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Do you want to change the boring work, but do not know how to approach it correctly? Then this article will help you organize the process of finding the right place. Creative professional resumes writers are ready to give their assistance in editing, proofreading, and writing from scratch all the documents necessary for getting a new job. A big number of satisfied customers is the best proof of the high quality and reliability of the service. Only the high-rank professionals work in our team. Every order meets all the requirements and is delivered on time. One more service that is very helpful and absolutely free is rating your resume, free critique of it. So, if you have any worries concerning the employment questions, do not hesitate to ask for resume editing help for money or contact the professional CV service for employment assistance. Today, let's talk about how to properly organize a job search from the very beginning to the end. If you came to the conclusion that you have been too long in your company, the prospect is gloomy, and the salary does not shine, then, first of all, determine which position and for what salary you would like to work.

Next, open specialized work sites and compare your wishes with offers on the labor market. In the process of comparison, be sure to pay attention to the requirements that employers place for the candidates. During the subsequent statistical analysis, consider only those vacancies that you meet the requirements of 100%. If, for example, you have the necessary education and work experience, but you do not know the foreign language that is required for this position, then do not consider this job.

Then make a simple arithmetic operation: add up the salaries of all the vacancies you selected and then divide by their number. If the amount received because of your calculations is different from the one that interests you more than 10%, think about whether you have overstated your salary expectations. The increased demands for payment are the most frequent reasons for the long and futile search for work by specialists. Therefore, in order not to waste time, you can calculate your chances of a quick job placement in the preliminary stage.

Have you lost your job and are on the verge of despair? Do not panic, because the movement in the labor market always takes place, even in the deepest period of stagnation. The main thing is to organize properly the job search process.

Treat the forced changes as a period of opportunity and with a cold mind follow the practical advice of the reliable cheap resumes service that has been tested not by one difficult time.

1. Resume is your business card

Having defined the requirements for the vacancies you are looking for, make your resume competently, professional resume editor service is the best helper in this case. The importance of this item is difficult to overestimate, because the resume is your business card.

Be extremely attentive to your resume, this is a precious pass for the interview. The importance of writing a resume is perfectly said by the labor market experts:

"Only the superprofessionals can afford a crooked resume, behind who there is a queue. If you are an ordinary person, think about why you should be chosen from hundreds of the same candidates, if you did not even bother to make a good resume? "

What is it, the perfect resume? In addition, which is painstakingly and meticulously compiled, it must be informative, clearly structured, written in essence, without a single mistake, with a maximum of two sheets, and preferably, originally submitted, these are the main tips for how to compile a good resume. To meet all these requirements it is recommended asking for professional online resume help.

At the same time, it is desirable to send a correctly compiled attractive cover letter along with a resume and, even if the employer does not require it. This technique will help you to stand out from the mass of the same applicants as you, the presence of motivation to work in a particular company.

2. Search for work on several sources simultaneously

Job search should not be limited to a single resource. Attacking the labor market is necessary on all fronts:

  • On job sites, be sure to post your resume, update it regularly, so that it rises in the issuance to the employer for the first positions. You may find out when to update resume at Also, look through the job sites daily and send out the resume for each job you like. First of all, respond to hot and fresh vacancies. It often happens that the employee is needed "for yesterday" and the search takes place in an emergency mode.
  • Recruitment agencies can become a useful bridge between you and the employer, as they often serve as a recruiter for companies. Send your resume to the recruiting agencies of the region, regardless of whether they have open vacancies that interest you now. Sometimes, recruiters have more vacant offers than they publish in mass media sources, for various reasons.
  • The employment center is a classic job search experience that does not need to be discarded, taking into consideration the fact that the labor exchange can help with unemployment benefits and refresher courses or professional reorientation.
  • Social networks are the modern information technology word of mouth. Notify all of your friends that you are looking for work. The rule of six handshakes has not been canceled. Although we live in the 21st century, when any information comes first on the Internet, do not neglect the opportunity to find work with the help of friends and former colleagues. To do this, let them know that you are looking for work and ask them to inform you if a suitable job is available.
  • Exhibitions, conferences, seminars, interesting from the professional point of view, should be actively attended. You may talk a lot about being in an active job search there. Find more helpful information on the link:
  • Consider proposals also from other cities, regions, and even countries. Especially if you have a rare profession, and the local market is limited. Do not become involved in finding work only in your city, sometimes the changes must be cardinal.

3. Do not stop and do not be afraid of failures

 When you stop on several vacancies and you are finally invited to an interview, the most important thing will be prepared for it qualitatively.

In order for you to have a real choice, send out 30-50 responses a day. A normal response is 1-2 interviews from the 100 sent CVs. This does not mean that something is wrong with you, just such a market is now, there is a high competition everywhere now. We prepared some pieces of advice for you:  

Also, do not be afraid of failure. Consider every interview as an experience, always do "work on mistakes" and carefully prepare for the next interview.

4. Do not give up the additional job

Especially, if there is not enough money and job search is extremely relevant. If you have enough knowledge, freelancing is the most common way to earn money. Check the list of remote jobs here: The main thing is to work with the reliable companies. If you want to continue to work in the same field of business, it makes sense to choose several companies, in which you would like to work, call them and send them your resume, even if there are no open vacancies for today.

5. Use time to find work with the benefit for yourself

Job search is also a job, but with a flexible schedule. There are a lot of nuances one should know to build the strategy on how to find job. Therefore, in your spare time do not twiddle your thumbs.

  • Get new knowledge: continue to develop professional skills, master related professions, and study foreign languages, all the invested resources in education necessarily pay off and fill the resume with a lot of weight.
  • Get new skills: learn how to master the rules of self-presentation, how to increase your confidence, how to learn to speak more convincingly, these skills are especially important for the successful outcome of the interview:
  • Carefully watch your health, especially if you neglected it earlier. Allocate time for exercising and proper nutrition.
  • Pay attention to family and close people. If before you always did not have time for communication, but now it is clearly more time for this, catch the moment.

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The process of finding a job is usually a very time-consuming task, but if you are not too lazy and do everything right, it will definitely have a positive impact on your moral and material condition. It is necessary to approach the issue of finding a new job very seriously and constructively, because the development of your career, financial position, and in some cases the further fate depends on it. When starting a search, you need to find a positive attitude and look at the change of your work as the beginning of a new, better period in your life.

Remember, that job search is the impetus for growth and development that helps to rethink life, tighten up tails, pay attention to relatives, relax, and gain fresh ideas and knowledge. Any change is always for the better. The resume building service recommends living a normal life onwards, a life of a person who thinks about the future.

In the continuation of the topic, some more unspoken rules of the employment from the professional CV and resume writers. You are hardworking, ambitious and intelligent. Your resume is brought to perfection, recommendations and a cover letter are always at hand. However, there is still no work. Perhaps you have not taken everything into consideration.

It often happens that your brilliant resume and rich experience do not bring the expected result. After all, not only you have the necessary qualities and merits. What are you losing comparatively to other candidates? The professional CV and cover letter writing service recommends paying attention to the unspoken job search rules, which are not as obvious as they are important.

1. Be organized

  • Use notes for all emails related to finding a job, write down all the companies you sent CVs to, and all the people you talked to. Keep these records, for example, in Excel. Mark the results there and write down the comments on each item, so you will always have a detailed map in hand, you will know what you need to pull up, what to emphasize, when the next meeting, etc.
  • Try to talk about your search with at least three new people every day. It can be representatives of companies, friends, friends of friends, former teachers from the university, etc. You never know where the offer comes from, and it often happens due to social activity and living recommendations. Also, write down all contacts and make notes, perhaps you will need to call back someone and find out the results.

2.   Do not be afraid to ask

  • Do not be shy and do not be afraid to ask others for help. Often people will be glad to help. Be as specific and precise as possible in your requests and intentions. This is actual if you ask for advice from a friend or your former colleague as well as if you ask a friend to agree on a meeting with his/ her management. Do not forget, that people who behave respecting others in the workplace are always in a more advantageous position.

3.  Do not send a resume for a job that is not interesting for you

  • We all often act like this. It seems that by sending as much as possible resumes to different vacancies, even in the related field, the work will be found easier. In fact, you will spend both your time and the time of the company. If the post does not really interest you, then do not try to get it. Ask yourself a couple of questions. Do you really want this job? Does it suit you well? Be honest with yourself, correctly assess your strengths and goals.
  • A small test: if you do not have the desire to prepare an individual targeted resume for the vacancy and you do not want to write a cover letter to the company, then this work is clearly not interesting to you.

4.    Be honest

  • Lying on a resume and in an interview is a very controversial issue. You may read more about the top interview lies on resumer- It's better to be honest, not to lie about your weak and strong sides, experience and skills. And above all, you need to be honest with yourself.

5.   Be observant

  • Interviewing is not a game of one goal. Not only the employer should find out how suitable a particular candidate is. You also need to understand how well the company and position fit you. Listen carefully to the interviewer's story about the company, the team, your position, corporate culture. How does the interviewer treat you? How comfortable are you here?
  • An employee who is satisfied with the working conditions and principles of the company is practically an ideal employee, and the employer knows this. So do not forget to ask questions to the interviewer and conduct an active dialogue. Both sides should be satisfied with the result.

6.    Help Others

  • The fact that all candidates in the labor market are the competitors does not mean that you cannot cooperate. If you find a job that is more suitable for someone else, share it. Help each other, and the search process will be much simpler.

7.    Learn

  • Even during a strenuous job search, you can learn a lot and learn a lot. Do not waste this time on idleness. Increase your professionalism, hone your personal qualities. In the end, it will come in handy to you no matter what kind of work you do.

One more problem a person could face during the job search is the bad recommendation from the previous place of work. How to fix this situation?

The employer did not arrange your experience or skills, perhaps the reason is a bad recommendation that the last employer had given. Nevertheless, this does not mean that all doors are now closed to you.

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Possibly, the HR manager will check your recommendations after the interview. In addition, there is no guarantee that he/she will not know anything wrong. The parting with past employer could not have been very smooth, and it could not be your fault. Perhaps there were shortcomings on your part, with which you successfully managed already. However, it will be problematic to justify yourself.

Is silence the gold?

To keep silent about possible negative responses to your address is a natural desire. However, this is not the best choice. Sooner or later, such a recommendation may come up, and the consequences may be even worse.

If you are sure that negative feedback cannot be avoided, the services of resume professional writers recommend immediately telling the potential employer about it. Explain the essence of the problem and its causes. This is much better than preparing a surprise for the recruiter, in this case, your candidacy will be rejected immediately.

Way out

Of course, just to warn about a negative recommendation will not be enough. It must be refuted. The main thing is not to give up, and not wait for the inevitable. It is not easy to justify, if the former employer gives a fairly objective assessment of your activity, attitude to work, describes cases of failure to fulfill the plan, etc. But there are always some ways:

  • Get positive recommendations in advance, which will block the influence of negative feedback.
  • You can go for a little trick and try to reduce your role in the processes that affected the final result. After all, not always the employee can directly influence the situation. This is what needs to be communicated to the potential employer. This should be a confident and clear explanation of the situation.
  • It is possible to give illustrative examples of how you successfully coped in similar situations. Offer to test you, pass the tests. If there is such an opportunity, it is better not to abandon it. This way you may always meet the expectation of employers

Any employee can be put not in the best light. The reason for this can be disagreements with management. This is subjective enough, so refuting it will be easier. It is necessary to prove the bias of the evaluation by collecting positive feedback from other sources:

  • Gather the recommendations of your colleagues, subordinates, personnel department staff.
  • A few positive recommendations from other places of work will easily override the negative if they are backed up by facts.
  • You can collect feedback from customers and partners with whom you worked. This most accurately describes you as a good employee.

Remember that the characteristics are better to receive in writing with the signature of the referee. It is desirable that official papers of the company with its contacts and logo be used. If the recommendations were sent by email, then it should be a corporate address, not a personal one.

A negative recommendation can create additional difficulties in finding a job, but if you make enough effort, its weight will be minimal.

Reputable resume writing service is always ready to share the useful information and offer the professional assistance with the compilation of the papers. Visit our blog and you will find a lot of helpful stuff to read.

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