What To Do If You Are Overtasked


Are you overworked? You do not manage to finish one task and get another two, do you? Do you come back home absolutely exhausted? Well, this is a working rhythm that is familiar to many workers. Let’s try to fix it.

Employers always want their employees implement as much tasks as possible. We can understand them. But how to explained that you are overtasked? And explain it in a way to carry your point and not to lose your job. Our service, which provides you with professional resume help, has prepared for you 5 tips on how to discuss correctly this issue with your employer. These tips are presented in our post on what to do if you are overtasked.

Employer is not always aware of the fact that you are overtasked

Head of your department can not help you, if he does not know about the problem existence. It is a common problem when you are sure that your boss knows how much work you have, how much tired you are, carrying out the duties you have and other new tasks, which you get every day. You are the only one who knows all the details of your work. So until you start talking about the problem, no one will get known about it.

Tell your boss about the situation

Talk to your employer about your load. Explain why it has increased that much. For example, you have got the duties of a dismissed worker and still you have to fulfill them. Or the scope of work for some customers has increased due to certain reasons and so on. No one knows better than you all the facts and details of your work.

Suggest options

To find solution of a problem it is important not only to announce it, but also to suggest the options of its solving. How it would be better to distribute some duties? What tasks can be postponed for a while? Imagine how to find a way out, how much possible it is, and discuss it with our employer.

Find a compromise

If your boss will resist or be inactive, then you should insist and convince him to find compromise together. Convey the idea that any kind of work should be done well, because only such result will benefit the company. But if workers do not have time to fulfill their work at the highest level, then the tasks should be distributed. You work in one team and you have the same goals. That is why in difficult situations you should act and solve problems together.

Keep the balance

If you perform two tasks at the same time, and they take all your time, and they give you another task, then you will have to quit something. Explain your boss that one of the tasks should be laid aside for a while. Define the importance of each task, describe the stages of work and their duration. It is forbidden to upset the balance and hope than it will not influence the quality. And you, as an executor, can provide true facts and predict the result. Any good manager knows what goals the company has. And if you are really overtasked, he will make advances to increase the quality of work.

3 signs that you deserve more

Also in this post about overload at work we are going to discuss another important issue, i.e. how to break the vicious circle of injustice and prove that you occupy your position not in vain.

Low wages, unfair boss, bad staff, the lack of work prospects – is this all familiar to you? If yes, then the time to change something has come. But think at first whether you are really ready for changes and deserve more? Our online resume help service will help you to understand these issues and realize in what direction you need to move to achieve the desired goals.

1. Irreplaceable worker

Are you a real professional in your field? Do you know all the job descriptions by heart? Can you tell where, when, in what time and why c particular document was signed? Do you remember location of parts on the machine, which you work with? Do you perfectly manage your own client base? This is great if your employer appreciates everything you do. But if no?

You have two ways.

1) Prove your significance. For example, take a leave (which you probably have not taken for a long time) and turn off your telephone. Show that your absence radically changes the working process and almost stops it.

2) Look for justice outside the company, what means you have to quit the job. A good specialist will be gladly hired for work in any other company, and your employer will only regret. Or you may use other tactics. Use intimidation tactics, which you are not going to bring to life. It is better not to frighten your employer that you will leave, if you are not going to do it. Otherwise, no one will treat your threats seriously.

If you realize that you do not deserve the title of best worker, but you do not want to languish at the workplace, there is a sense to choose other way. Improve your own qualification, attend trainings, get additional knowledge, demonstrating your boss that you are not standing still, but developing.

2. Efficiency is your second “I”

So, you have already passed all possible refresher courses, you have excellent knowledge of your field of activity, you professionally cope with all troubles and difficulties, but still you have not get the desired reward. When a worker wants to get as much as he gives, but employer can not offer him this, in most cases such situation leads to the quitting or complete fading of talent.

If you do not want to quit and at the same time you strive for growth, in this case talk to your boss. Use facts as much as possible. Give particular examples of how the productivity has increased when you have come to the work, how much sales increased, how many clients you have attracted and so on. Prove that it is not profitable for the company to lose you and clearly denote your terms.

If nothing changes still, do not postpone your quitting. You do not want to burn out at work burying your talent, do you? Do not hold on to the job you do not like, do not think that this is your last chance. If you do not have an “airbag” that could insure you while you look for a job, then you may use your leave for this purpose. Do not let others drive you into the rigid framework that can kill you desire to move forward.

3. You are out of competition

It is the last thing to compare yourself with others. But if we are talking about quite tangible comparison, such as implementation of the plan, the level of congestion on the job, speed of fulfillment of the tasks and so on, then the comparing is quite appropriate. Do you work more than others, you do not afraid to take responsibility, the results of your work are obvious, but all these factors do not influence the salary level and you do not get any bonuses? Discuss this issue with your employer. If at the very beginning they promised you the possibility of promoting, career growth and salary increase, but in fact nothing happens, then do not be afraid to put the question squarely.

Efforts that bring real result should be noticed not just with the words of gratitude, but also they should give you some material benefit.

Constantly raise the level of your knowledge, improve your skills and appreciate your work. If you know it for sure that you deserve more, then you should reach the set goals. Do not let an incompetent employer ruin your ambitions. Our professional resume writing website recommends you to move forward all the time and not to be afraid of difficulties in conquering new heights.