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You need a resume to find a new job. Everything is very easy: perfect resume means perfect job. Order the paper at our CV writing company. For many years we are the best company in the whole country. Every day we help many people to find the job. The CV from our company can change your life for the better.

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Each employee needs to have a resume. It is not very easy to write this kind of document. Thousands of people download CV from the Internet, change the personal data, salary expectations and think that everything will be okay. But it is not enough for employers. They want to see the CV which is not the same as hundreds others. They want to be sure that you are a creative and talented employee. So, start showing your creativity in the resume. We will help you make a paper so that it will meet all the modern requirements, but at the same time it will be different from the rest CVs. Choose only the best among CV sites online.

It is better to make the order online. There is always somebody in our office. You can ask all the questions; discuss the details of the order and price. We have the special systems of discounts. It is very profitable to cooperate with our company. Do not worry about deadlines, we do everything in time. And we always have many orders. We are online all the time! Welcome to the customer team.

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Advantages of criticism: what to do when you are criticized

I am sure that nobody likes when he is criticized. But criticism is always where people are. Do not be upset, sometimes criticism is very useful: it can help you become better and develop. If you do not know how to behave, when you are criticized, make use of these tips.

1) Do not defend yourself and never make excuses. It is normal that the first thing that came into your mind was to speak out and tell everything you think. At first, you need to understand your feelings and control your emotions. It is necessary to realize why you hate criticism. Are you ashamed or embarrassed? It is okay that you have defensive response, but in this case it can be bad for you. You need to control your behavior and do not let yourself feel things. Sometimes it will be difficult for you to keep calm and you will prefer to get annoyed. Try to listen to people who criticize you and think a lot before replying.

2) Write down everything. You can be too exhausted and too upset to remember all the criticism. But later you will have free time to think and realize everything. Remember that criticism is not always unfair, it is very important to understand the motives of the person who criticizes you. If he is an envious colleague in your company who wants to carry out your duties instead of you, then do not pay attention. Just try to be better than you are now (

3) Ask questions. It is stupid to stay silently when you are criticized. I do not mean you need to be impolite, to snap up, etc. But you can ask questions! The boss says you can do the job better, ask him in what way. Do not be afraid to ask what the person means, ask to give some examples. So, you will know exactly what to work on, and will not waste your time and energy. You need to respect yourself and your time, and other people will do the same.

4) Ask for a help. Do not be too proud for this, it is not as difficult as you think. For example, you realize that something prevents you from working process or you understand that you can’t cope with this task. Tell about it and ask the boss to give you extra time or training. Maybe there are some factors which are unknown for your boss or managers (difficulties in your private life, big and difficult project which takes all your time). All these factors can be the serious reasons why you began to work worse. Tell everything to your boss and you will find the way out of this situation together. Do not be afraid to tell about your problems and ask for a help. Those who appreciate you will definitely lend a helping hand.

5) Realize whether criticism is fair. It happens that your manager or boss wants to help you improve work, but it also happens that criticism is unfounded. Try to understand your own situation. If the boss is not only dissatisfied with your job but also explain you the way how you can work better, then listen to him and remember his advice. I am sure he wants to help you not to humiliate. But if you are unfairly criticized very often, you should think: maybe it is high time to change my job ( It is very difficult to be a part of the team where nobody appreciates you. For professionals there are always free vacancies in different companies. You just need to prove that you are better than others.

6) Make a plan of actions. At that moment when you realized that you need to change something in your job, you can start making a plan. Be careful, it is impossible for you to make the same mistakes. Think a lot before starting doing something. Maybe you need to change your habits. It won’t be easy for you. But the certain plan with the deadlines will remind you everything and can help control all the process.

7) Let the leader know about your progress. Do not keep in secret all your success. Some people are not sure that it is necessary for the boss to know about their new achievements. But it is necessary! In a month or two after you have been criticized, you can meet your boss and discuss all your progress. You should interest, maybe there is something else you need to change. I am sure that your leader will only praise you for such actions, and will find time to talk with you.

I think that from time to time each of us faces criticism. Yes, this process is unpleasant, but still you should not get too upset. People make mistakes, there is nothing to worry about, and the main thing is to learn how to correct your mistakes. Now you know what to do when you are criticized. I wish you good luck, successful career and good employees!

You can always order the resume and cover letter at our company. We have the best team ever, and we are sure that each writer is really professional. People, who work in our company, know what they are doing. They know all the details about writing CVs, thank you letters, etc. It is very important to avoid phrases which can ruin every resume. They know how to make your paper unique and original. That is why people all over the country ask us for a help. You need to understand the simple truth: without perfect resume you can’t have the perfect job. This paper is more important than you think. You can write it yourself, but I am not sure that it will be successful. The positive feedback of our clients proves our professionalism. Order the CV at our company and receive the job of your dream. You do not need to find the best CV creator online – we are here.

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