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It is quite understandable that without a resume you can’t find a well-paid job. Every day many people send their resume to dozens of employers, but to no avail. Do you want to know what is wrong with your resume? Send it to our company! The certified professional resume writer can check your document or write a new one especially for you! It is our great mission to help everybody with resume writing for a nominal fee. All the customers are satisfied with the cooperation!

Before looking for a job, build your resume

Now you know what our company does, but I want to tell you why people choose only our company. There are so many competitors in our country, but our services are always very popular.

Within the shortest time, you can receive an excellent resume. You can set the deadline and discuss it with your personal manager. It is not a secret to our customer service cover letters for cheap that an excellent resume means an excellent career. We choose our writers very carefully, it is not easy to become a member of our team. Every writer has an academic credential. We cooperate only with the certified writers as they know how to craft the perfect document which will lead you to the certain job.

I told you earlier that our mission is to help people who can’t find a job or who want to change something in their lives. If the recruiters ignore your requests, send a message to us. Who knows, maybe we are the last chance for you. We will build an interesting resume, we will tell about your experience, skills, and achievements in the right manner.

You can use our services even at night or on the weekend. We are available wherever you want to have a chat with us. We have an interesting service for our new customers. If you are not sure that we are qualified to fulfill such tasks, you can send your own CV for a free critique. We will list strong and weak points of your piece of paper, and we will give you 20% discount on the first new paper. You see, it is very profitable to cooperate with our company. Forget about difficult days of unemployment, believe in yourself. You are a talented and creative young person; you can find the dream job right now, aren’t you? You can read an interesting post about the video resume pros and cons.

The negative influence of parents on the career

Everything is very simple while we are children. We trust our parents as they know better what we need and why. After the school graduation, we need to choose the college or university and decide what we are going to do in the near future. One of the best ideas is to start your own business. You know that the best work ever is your well-paid hobby.

Many people understand that it is very difficult to earn a lot of money, working five days a week from 9 to 6 p.m. It is not interesting to work for other people. Such kind of work does not bring any good earnings, nor pleasure. They are going to open their business, or they want to build a career in the certain company. But their family, especially parents do not support them. Why does it happen? We have become accustomed to that parents are our best friends, they know what is better for us. But it was so in childhood, and now the adult life has begun. It is very difficult when you have a great idea connected with your future, but your parents don’t agree with you. What should young people do in such cases?

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If you are sure that your idea will be successful, follow your heart and do not listen to other people. You are the master of your life and you are an adult enough to be responsible for your actions and decisions. Today we are going to discuss why parents are not right all the time. For some young people, it is very important to think independently. Unfortunately, some parents also make the mistakes. Here is the list of the top stupid parents phrases.

1) “You should be always honest”. In the modern world, it is difficult and stupid to follow this truth. I do not say that you should be a professional deceiver and deceive people at every turn. Of course, not! But it is dangerous to tell all the truth about you (for example, during the interview). This post is about it - Who will be able to cooperate with you, if you tell that sometimes you are too lazy, you hate early mornings, don’t like the noisy offices, etc.? After such truth you will have many troubles.

2) “You can’t have limitations”. Only teenagers can think that they are perfect people. But if you are a self-confident adult, you should know your weaknesses. And it is quite okay to recognize your weaknesses. You should not keep them in secret all the time. Just try to turn them into something good - There are no perfect people on the Earth. But for some young people, it’s a great problem to understand that they are not perfect. All the time in their childhood they used to hear that they are talented, clever, the best of the best and perfect child.

3) “I always wanted a son (or a daughter)”. Sometimes when a child makes a mistake his/her parents are very disappointed and say: oh, why did not I give birth to a lovely girl (boy). Such phrases are the biggest mistake ever. If your child hears it every day, he/she will think that the parents don’t like him/her. “My parents regret that they gave birth to me”. This is how the inferiority complex develops. And till the child become a teenager, he/she will be sure that his/her birth was a great mistake, and it will be difficult for such children to succeed in life.

4) “You should always move forward and work all the time”. If you hear this phrase every day for many years, you will think that it’s a great truth. But there are some moments when you understand that it’s impossible to move forward now. It is impossible to develop now. From time to time, all of us should make pauses. And only you can decide how much time you are going to spend on your rest. Sometimes we need to stop and do nothing. For this time we resume, our mind has a rest, and then appear new ideas and forces for new beginnings.

The parents’ love should be special and wise. They can understand that while a child is three years old, they mean everything to their baby. But when the son or daughter is 25, Mom and Dad should strictly follow the rule of independent decisions. Your parents shouldn’t give you a lot of money if you don’t really need it, they should not condemn your attempts to prove yourself in creativity or any other activity. They should respect your decisions and actions, even if they can’t understand everything.

It is not easy to love the children and at the same time put the children before the choice. But wise parents understand that their unlimited love and care can spoil the child. As a result, the child will turn into a spoiled and capricious person, who can’t even think independently. So, it is necessary to help the children to make a choice, to tell them “now or never”.

There are different parents and they have a different attitude to life and to their children. Some parents can spoil the child’s life and even don’t understand it; others can be a little cruel with the only aim – to teach their child an independent life.

If you understand that your parents are wrong, try to explain to them that you are not a child anymore, and you have your own life. But you should say that with respect to parents, so as not to offend them. I hope that at last your parents will understand you and support your ideas. It is wonderful when they have a positive not negative influence on your career.

Sometimes our customers called our company “my resume builder”. It is funny but true. Our professional resume writing service for you is able to write not only a resume for you but also a cover letter. Both these documents are very important for those people who are looking for a job. For most job applicants it is impossible to write a professional resume. It seems that this task is very easy, but in reality, you should know many rules and requirements. You will not find a professional resume on the Internet. But you can receive it via our company. It’s your chance to find a well-paid and useful job!

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