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Reasons to update your resume

Why do you need to update the resume data and how often do you need to do this?

Many job seekers forget that the resume needs to be updated. Even when they find work. "What for? - they reflect. "After all, the goal has already been achieved." But it is necessary to regularly make up-to-date information in this important professional document, even if the employment problem is solved. Many people prefer to use the professional help when it is about the career. Hopefully, there is an excellent service that helps with the resume writing. The benefits of this service are obvious:

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The best professional resume writing service gives reasons why you need to update your resume right now.

1. You have got a promotion

This is the reason to evaluate your professional success and understand that you have increased or not increased your value in the labor market. Do addition of a new job and job title in the resume to see how attractive your resume has become.

You can post a resume on the site and until you delete it, you will receive invitations from the employers. This is the best indicator that you are in demand. If you need help on making a resume or need to make the appropriate changes, the best way to do this is to contact professionals. The professional resume writing service offers the assistance in making and updating your resume in the quick and qualitative way.

Record all achievements and career changes that you are proud of. For example, you implemented a successful project or were involved in its implementation.

Writing about your achievements will make your resume stronger and more effective.

  • That will show you as a successful and productive person. You do not just perform your duties, you lead the company to prosperity. You do it! Not your boss, but you!
  • Professional achievements in the resume open the imagination of the employers. They also want you to raise their profits, reduce costs, speed up any processes, simplify, secure, invent, etc. The owners want these achievements and therefore they need you.
  • Your success shows your responsibility and dedication. It is not very professional when people listing their personal qualities indicate responsibility, dedication, commitment in the resume. This listing does not say anything and does not prove it, your achievements do prove it. These are undeniable facts, which confirm that you achieve your goals.
  • Your achievements in the resume show that you are making a career and constantly growing. They emphasize that you appreciate and love your work, you want to succeed, grow, and achieve more. This, in turn, is a subtle hint at a high salary and a serious position: https://resume-service.org/blog/cv-writers-know-how-to-ask-for-a-salary-increase.

Of course, there are other advantages of indicating the achievements in the resume but there is no reason to list them all.

How to write about your professional achievements in the resume

Now, let's find out how to indicate your success. It is recommended that you follow the three rules.

1. Specificity

Personal achievements in the resume should be formulated specifically, e.g. increased by 17%, accelerated by 6 seconds, trained 3 managers, wrote 74 articles, passed 4 audits, drew 23 advertising posters, etc. It does not matter what units you measure in, the main thing is that your result should be expressed in figures.

If the result is difficult to measure, write without figures and try to describe the essence.

If a person worked as a manager and conducted advertising campaigns, then you can indicate participation in projects. Surely, sometimes, it is not easy to find the proper phrases and make the resume sound professional that is why the customer service resume for the best prices offers its assistance for the job seekers.

2. Linking Achievements to Workplace

This is rather a recommendation, not a rule. It seems to be correct to write about the achievements not for the whole life but only for the time of work at the chosen place of work.

Usually, the employer is interested in the last 2-3 jobs, therefore it is better to describe your successes for them. Each place has its own list of goals. There are many useful tips on how to get hired and you are welcome to take advantage of them.

3. Conformity of the desired position

Very often, we come across the fact that people indicate achievements that are not suitable for future work. Many people confuse the level of the leader and subordinate. For example, they are looking for the work of a chief accountant, and successes are written by the level of a junior economist. Another example, a person wants to get a job as a programmer and before that he/ she worked in his/ her business and describes achievements at the management level. Can anyone be a leader? To find an answer to this question, read this article https://resume-service.org/blog/anyone-can-be-a-leader-myth-or-truth

So, what are the achievements of the CV? If you are looking for a supervisor's work, make sure that the level of success is supervisory. If you are looking for a line specialist, meet this level.

It does not matter who you worked "before", it's important who you want to be now. Make your resume for future work, and do not describe what is now. A good suggestion is to ask for resume help online and entrust the creation of your resume to our professional writers.

How to write a summary of achievement

Examples of achievements in the resume.

We want you to see not just examples of achievements in the resume, but also standard errors in the style of "right - not right".

Not right: Trained new sales staff (this phrase is not an achievement, but a duty)          

Right: Trained three new sales staff

Not right: Implemented a number of changes that simplified the document flow (What changes? How simplified?)

Right: Simplified the document flow: each driver-forwarder received a scanner for an automatic accounting of invoices in the system, together with programmers I came up with a system for automatic creation of transport documents. Now the logician simply puts a tick and everything is done by itself).

Not right: I built the department from scratch.

Right: I built the department from scratch (I hired and trained 7 people, prescribed instructions and regulations, developed a system of motivation and salaries).

Think about how to describe the achievements in the resume so that they would be delicious, look for good formulations. Your invitation for the interview highly depends on it. To be sure that your formulations are accurate, contact the resume writing company online and get the necessary assistance.

If the details of your work is a commercial secret

If you are not allowed to tell the details of your work, indicators, and figures, then stay on the brink of the possible. Anyway, tell about your achievements, let it be a little blurry, with no names.

If it seems to you that there are no achievements

It seems to you that there is nothing to write in resume. Everybody has successes, you only need to find them. Perhaps you will not have super-achievements and feats, but a modest list will be obtained. Well, so what!? Everyone has a different success.

Let’s make a note right away, there are a number of positions where achievements do not really matter: a cleaning woman, loader, handyman, cashier, fast food restaurant worker, driver, etc. If your work is on the list of unskilled labor, do not write achievements. They will be superfluous there.

If you simply do not understand what to count as achievement and what is not, then here's a simple criterion: you started the case and completed it, plus, after that, the world became better. Use this formula. If the fact is that you find it difficult to find the right words describing your achievements that is easy to solve. Contact the top professional resume services and get your resume done perfectly.

If you are not promoted and are not trusted to perform the important duties, then this is also a reason to think about. Probably, you are doing something wrong or you are not in the right place.

The next reason to update your resume:

2. You are improving

You need to make adjustments to the resume not just when a new employment record has appeared. Add new skills that have helped you to grow in a professional way.

Maybe, you increased your qualification by participating in profile master classes, seminars, and training. If you studied a foreign language or a new computer program, got a second higher education, do not forget to add this information every time you master these skills. This is a strategic step. After all, with the help of self-study, you can program your career growth.

3. Once you want to change jobs

The current place of work is the work of your dream. But it is possible that in a couple of years your professional soul will strive for new heights. Or you will burn out at work. When a person burns out, he/ she solves the problem by dismissal from the company most often.

In this case, the whole algorithm of job search will need to be repeated again. Then you’ll have to start with a resume. Work for the future today. Fill your professional resume with relevant and useful information for the employer without a peep. It is quite hard to remember all the events or important details in a month or a year. The creative professional resume 24/7 is ready to help you any time that is comfortable for you.

Another reason to update the resume is when you are thinking about finding a new job but have not left the old one yet.

4. Because it is logical

Everything can be changed: contact information, name, a city of residence, appearance of the applicant. Write a new phone number, e-mail or Skype in your resume if they have changed.

It is quite logical to update this data as they change. Otherwise, when the job search becomes relevant for you again, you can just forget about it.

5. It helps to be toned

Updating a resume is not just a simple task. This process has a strong psychological effect. Analyze the results of labor, see how far you have progressed on the career ladder, how your salary has increased. When there are many achievements and they are significant, then you will not allow yourself to lower the bar. The desire to improve it will keep you on your toes, motivate you to achieve new goals. More useful articles you may find on our blog.

If nothing happened in your life and there is nothing to supplement at least in one section from the moment of the last editing of the resume, then this is the reason to activate.

How often does the CV need to be updated

It is necessary to do this as often as there are changes in your professional and personal life. Review the resume at least once in 2-3 months, fill it with fresh data, and improve. Remove outdated experience and irrelevant skills.

Be sure, periodical updating of your resume is necessary and useful, even if you have a job. Choose our resume editing website and you will find the best helper with the new life and your working experience.

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