5 Reasons To Update Your Resume


Update Your ResumeWhy you need to actualize your resume data even when the employment issue is already solved you will read in this post on the reasons to update your resume.

Many jobseekers forget that resume should be updated time to time. Especially when they have found a job. “Why? – they think. – The goal is already achieved”. However, it is necessary to make changes in this important document, even if you have got a job.

One of the best resume services online presents 5 reasons why you should update your resume right now.

1. You got a new job or promotion

This is a reason to analyze your professional growth and realize that you have increased or have not increased your value at the labor market. Add new work place and position to your resume to evaluate how much attractive jobseeker you have become.

If you have published your resume on one of the employment sites and you are not going to delete it yet, then probably you will get invitations for an interview from employers. And this is the best indicator of your demand as a professional.

Write down all the achievements in your career that you are proud of. For example, you have implemented a successful project or you have participated in its implementation.

If you do not get promotion and they do not trust you to carry out important tasks, this is the reason to think over your situation. Maybe you do something wrong.

2. You are developing

You should make changes into your resume not only when you get a new job. You can also add new skills that have helped you to improve yourself as a professional.

For example, you have learnt a foreign language or new computer program, got second higher education and so on. Or maybe you have improved your qualification participating in specialized master classes, seminars and trainings. Do not forget to add information each time when you gain new skills. This is a strategic step, because with the help of self-education you can program your career growth.

3. If you want to change your job

Probably your present work place is a job of your dream. But there is a chance that in a couple of years your professional spirit will strive for new heights. Or your work will start bother you. And when it happens, you usually solve such a problem by quitting your job and leaving the company.

In this case all the process of work search should be repeated one more time. And you should begin with resume (on our website you can order resume writing service right now). Work for future already today. Fill your professional visiting card with interesting and useful for employer information “in hot pursuit”. There may pass a month or a year, and it will be very hard to remember the events or important details.

Another reason to update your resume is when you think about job search, but you are not going to leave your present work place yet.

4. Because it is logically

Everything can change: contact information, last name, city of living, appearance of a jobseeker and so on. Write your new telephone number, e-mail address or Skype, if you have changed them. Create resume with photo, and change your photography at least once a year.

It is quite logically to update this data according to its changing. Otherwise, later when you will look for a job again, you can simply forget to do it.

5. It helps to be in good shape

Resume updating is not just a periodic task. This process gives strong psychological effect. Analyze the results of your work, have a look at how much you have progressed up the career ladder, how much your salary has increased. When you see you have many achievements and they are valuable, you will not let yourself lower the bar. The desire to raise the bar will keep you in shape and it will motivate you to reach new goals.

If since the moment of last resume updating nothing has happened in you life and there is nothing to add to the resume, this is the reason to become more active.

A few words about photography in resume

Since we have mentioned that it would be good to update your resume adding the photo, we believe it is necessary to give you some useful tips on what kind of photography can be presented in your resume.

How much important is a jobseeker’s photo for a recruiter and what benefits do candidates have when they send resume with photo? In the era of high technology we all are used to visualization of the information we are interested in. In such a way a photo is another opportunity to attract attention and to make it easier for an employer to decide if a candidate should be invited for an interview or not.

1) Visualization

Recruiters say that resume with photo make more “personal” impression than just a text, and it serves as a means of first acquaintance with the candidate. That is why many HR managers advise to send resume with photo.

2) You match the position or not

Photo is additional argument and another confirmation of the fact that you are the one whom company is looking for.

3) Make you look worth the money you want to be paid

What photo in your resume should be placed? The main rules of successful self-visualization according to HR experts remain the same:

  • photo should be good first of all: good quality, clear picture, portrait (usually en face), but not so formal as in passport;
  • photo is allowed to be placed in any up corner, the size is almost the same with a passport photo size;
  • your face should be clearly seen, you should look confident and have a modest friendly smile;
  • your clothing style should be business, calm, no naked shoulders, bright colours, unbuttoned shirts (for men), decollete, a lot of jewelry and cosmetics (for women).
  • photo background should be neutral or contrast;

Many jobseekers underestimate the importance of right photo choosing. Really, try to make the right choice, because you will not have the second chance to make first impression. Remember that photography should be in business style and correspond to the image, status of a candidate, and also conform the main goal of you response to the open position.

Any way, whatever you decide, whether to place photo in your resume or not, remember that professional knowledge and skills are much more important for any employer.

How much often a resume should be updated

It should be done as much often, as the changes in your professional and personal life happen. Review your resume at least 2-3 times per month, fill it with fresh data, improve it. And of course, do not forget to delete outdated experience and irrelevant skills.

Now, having read this post on resume updating, you are convinced that it is necessary and even useful to update resume periodically, even if you have a job. It is not obligatory to remove your resume from the employment websites. You can just make it invisible, hide it so that only you have access to it and only you can read it. And if it will be necessary, you can make the resume available again and renew the job search in just one click. Such an option is provided by many sites that deal with the work search and employment.