Signs Of A Good And Bad Employer


5 signs of a perfect employer

Do you believe that perfect employers do not exist in real world? In this case our post on signs of a good employer, which is prepared by experts of our resume writing service, is just for you! Only that person deserved the title “perfect boss”, who follows these five principles organizing his work.

Not everyone is able to manage a team, whatever big and professional it is. Professionals of our resume writing service online have analyzed the successful practices of a team management and present you work principles, which a good employer should use managing the work of is employees.

1. Sets clear work rules in a team

Conflicts among the workers happen all the time, if there are no clear work rules or if the roles of each team member are not clear enough. As a result, there can be increased competition and disappointment in the team. That is why it is important that a leader should set rules of common work in the very beginning of cooperation.

It is perfect if such rules are made up and corrected using “brainstorming”, when all the team participates. In the rules not only work schedule and paydays should be specified, but also details of inner communication, discussions, and claims.

2. Defines the roles of each employee

Against the background of not clearly defined roles in the team different omissions and indignations like “This is not my duty” appear very quickly. When each worker realizes his role and mission, which he performs in the team, then it is easier to distribute the tasks, even complex and unattractive ones, because an employee realizes his significance. Successful teams become successful because each its member performs his own role.

3. Greet employees by name

Greeting by name makes communication easier and confidential at the very beginning. Many employers may not even know that saying their cordial “Hello!” and another couple of short phrases with praise for some achievements they encourage worker for better results. If difference in age is about several decades, then such a method of greeting is possible only by mutual agreement of both sides (employer and employee). In other cases such way of communication means complete mutual trust, appreciation and reminds that the whole team, including the boss, works for a common goal.

4. Consults with team

Unity of a team grows when boss asks for opinion of the workers. Especially if we are talking about changes in work or a new project. Such a form of involvement helps the workers to feel more responsibility, may reveal a colleagues from another side, also changes accepted together will be implemented much faster.

5. Objectively reacts to mistakes

Mistakes are a part of a daily work, and no one is safe from them. An intelligent employer looks for the causal relationship of an employee’s error and, having figured out what has happened, he tries to return him to conscious thoughts. Inner culture of learning inside a team is also important at the stage of work on the bugs or professional development.

However, if your employer still does not deserve the title “perfect boss” and does nor organize his work according to the principles, which our federal resume writers have presented, then you need to change your behaviour in the relationships “superior-subordinate” and try to make your employer listen to your ideas. If your thoughts remain unnoticed for your boss, then you have only one way out – become a good boss and lead people.

Signs of a trouble employer

We all are different and everyone has his own opinion what a “good work” is. There is one common thing that unites jobseekers, who look for a work, and this is an employer and an expected attitude from him. Unfortunately, the attitude is not always appropriate. There are three main kinds of unfortunate employers, whom the sooner you recognize the better. So in this post on bad employer signs we are going to consider main features of trouble bosses.

1. Kill two or even three birds with one stone

A distinguishing feature of this type of employers is that they are misers. Have you ever met in s vacancy description such a phrase “desire to work and earn money”, also there are demanded 2-4 years of work experience and the salary mentioned is so small that it is hardly enough to fill your car for a month? Besides, usually there is no official employment, and responsibilities for one position are so numerous as if ten workers should fulfill them. If you want to work, you may work, and it will be appreciated later. With time. Maybe.

Office condition can easily reveal such a company. You will notice cheap design and trying to save on everything (office equipment, furniture, corporate style, and chancellery). It all usually means that the company will try to save on your salary, paying it in parts and with delays, what according to the employers’ mind holds an employee in the company waiting for earned money. So there is no wonder that staff turnover is a characteristic feature of such an organization.

Another step of misers-employers is encouraging and forcing to overwork. An employee just can not leave his work in time, and if he leaves, he is accompanied by dozens of indignant glances that say “how is that, we are sitting here and you are going home”. Work on weekends without being paid, inability to take a day off even at your own expense – such complications are waiting for you in company-misers.

2. Storytellers

This type has some common features with the previous one, however here everything is much more complicated. Distinguishing feature of such companies is a lie. Representatives of false companies make up tales that absolutely contradict the common sense of a specialist, and in such a way they recruit so-called “simpletons”, who will work hard for the minimum wage for years.

Having an average office, companies draw imaginary worlds for the candidates. Storytellers are ready to invest in English language courses, for example, on trial, but after full employment carriage turns into a pumpkin. Eventually, they just may tell you nothing at all. Choosing such an employer, you need to be extremely careful and attentive.

3. Uncertainty

One of the most extraordinary types of employers, which is dangerous with the mass of complications and relapses for employee, distinguishes with the constant change of business directions. There is favourable atmosphere in such companies, but your “reasonable” employer constantly shows miracles of hyperactive management and puts one task on another.

Over time you just do not know what to start with and how to prioritize, because tomorrow you can be given a new task or there will be new business direction. Discussions with employer are useless in this case. You are subordinate, who knows less and whose opinion is not important according to the employer’s mind.

It is very hard for a new worker to get involved in the processes of such a company, it can be even said that you must have the gift of adventure. A beginner may get any find of work, beginning with the duties of a secretary on Monday and ending with the work of a designer on Friday. It becomes very difficult to get systematized and plan the day. For such companies you need to be their “molecule”, if you are not their type of employee, you need to run away.

Probably, many jobseekers know well the signs of a bad employer. To avoid repeated mistakes you should use internet resources with comments about employers, such as forums, chat rooms, social networks. So take the trouble to learn the details of the negative reviews, so as not to lose your job because of someone's offense. The most important is not to despair when searching for a perfect boss, because the signs of a good employer mean that such people exist. We wish you to find exactly such a good employer.