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The changes always take place in our lives. We change our likes, dislikes and places of living and work. Today, we are going to clarify only one question. The question of employment. Why do many people prefer to ask the writing services for help with the question of how to write a CV for a job? There are a number of reasons for this. First of all, if you hire professional resume writers, you will have all the necessary papers done in high quality and within the shortest time possible. Another advantage is the team that consists exclusively of professionals who have academic credentials. Not less important is the fact that you may use the service free of charge. In case, you need a critique of your resume or cover letter, just send it to us, and our experts will review them and point out the strong and the weak sides of your papers. Help on making a resume online offers 24/7 support for the customers, so you may contact us any time you want. Therefore, you decided to change your job, there are many questions arise at this stage. In today’s article, we want to light out the process of the employment from the recruiter’s side.

Only a bad recruiter evaluates the resume, relying only on keywords. The structure of the resume, experience, qualifications, how many years the candidate worked in this area, how many times he/ she changed jobs, all these are things to which attention is paid first and which should strike the eye from the first seconds. Check our online resume services and find the excellent examples of resume building. Even if you are a diamond candidate, you may simply not be seen in a pile of verbal garbage. You must perform the cleaning work before sending your resume.

For example, a person submits a resume to the job of a marketing specialist with the title "office manager". If he/ she describes his/ her experience as 2 years of working as the office manager, this will mean one hundred percent failure. Yes, it is possible that a person has studied or had the opportunity to practice somewhere, but where does the employer find out about it, if no one has bothered to write anything about it. Find reliable resume help online and make yourself visible for every recruiter. The professional CV writing services know how to make this way easier and more effective.

  • I am called to an interview! Is work in my pocket?

Interviewing is practically a blind date. Not exactly, of course, blindly, the information about you has already been gathered, and you have probably googled all open sources and found out a lot about the company, found profiles of leaders in social networks, evaluated the public policy on the site and in groups. However, the meeting still brings surprises. That is why it is needed. Find out more secrets to make your interview successful:

If you received an invitation that means that you are most likely already approached the stage of CV selection under formal requirements. You know something, you are good at something. In addition, a meeting is a way to understand will you be able to do something together with the company staff. This is the territory of unpredictability.

At the meeting, they look, firstly, at common cultural codes, a similar background or, conversely, a unique and unlike one. The background that is very necessary for this team as a missing ingredient. Secondly, they look at the compliance with informal requirements, which the candidate, most likely, will never know. The only way, like on dates, be yourself and let others know you because it is still impossible to pretend the whole working life. Read more about top qualities every employer is looking for:

Informal demands may, unfortunately, be even discriminatory, despite all the laws. "If a woman, only unmarried one, otherwise she will take the maternity leave soon", "candidates with tattoos are not considered", "our staff astrologer will make a personal horoscope and calculate the compatibility" - these are real cases from practice. Looking for a career change is always associated with a number of difficulties and stereotypes. The main thing is not to despair and be attuned to positive thinking.

Such demands never come from a recruiter, although according to tradition it is he/ she who is accused. The recruiter wants to close the vacancy, and any additional requirement pushes him from the goal. A good recruiter will certainly try to convey to the customer the absurdity of the requirements narrowing the selection. However, whether it will be possible for him/ her is a big question.

However, there is another big question: is there any reason to try to get into a company in which people look at things like this? Discrimination sometimes protects you from not the best colleagues and chef.

Large companies are now beginning to use predictive analytics: check the data received at the entrance, and the further history of the person's work in the company, revealing patterns. So, in one company it was found out that all the best employees were united by one: none of them had grammatical errors in the resume. Moreover, this does not mean that people who write without errors are generally better. This means only: "People, who write without errors, work well in our company." That is why some requirements may look like stereotypes but can be justified in a particular company. Of course, this requires data analysis.

Often two or three people participate in the interview: a future leader, an expert in your field and an HR manager. Some assess professional skills, others evaluate communication skills, and as a result, we get a three-dimensional picture. After interviewing the candidate, the interviewers discuss the interview on fresh tracks and then make a decision: refuse, give a test task, invite a second time or immediately make an offer. That is not a secret that the employers always have things they prefer to hide from the employer:

In large companies, either the discussion takes place in writing, or the recruiter collects the feedback from all participants and displays a general opinion. The interview can be done in stages: different people succeed each other, and, of course, each of them can have a different attitude. The quality of your papers is certainly very important. Therefore, it is quite reasonable to create professional resume with us and do not worry about the possible inaccuracies.

Therefore, alas, the invitation to the interview, so far, does not mean anything; it is just the first date. However, here the final impression is often mutual, if you had a good time for the interview, most likely, the other side too. If you were refused after such an interview, it is likely that it's not you, but a lack of purely technical skills or a more experienced and suitable competitor. You may find a lot of useful pieces of advice on our blog.

  • The test task was given. Does it mean that everything is bad?

The test task can be given both before and after the interview. What does it say? If it was given before, then there are a lot of candidates and this is a way to make additional screenings. In this case, the task is all given the same and fairly standard.

If the test task was given after, there may be options. If the task has come at once and covers all the supposed areas of your future activity, most likely, it is sent to everyone. This is a way to confirm those skills that you do not test verbally (for example, the ability to write competently).

If the assignment is sent a day or two after the interview, it is likely that the assignment was invented specifically for you. Maybe something remained unsaid or caused questions. They liked you, but want to make sure that you really know how to do the work; a test task on a specific topic will allow confirming this. There are many different types of employers, so do not panic if you have to pass the additional challenge. That may help clarify how much you will fit the new position.

  • So much time has passed, but there is still no answer. What is happening?

There can be many reasons. Yes, maybe the choice was made not in your favor, and they simply did not to report about the decision. A professional recruiter will not do that, but, unfortunately, not all are the professionals. Therefore, it is reasonable to call back after a week or two and ask: “Are you still considering me?” There are ways to annoy HR manager but this is not the case.

Silence for a week does not mean anything. Just the process of selection can be delayed. For example, at the first stage, a dozen relevant resumes have been selected, and until all candidates pass the interview and testing, the decision will not be accepted.

Alternatively, maybe after these ten interviews, there will be a conclusion: all are good, but not perfect, let us throw the fishing rod again. Therefore, if you saw an updated job, it still does not mean failure; it just means that the process continues. To understand what interview is successful and what is failing, read this article:

On the other hand, maybe the director, who makes the final decision, went on vacation or flew off on a business trip. Perhaps, the vacancy is suspended for some reason. Possibly, the chief is replaced in the department, and he/ she wants to sort things out first, and only then take a new employee.

Called in six months. Are they serious?

Several months passed. You have given up on that long, unsuccessful series of interviews. In addition, suddenly the call is heard: "This is the company of X, we interviewed you in the position of marketer and would like to continue communication."

What are these ghosts of the past and why is this happening? Yes, they just liked you, despite the fact that the final proposal was received by another candidate. Moreover, when in a neighboring department a similar vacancy arose, you were remembered and transferred "from hand to hand". Yes, happy stories happen at this stage.

What does all this mean for the candidate? Perhaps, only the thing that he/ she controls the situation only at the very beginning, when he/ she writes a clear, understandable resume and a winning cover letter, and sends them. It even may seem as if they are thrown into a black box. What submarine currents will pick up the resume further, on what scale it sits down, whether it will face bureaucracy, laziness or stupidity of the company's employees, all this is dominated by a dozen factors and many people? Nothing personal.

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How to choose one job from several offers

You used to pass the job interview, a test task, and the work seems to be in your pocket. But at this moment you are invited to another company. In addition, while you think, they call from the third. For a good specialist, this situation is not uncommon, but this does not mean that the choice of flour is alien to him/ her.

Experts of the top cheap resume companies have found 5 tips on how to choose one job from several offers and not to lose.

  1. The old proven method of "pluses" and "minuses". Divide the sheet into two parts and write down all the positive and negative aspects of each of the proposed works. Even such seemingly important trifles as uncomfortable parking, lack of a coffee machine in the hall, a window in the ceiling, etc. are of value. It is these little things (or their totality) that can play a decisive role in choosing a job.
  2. Financial component. It can be not only a salary. For example, in company X at the start, it is higher, but company Y provides quarterly bonuses and annual salary indexation. In any case, it is important to discuss salary issue.
  3. Career prospects. Decide how important this is for you. If in company X you are promised a raise in a year, and in company Y you are immediately told that you will never become the boss, boldly refuse the second option. Subsequently, this fat minus crosses out all the small pluses in the form of a convenient location, free coffee, convenient graphics and even a high salary.
  4. Be honest with yourself. You understand all the opening perspectives, salary and career growth. Now answer the questions yourself: why do you need this job, what do you expect from a new project, what way do you see your life after the final decision? If you choose a "launch pad", you can give preference to a variant with more opportunities for your own development. If you are in search of stability, choose an offer with guaranteed conditions. As to guarantees, we hasten to inform you that the best CV proofreading service offers the 20% discount on your first order with us.
  5. Trust your intuition. Sometimes you can just rely on your own unconscious, disabling logic, even if it seems wrong. Try to remember what feelings were experienced during an acquaintance with a potential leader, whether you felt comfortable in the walls of the office, whether there was no internal resistance.

Most importantly, do not worry after the choice is made. After all, now it is you, who the comfort on your new job depends on.

To complete, we would like to share with you some myths about the job search. These stereotypes often interfere with making the right decision.

Myth # 1. Employers will leave comments on your resume that will be visible to other companies

No, there are no secret comments on the site, as well as blacklists. There are comments within one company: managers who work with vacancies can make notes for their colleagues. But these comments will never be seen by a person from another organization.

Myth # 2.  23 million people claim the 350 thousand jobs

These figures on the main page are often confusing. In fact, not all 23 million people are looking for work at the same time: this is all the resumes that appeared on the site since 2000. To find out the real competition in your professional field look at actual labor market statistics.

Myth # 3. Employers do not view summaries

Such an impression develops when a notification "viewed" does not come. Actually, this does not mean that your resume has not been looked at. of the Employer can see the most important information: work experience, length of service, location, cover letter ( better if it is made by customer service cover letters) in the personal office without looking through the resume. If  the employer is interested in you, then he/ she enters the resume and looks more closely at the data. If he/ she did not enter the resume, the response remains unviewed.

Myth # 4. If you hide the CV from everyone on the job search sites, then the companies will not be able to get your response

If you closed the resume from employers or from a particular company, then there will not be any access to it. However, if you first closed the CV from everyone and then responded to the job, the resume will automatically go to the status "Visible only to some companies": only the organization that you responded to will receive access to it.

Be careful: in reverse order, this rule does not work. If you first responded to a job, and then closed the CV from everyone, then you will not be able to see your response.

Myth # 5. Employers see all your resumes

Part of this is true: if you have several CVs for different positions and they are visible to everyone, then through a search on the sites, the registered employer will be able to find any of them. However, by default, for example, when responding, the job search site will show only one of your resumes, without references to the rest. If you need help with building a resume for fee, do not hesitate to contact our service.

Myth # 6. If there is no salary in the vacancy, it means that it is very low

To hide the salary only because it is low, simply does not make sense. In this case, the employer would have to process a hundred resumes from candidates who would definitely refuse the offer.

There can be several reasons for hiding the salary:

  • a company does not want to inform the current employees about the salary of their future colleague
  • a company is ready to offer more if the candidate is very experienced, and less if he/ she still needs to grow
  • a company does not want to disclose the amount of salaries to competitors

Here you may find many useful hints on how to ask for the desired salary.

Myth # 7. There is no sense in responding to the old jobs offers

Not at all! Most employers place an advertisement for a period of one month. For this month, the vacancy has time to go far down in the search results, although it remains relevant. Therefore, the last three days cannot be limited: if the vacancy is still hanging on the site, most likely, it is still relevant.

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