5 Misconceptions About Job Search


Misconceptions About Job SearchDo you want to find a job? If yes, then you should know what you should never do searching for a work and what misconceptions can prevent you from successful employment. What does not allow you to find o job? A fear that there are more professional candidates? A belief that you can get a job only if you have “right relationships and contacts”? Fortunately, all the above mentioned facts are misconceptions. That is why we decided to write post on misconceptions about work search. And now our professional resume service is going to present you post on work search misconceptions and break 5 the most common myths about the job search process, which often prevent people from reaching success.

Myth #1. Only the most qualified candidate gets the job

This is probably the most common myth about the finding job process. Many people believe that an employer looks for the most qualified candidate with an optimal combination of skills and experience. Well, in theory it is so. However, in real life an employer looks at the whole complex of factors: your communication skills, an ability to present yourself at the interview, cultural background, personal qualities, activity and readiness to work for the result.

So you should not be too much self-confident during the interview, if you feel that you are the most qualified candidate. At the same time, you should not feel inferior if you know that your skills and experience might be not enough. It is better to concentrate all your forces and show yourself to potential employer by 100%.

Myth #2. There are more chances to get a job if you reduce your demands about the salary

Very often jobseekers think that reducing their demands to the salary, they will become more attractive candidates. However, this is not true. Opening a vacancy, a company does not think how to save money. An employer looks for professional, who can perfectly cope with the work.

While your salary demands are within the average salary on the labor market, an employer will make a choice between you and other candidates basing on professional and personal qualities. If you reduce your demands too much, you will demonstrate that you are looking for a job desperately. And an employer may think that due to some reason you are not demanded as a specialist.

Myth #3. One and the same resume for all the occasions

Many jobseekers believe that it is enough to write a resume one time and then just update it time to time. This is a huge misconception. According to the statistics, an employers spend no more than 20 seconds on resume reading. So it is important to capture his attention from the first seconds.

Approaches to the information visualization constantly change, so the “brick” of the text written 5 years ago can not attract attention. It does not mean you have to rewrite your resume fully each year. However, you should follow the trends and orient towards the current patterns and templates. Search for the professional resume writing services on the Internet to understand better how to structure the information.

Besides, it will not be superfluous to correct your resume a little bit. For example, change the template, shift the emphasis according to where you are going to send your resume. Many employers pay attention to how you have adapted the resume to the company, its requirements and style. It is obvious that it will be difficult to get a job in an advertising agency and international organization with one and the same resume.

Myth #4. Employers do not hire unemployed

Very often people, who have left the service or have been fired, are misled by this myth. It seems to them that it is possible to find a job only when you occupy any position. And if you have lost your workplace, there are no chances to find a new one.

There is one thing you can be absolutely sure about: if during the interview you show yourself as a strong candidate, an employer will not focus too much on why you do not have work now.

Employers are people as well and perfectly understand that a person can get in such a situation and it will not be his fault. However, it is better to explain by yourself, to make it clear what the reason for dismissal is. Also tell the employer how you have used the period of unemployment with use for your personal development. For example, you passed professional courses, trainings, you followed the changes in your professional sphere and so on.

Myth #5. You can get a job only if you have “right contacts”

This myth has appeared among the people, who try to explain their passivity in such a way. On our professional resume service you can order resume and then publish it on one of the job search portals. Such portals provide you not only with an opportunity to look for a work on your own, but also employers themselves look for the workers in the resume base before publishing the vacancy. Sometime the number of vacancies even exceeds the number of resume. It means that different companies actively use the Internet to cover the maximum number of potential candidates.

In fact, you can learn from someone you know about a vacancy, which company has not published on the Internet yet. However, lately more companies start practicing a form of interview in several stages: from HR manager to general manager (or one of the top managers of a company). As a rule, at each stage of such a multilevel interview the candidates who are not professional enough are “thrown aside” and do not pass to the next stage.

The main principle of resume writing is “better less, but better”. So the first thing you need to do is to write a good resume according to the modern demands and do not be afraid of the process of job search. Do not believe these popular myths, do not listen to what people say if they are not competent in this issue, and the most important thing is to be confident and believe in yourself. And the chance to find a job of your dream will increase greatly.