Professional Resume Editing Service Shares Secrets of HRs


Resume Editing Service Shares Secrets of HRsProfessional resume editing services know how to improve your resume.

While searching for a new job or going to change the career as a whole you inevitably face the problem of building the outstanding resume, cover, thank you letters, and other necessary papers. A lot of searchers try to do this on their own from the very beginning. After all attempts, they surely prefer to use the help of professionals. There is a wide choice of writing services on the net nowadays but this fact makes the choice even harder. To meet reliable and professional service you should take a lot of criteria into consideration. If you have a question “how to fix my resume“ in your head, you should start the small research work on finding “your people’. Please, make up your mind after you are sure in:

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Every model is fundamental but the professional resume writers cost is not less important.

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What does the recruiter notice in the resume from the very beginning of its study? The story of an HR manager.

The perfect custom CV service wondered what is the first thing to notice by the recruiters when looking through the resumes of job seekers. The head of a hiring department of a social network Facebook Ambra Benjamin described her way of working.

According to the Benjamin’s words and top rated resume writing services, the methods for selecting suitable CVs vary from a recruiter to a recruiter, but they say, the "recruitment world" is much simpler than most people imagine. Despite the fact that there are different kinds of employers, the first thing most hiring experts do is to screen out candidates' CVs that are categorically unsuitable for a given role and leave only those which look "like he/ she should be given a chance."

The reliable cheap resumes service together with Benjamin point out that now she is mainly engaged in hiring experienced developers, but in the past, she worked with product managers, with sales professionals, and with representatives of finance-related specialties, and the rules she uses when processing a resume are applicable to any of the described areas.

The HR in the first 20-30 seconds of the resume studying draws attention to the following points:

  • Last post. "I'm trying to determine why a person might be interested in getting a job with us. If he/ she works on his/ her current position for only some months, perhaps now isn’t the right time to invite him/ her to an interview? If a person sent the CV to him/ herself, why is he/ she looking for work? Was he/ she fired? Is he/ she going to quit? However, most importantly, is his/ her experience relevant to the position that I need to close? "
  • Companies, where the applicant worked. As the online resume service with 100% guarantee points out, it is always interested in where exactly the candidate worked before, simply because it gives a good idea of his/ her background. Amazon employees used to work on large-scale projects; former start-ups tested many roles at once and can work in conditions of the limited time. On behalf of the company, it is easy to make an assumption about its employee; common features are visible after two or three interviews with former employees of the same organization.
  • General experience. Did the applicant show a fast career growth? Has his/ her level of responsibility increased over time? Does the post have any meaning? ("You were vice president of marketing in a company of five people? I guess I could have been one too.")
  • Search for "keywords". Does the candidate have the skills that will be required in the new position? In some cases, when particularly voluminous resumes come across, HR even uses the "Command + F" keyboard shortcut for the initial analysis to find the technologies that interest him/ her ("If there are not any, he/ she has to do a more in-depth analysis, but sometimes it's convenient right away get to the right place "). According to Benjamin, this does not mean that the applicant must necessarily add 250 keywords to his/ her resume, but it is worth making sure that he/ she mentioned his/ her basic skills. To be sure your resume is written professionally, it is better to address the best resumes writing companies.
  • Career gaps. Any gap in work experience, says Ambra Benjamin, should be accompanied by an explanation of why it arose. Whether the person was at that time involved in bringing up the children or trying to create his/ her own company, the recruiter will pay attention to the questions of a significant gap in professional life, rather than the existence of irrelevant experience. Especially, says the head of Facebook hiring, the irrelevant experience can often be presented in such a way as to increase one's own appreciation in the eyes of the recruiter.
  • "Trace" in the network. According to Benjamin, this is not a mandatory item but she always follows the links that the applicant has bothered to add to his/ her resume. These can be profiles on Twitter, Quora, Dribbble, GitHub, and so on. " To be completely forthright, this is one of my most loved parts of the determination. You never comprehend what is waiting for you. "
  • Logistics. Where does the candidate live and does he/she have a legitimate opportunity to work abroad. "I do not screen out candidates at this stage, I just try to find out who they are," the author says.
  • General organization of the resume. How competent is the candidate, is he/ she able to structure the information and pass on his/ her ideas to the reader. This is especially important for marketers. In this case, the best way to feel confident and do not worry about the quality of your documents is to order cheap professional resume editing service.

In general, Ambrose Benjamin spends no more than 25 seconds to check all these items. Such a primary audit helps her to allocate a resume, to which she will return later for a deeper study and discard candidates who she did not immediately like.

There are also things that Benjamin, as she admits, does not really pay attention at all:

  • Education. The recruiter notes that she paid attention to it earlier when she worked with students. "In other cases, the experience is the king of the resume," she says. Of course, it is great for a director of the marketing to hold the appropriate degree but education does not assume a decisive role here. More useful tips on how to describe your working experience in a resume you may find here:
  • An unusual design of the document. "I really like when the candidate has the creative approach to the design of the resume. However, no creativity can compensate for the lack of experience, "- explains Benjamin. In addition, she notes, that the candidates should keep in mind that the resume in the "creative" form rarely reaches the hiring specialist, most often the system automatically converts it into a standardized form that is convenient for the recruiter. If the applicant wants his/ her resume to reach the employer in the form it was sent, it is better to find the direct contact.
  • Personal details. In the European Union, says Ambra Benjamin, it is quite common practice when candidates indicate some personal information, for example, citizenship, sex, weight and height, marital status, and so on. In the United States, such details can lead the recruiter into confusion. In this country, companies try to avoid any manifestations of discrimination, and the appearance of such data in the application can bring discomfort to the hiring specialist. Do not even put your own photo. To find out more about answering the personal questions during the interview, follow the link:
  • Cover letter. The benefits of such texts, says the author, are debated, but she never reads them. "Most companies ask for cover letters just to weed out competitors who even have not bothered to compose them." At the same time, it is better to have the cover letter composed professionally, than to be ignored. Choose our cover letter writing service to be sure that all the options are covered in a proper way.

Benjamin also gave several personal tips on writing a resume:

  • To bring something personal in the resume. It is not about personal information like growth or sex, but about the style of the text. "Many recruiters spend the whole day just looking for a resume. Add a few jokes to it, so that the recruiters will have a bit more fun at least. But try to keep within your own industry. "
  • Add links to your own profiles in social networks and on specialized sites.
  • List several of your own projects. "I always ask in a telephone interview what the applicant does in his/ her spare time, what he/ she is working on. Sometimes, it is very inspiring." The is ready to share some helpful tips for a phone interview.

There are also several things that famous heads of hiring do not recommend doing to applicants:

  • To use standard templates for registration of the resume from Microsoft Word. "Especially the one in which the name is highlighted by two horizontal lines from above and from below."
  • Write a resume from the first person. "It's good to do this only if you are the person who approaches the design of the resume wisely. If you have never been told that you are a professional in this field, most likely you are not. So, just do not write a CV in the first person singular. "
  • Make a huge resume. "The eight-page summary, only in the case if you are not a Nobel laureate, will hardly ever impress anyone."
  • Mix several styles of narration.
  • Send a CV to the CEO of the company. With rare exceptions, says Benjamin, the heads of organizations do not read the summary. “This is just an excuse to laugh for the recruiters."
  • To exaggerate one's own merits. "Truth always comes to the surface."

Job search is a kind of competition where we strive to become better and get more than others. Finding a good job is a success, finding a bad job is a temporary state. What is good, and what is bad? We will not answer these questions for you, but we will try to tell you how to find the ideal.

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To understand how to find a good job, you need to understand what is good for you now. It is important that you work well and take into account the characteristics of your character, your current needs and the state of mind. In order to understand this, you need to understand what is in the first place for you now. What is more important, and what can be sacrificed? You may read more about the misconceptions about the job search here:


An important criterion, but not the leading one. To earn a lot, you need to be productive and often you need to sacrifice much, free time, nerves, comfort, and sometimes even your health. However, earning average money is easy.

Before you look for work, it is desirable to allocate three levels of earnings:

  • Minimum. Below this level, you will never go anywhere to work.
  • Optimal. This is the level of your comfort and some freedom. Most people find work at this level of income.
  • Challenge yourself. Do not wring the income figure, but determine the level of pride for yourself: "I can do it!" If you need a challenge to yourself, make yourself an adventure.

I will repeat, money is not a key criterion. Almost always there are much more meaningful job selection criteria.

If you do not feel comfortable about thinking how to answer the questions about the desired salary, read this article:


The need is not very frequent, because there are a little of careerists, in principle. They are as rare as Ussuri Tigers. Here is not the question of money any longer. That is the question of the posts, the level of the company, the power, the business card, the being among important people...

Try to describe yourself in 2-3 years. Make this description a story, what do you do, what kind of office do you have, who you communicate with, how do you get to work, what kind of boss do you have, is he/ she a good or bad employer, what your colleagues are like, whether there are subordinates, etc. Describe everything.

After that, look, whether there are words about the status and prestige of your work or company in this description. If not, then the career growth is not important to you now. If there is, you will understand what you want.

Professional growth

Quite a frequent need. Everything is connected with the fact that people want to be good specialists. The second acute point in the top career mistakes is that poor specialists are paid little; they are badly taken to work and well fired. Therefore, professional growth is so important. Especially, in the very beginning of a career.

However, difficulties arise when you are already doing your job well. Where to grow in this case? Are there interesting tasks on this planet for you? Most likely, they are but how to find them? Where to find a good job that will give you interesting, responsible and challenging tasks? What does prevent from finding your calling?

Such vacancies are limited to viewing. We still need to study the companies, see what they are doing, go to interviews more often, communicate with colleagues, be at profile conferences and communicate there. The task is complicated only by the fact that the necessary information is difficult to find, and not all people are highly communicative. Nevertheless, if you want to find a good job quickly, you will have to communicate everywhere and with everyone. Very helpful in finding the job of your dream can be purchasing resumes at

Stability and working conditions

These are the most frequent needs of all listed above. According to good working conditions, paid leave and sick leave, an adequate supervisor, good team, convenient location, white salary, stable payouts ... Describe these parameters, be specific.

However, it should be remembered that the employer is trying to save the money on these type of people. He/ she will make normal working conditions and low wages. This works, because when a person gets into the comfortable conditions and a good team, it is already offensive to him/ her to leave the place of work. Staff retention techniques work great.

In a word, we must pay for stability. Write down your requirements, evaluate your future workplace, and think about what you are willing to pay for stability? Low wages, boring workdays, lack of increases, will you agree to all this for the sake of a stable future?

How to find the ideal of your work (methodology)

The experienced resumes writing services USA can give one workable advice on how to find a good job. It is not even advice, but an exercise "the work of your dream."

Try to describe the work of your dreams. Make this description a story. It can be done in the form of a description of the working day. Therefore, you woke up and started your ideal working day. How does it look like you?

Describe everything. Do you work in the office or at home? How do you get to work? What is the country, city, and company you work for? You can completely dispense with names and exact places. What does your workplace look like (table, cabin, car ...)? Describe your team and yourself in it. Tell us about your boss and the relationship with him/ her. Do you have subordinates? How do you dine, who is with you at dinner?

Describe in detail the things that you are doing. What kind of projects, what is your role, level of responsibility.

Describe everything that comes to mind. There are no trifles here. What to do with the resulting description? You should like the description of the ideal work. This is important. If you like it, look for work in a convenient option for you. In the process of finding a job, always check with your ideal, as with a compass, and act.

Sign in to experienced resume writing service and be successful in your search for an interesting work!

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