employee.
  • “I work here for many years”. Of course, it is very good, but the boss can ask you: why didn’t you make a career? Why are you still working as a secretary, etc? You should explain what you have done for the company for all these years and why the leader should appreciate you. Remember that your boss can always fire you if you are not interested in the company.
  • “I have difficulties in my life”. Wait a minute, your private life is your private  life and your job has nothing to do with it. Your boss should not care about your life, he/she can’t think that you have two children and need to pay rent for an apartment. Maybe it will sound brutal, but it’s your own problems. There are people who live worse than you, remember it. And how can you prove that you are the only one who needs the higher salary?
  • “Increase my salary otherwise I will quit”. Try to avoid the ultimatums as your boss can have a bad reaction. He/she can fundamentally say you “goodbye”. Many people hate the blackmailers. You can tell your boss that in other company you will have the higher salary only if you have an invitation for working there. It’s stupid to leave your current job just because your boss doesn’t want to increase your salary. You can do it only if you find something better.

3) Ask for a specific increase. You should tell the certain salary you want to receive. Most of the employees like the concreteness in everything. Usually, the uncertainty just annoys them. So, if you want to be successful you just need to know what you really want. But the wage amount should be justified. You can’t come to the boss and say: “I need one thousand dollars and I will be the happiest worker on the Earth”. You should take into consideration your experience, duties, work conditions and ask for the certain salary. If you don’t know what salary is quite normal at your position, you can look through many advertisements. If you find the interesting and well-paid job, you can save it. Maybe in the near future, you will be looking for a new job. Who knows when will be your time to change the job.

4) Be ready for failure. You should be ready for everything. Check your behavior, if you were calm, didn’t raise your voice, you can return to your duties even after the refusing your request. But if you understand that you have no career prospects in this company, you should think about the job change.

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