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So, you are looking for a job. What do people feel at this time? What can help you to cope with the stress and keep calm? In today’s article, we are going to introduce you to a unique service that helps you find the work of your dream and answer many questions interesting you. The first step in getting a new job is writing the right resume and cover letter. It may seem an easy task at first glance. However, it is not a secret that people with similar experience and approximately of the same age receive the different number of the job offers. What is the reason? Certainly, the main reason is correct documents’ composing. That is why we propose to delegate such a responsible part of building the career to the professional resume maker.

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Make the right choice and change your life for better: Nowadays the time flies very fast. More and more demands made to a person. This certainly affects the psychological and physical condition. At different times, the key factors in business development were technology, investment, creative solutions or marketing ... But everyone will agree that at all times and in any sphere, in the most simplified form, any business is a process of communication between people.

To find a new job, you need to communicate successfully with people, to find help in making a resume online. To find a new business, you need to communicate with the investor, inspire him/ her with your idea... To make a profit, you need sales. And what are the sales? This is a successful communication between the seller and the buyer.

Let us look around. Various books and training on understanding yourself and understanding others, personal growth, and various courses in psychology are increasingly popular. One fashionable concept replaces another: NLP, socionics, psychosophy...

A popular series? "Doctor House", "Lie to me", "Mentalist", "Perception". Modern supermen are those who brilliantly solve problems, "reading" the information from the people around.

Perhaps, that is why every second article in the respected business publication Harvard Business Review tells about emotional intelligence. What is it and what is the practical use of the skill?

Many people have the wrong opinion that emotionality and emotional intelligence are one and the same. In fact, a bright manifestation of emotions (emotionality) does not mean that the person has developed emotional intelligence.

The concept of "emotional intelligence" can be explained as the ability to process information contained in emotions, determine their meaning and use them in solving various problems and issues related to both professional and social activities of a person.

Our pets are the simplest and most explicit example of developed emotional intelligence. Have you ever wondered how your beloved pets have coexisted with us so successfully for millennia? A cat will never approach you for affection if you are aggressive. The dog surprisingly understands when you are upset and hurry to console. In addition, the animal always understands your reaction. The reliable fact is that our pets read information about our emotions. Your intonation, the smallest facial expressions, movements, all this helps them to coexist right with you and achieve the desired goals (caress, food, walk, play).

Similarly, children interact with us at the earliest stage of development. The development of emotional intelligence from early childhood allows you to recognize and manage your emotions. This useful knowledge about yourself, the ability to talk about your emotional state can help children adapt in society better.

In the animal world, these external signs, based on EI, help to survive and "communicate" with relatives within the species. In the process of evolution, we are carried away by the development of technologies, machines, complex theories and concepts that completely forgot about the simplest, but no less effective tools given to us by nature.

Imagine how much easier it would be for you in life and work if you could accurately recognize the state of another person by the smallest external signs, would you be able to translate it into the state you need or manage your mood? How many family conflicts could have been avoided! In addition, how simple it would be to go on a career ladder and manage the team at work? The customer service resume for you also knows the ways to improve your career by building the outstanding resumes.

In fact, at some level, each of us has an emotional intelligence since birth. This level is different and depends on many factors, however, like the level of ordinary intelligence. Family, environment, school, country, books, all these have an impact on the development of emotional intelligence.

The good news is that even if your natural level is not too high, it can be improved through training.

Emotional intelligence can be improved, like any other skill!

According to the scientific concept developed by J. Mayer, P. Salovey and D. Caruso, emotional intelligence consists of four equivalent "branches":

  • perception of emotions
  • use of emotions
  • understanding of emotions
  • management of emotions

As a rule, the development of branches for each of us is uneven, and this significantly reduces the effectiveness of their use in real life.

For example, you are well aware of your wife's negative emotions when you come home late or forget to do something, but you absolutely do not know how to behave with her in such a state. Choosing the wrong tactics of behavior (for example, not picking up the phone or further delaying the moment of coming home), you only intensify the conflict.

Another example is the fear of public speaking. Most people, especially introverts (even famous and working "on stage" for many years) admit to experiencing a nervous tension before every step on the stage:

Those who are able to concentrate quickly and transfer their emotional state from one to another achieve success.

Why is EI so important in business?

In business, there "iron managers" or anti-crisis managers are always in the price. Their "secret" of efficiency is not the lack of emotionality, but the ability to control other people's emotions and redirect them.

The head of the department is directly connected to the success of the company. That, of course, manifests itself in financial indicators. On average, the level of development of EI for managers is about 20% higher than for subordinates. However, the key difference between successful top managers and middle managers is the ability to use and manage emotions in their work. You also may read the winning interview hints to get the job of your dream.

The field of application of emotional intelligence in the business is almost limitless!

  • encouraging the team
  • understanding the true emotions of a valuable employee and choose the right style of communication with him
  • prevention and minimization of the consequences of conflicts
  • conducting negotiations and meetings, etc

Here is a vivid example of increasing productivity after the development of emotional intelligence. As part of the study, the businesspersons were asked to take a course for themselves and their employees. The first stage was testing for the current level of EI development. Then there were training courses for the manager and staff and the results were recorded.

According to one of the participants, the results after training were visible and influenced both himself and the business as a whole. It became easier to understand the employees and build relationships with them, negotiate, control their reactions and avoid manipulation. As a result, he had new opportunities, and the process of doing business began to flow easier and more efficiently.

The perfect resume writing services online also give a lot of opportunities to those who want to change their lives for better.

Previously, the participant easily lost his temper and tried to restore balance with the help of extreme trips on motorcycles in Cambodia, even opened such a tourist business. The experience was useful, but it could also be gained at the office.

"I was able to recognize other people's manipulations and neutralize them without falling into anger. For example, one of my employees at the meeting has always made comments about and without replicas. He wanted to argue constantly. I used to get started quickly because time was wasted. Now I realized that this is just a habitual unconscious behavior from childhood to attract attention this way. I began to give him the opportunity to speak at the very beginning of the meeting, and he stopped interrupting everyone. Now the meetings fit into one hour. "

In addition, a reliable fact that the development of emotional intelligence entails an increase in creativity. Your thinking changes, you start to see the situation from different sides and find new non-standard solutions.

Another point that speaks in favor of the development of emotional intelligence is the fact of better assimilation of information and simplification of the learning processes. Surely, you noticed that in a good mood, the process of understanding and remembering new information is faster and better. Increasing your own EI and practical use of techniques of self-regulation, as well as the "right" interaction of the trainer with trainees allow qualitatively change the effectiveness of any training.

At present, the business has to reconsider its approaches. The most valuable resource is the personnel. The ability of a leader to "lure" the right specialist, to motivate and maintain him/ her in an effective working condition directly depends on the EI development level. The resume services online know how to make the employment process easier and less stressful. Check our blog and you surely will find a lot of interesting and helpful stuff there.

If you talk with the "guru" of sales, it turns out that their success is also based on the use of emotional intelligence. These people create a real team. They know all the details of their employees' lives, what is the name of their wives and children, when they have birthdays, who have any problems, character, and passions ... They see what mood everybody came to work by the smallest details and know how to use it for work. The sales department of a given plan directly depends on how well the manager "reads" and manages the emotional background of the team. It is also very important to keep the good spirit during working day.

The ideal company is the second home for employees. Not in the sense that they spend the night there because of the amount of work ... But in the sense that this is a place where they feel emotional closeness and feedback, and the leader takes a position close to the "father of the family." It is appropriate to recall the great Italian organization, whose fame is still roaring, Cosa Nostra. The title is translated as the "common cause", and the processes inside the organization were built on emotional involvement and "family" communication.

So, it is much easier to have more advantages in the labor market, using the professional resume writing service reviews. We know how to indicate all your strengths and talents in the best possible way.

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