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Changing a career is very stressful for everybody especially if you have to enter a new team as a leader and establish the trustful relations with employees and set up all the working processes. The popular resume fixing service is going to share the tips on how to succeed in this situation.

How can a leader join a new team and win the respect of employees at the same time?

Appointment to a management position is always exciting. After all, you have successfully passed the interview and now bright prospects loom ahead. If now you have been hired as a head of the department, surely you can imagine that through some time, you will head the branch, and maybe even join the board of directors later. People are wondering whether any person can be a leader. To find the answer, read the article from our blog:

While you are immersed in these dreams, as if in a barrel of honey, a small, but palpable tar spoon disturbs the soul. The thoughts about how the old team will perceive the new boss do not let to relax. Besides, there are some types of employers. It is one thing if you get promoted to the place you have already worked for some time and know every employee, internal order, and unwritten laws well.

Quite another is to come to the position of the boss to an absolutely new place. Here the novice feels as a sapper in an endless minefield. One wrong step, and a deafening failure awaits instead of the dizzying career of a new boss. Tighten the screws too much, and you are already hated and wiles are behind your back. If you do not do it, you will quickly lose credibility and the staff will consider your opinion no more than the opinion of an office cooler. Read the article about the way to deny the employees and to have the desired result:

So, how to behave at work so that employees are filled with respect? The executive resume writing service will discuss how to join the new team.

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First, remember how NOT to behave

If you shared your concerns with friends, you could get some harmful advice from so-called home psychologists:

  • Open the door to the department with your foot and immediately show who is the boss here
  • Do not listen to anyone, now you are the boss and you should be listened to
  • Get yourself a spy who will report what is going on inside a cohesive old team

Remember, to start a career in a new place this way is not possible in any case. This is a direct path to quiet hatred from subordinates. It is necessary at the same time not to run to extremes. If you demonstrate miracles of democracy and loyalty from the first day, do not expect to be taken seriously in the future. An opinion about you as a soft-bodied person will be formed, a person who is easy to push through and impose a different opinion. Of course, there are the things that employers never tell employees:

How is it right to proceed with your duties at work so that such a long-awaited position does not result in a headache?

Put off “your constitution” away for some time

Of course, you have your own vision of how to build relationships with subordinates and how to work. However, if in the very first days you begin to implement new ideas, you will get tough resistance.

Even if your reforms are robust and allow optimizing work processes, remember; when in Rome, do as the Romans do. While the staff is just being accustomed to you, all your initiatives will be taken warily.

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Do not hurry up to become friends

In many teams, there is an employee who is eager to become the servant of the boss. In addition, he or she, as a rule, is disliked by the rest of the staff. So, if among your subordinates, there is also an employee, exuding helpfulness and hurrying to fulfill your wishes even before they are announced, try to keep him/ her at a distance. To find out more on how to become a good employer and lead the people, read the article from our blog:

The benefits of such a “faithful slave” are questionable. All that he or she can give you is a portion of the next gossip from the smoking room. However, the harm will be noticeable. The rest will decide that you have a pet and will begin to avenge slowly.

Don’t believe everything you are told

Often, the old-timers are trying to mislead the novice manager in order to bargain some kind of concessions or bonuses for themselves. At the same time, the entire old team, without batting an eyelid, asserts that this order has been the case for centuries. You may be told that the previous boss had nothing against “corporate gatherings” in the workplace. On the other hand, to assert that he was a kindhearted man and always turned a blind eye to the fact that one or another employee was late every day.

In general, whatever you are told about the previous “golden times”, do not rush to take it on faith and even more implement it quickly. Even if it was this way before, you are not obliged to maintain traditions that contradict the employment contract and job descriptions.

Politely but firmly explain that from now on Friday corporate parties are transferred from the office to the nearest cafe. In addition, people who are always late will have to set the alarm for half an hour earlier in order to come to work with everyone.

Do not get into the eminence grise trap

This is another common practice that allows bending the boss. In each working team, there is a person, and sometimes not one, who thinks that you have taken a position that rightfully belongs to him/ her. If he or she is really smart, then with the advent of the new leader he or she tries to do everything to manage the established team him/ herself. Even in the role of “right hand”.

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To understand that they are trying to manipulate you is sometimes difficult but possible. Here are the main signs:

  • This is an informal leader. He or she is respected and all or almost all employees are considered his/ her opinion.
  • He or she does not express his/ her dissatisfaction with your appointment. On the contrary, in every way takes care of and supports the new boss.
  • He/she offers the projects, as a rule, well thought out in details, up to which employees will implement what part.

It would seem that there is nothing wrong if you have such a wonderful assistant. No matter how great the temptation is to confide in a “good fairy” who fulfills the lion’s share of your duties, do not give in to this temptation. If you let go of the reins, it will be difficult to get them back.

You do not need the glory of the chief, who is just sitting in the head chair and does not make important decisions. This is exactly what the “possible” boss is trying to expect, sooner or later, to move to your office. Therefore, politely thank him/ her for the help, praise him/ her for an initiative at the meetings, and if you consider it necessary, encourage materially. However, make decisions on your own and only after you go into all the details.

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Do not play the role of the arbitration court

In large teams, two or even more hostile camps, unfortunately, are quite common. To successfully begin to lead subordinates, observe absolute neutrality. You just came here and do not know all the details of the undercover games.

If employees begin to attack you with complaints against each other, do not rush to quickly make verdicts. Listen to both sides, and then explain that it’s difficult for you, as a new person, to judge a conflict. So you do not have to take sides. That is also the possible way of getting respect at work.

Do not attempt to destroy your excellence

Some mistakenly believe that the best defense is an attack and they choose a deliberately disastrous line of conduct. For example, you should not behave like a Harvard graduate among schoolchildren, because you are surrounded by adults, mature men, and women.

Even if you get your resume done professionally and your diplomas allow you to boast of education, keep in mind that experience also means a lot. At best, they will laugh at you. At worst, they will get angry and will do everything to put the arrogant boss in a puddle along with his/ her diplomas.

Take special care if you are a woman and come to the women's team. Here you can put in appearance not only intellectual superiority but also appearance. Therefore, defiant and extravagant outfits should be set aside until the appropriate cases, and give preference to a reserved business style at the office.

Tips to help you effectively manage your new team.

You, probably, already understood that in a new place it is not easy to adapt not only to an ordinary employee but also to a boss. First, you need to understand that you just cannot become the universal favorite. Why? You can read about this in the book of Ichak Adizes “The Ideal Executive. Why you cannot be one and what to do about it”.

However, it is possible to circumvent the pitfalls and enter the established team without any difficulties. Use the advice of the top rated resume writing services online and see that it is quite possible to win the respect of subordinates, even if you are an absolute newcomer to this company.

Get to know everyone

Start your first day in a new office with an introduction to the team. Most likely, you will be briefly introduced by a superior guide. But after that, it is advisable to set aside fifteen minutes for less official communication.

Quickly tell about yourself, previous job and professional skills. You can tell about your hobbies, this way the people around will understand that you are a living person, and not a biorobot programmed to work. But the details of personal life is better to leave behind the scenes. To know more about the signs of a bad employer, visit

Then listen to the staff and try to remember who is responsible for what. Do your best to remember the names. If after such an acquaintance you turn to someone “Hey, what's your name?”, this will be a manifestation of blatant disrespect. Do not rely on memory, better write the names in a notebook.

In addition, try to learn as much as possible about the people who you have to lead. To do this, just watch them. Someone is under the strong impact of social networks and counts the minutes until the end of the working day, and someone is genuinely passionate about his/ her work and can stay up late, immersed in the project.

You must understand what to expect from everyone who you can rely on in any situation, and who will fill up the deadline and will not blink.

Tell the employees about what is waiting for them

Even if you followed the advice of your common sense and the best professional CV and cover letter writing services, refusing to start the reforms from the first time, most likely in the future you will have a desire to change something. Inform the staff about all the innovations in person and be prepared to the fact that some of them will be hostile. In such cases, explain what prompted you to make up this decision and how this will optimize the working process.

Work over your reputation

It is not easy to create and very easy to destroy, so do not make rash decisions and do not get excited whatever happens. In difficult situations, do not hesitate to consult the team. Do not worry, you will not be considered incompetent. On the contrary, the staff will appreciate the fact that you are really interested in how to be better at work.

Correctly respond to criticism. Remember, you are not a golden ducat to please everyone. Take fair comments into account, and rumors and gossip from the smoking room pass by the ears, not getting involved in conflicts. You should not stoop to the level of lower grades and revenge offenders or call them for educational conversation.

In turn, use criticism carefully. Your comments should be in the case and in the wording, that does not offend the interlocutor. It is easy to wound with a word, it is even easier to make an enemy in the person of a subordinate, having derogatory talked about him/ her or his/ her work in front of other employees. Therefore, for serious conversations, call the staff member into your office, and do not arrange an accusatory meeting in front of all the staff.

Do not give impossible tasks

When distributing current tasks, take into account the experience and qualifications of each employee. Here it is important to keep the middle ground. The task should be feasible, but not ultralight. Different employees will spend a different amount of time on the same job.

Yes, an experienced specialist will be able to cope with the task in an hour, while the trainee will take half a day for the same task. However, if you give the small tasks to a professional, with which he or she will quickly finish off, he or she can relax. Leave the small things to the less experienced ones, and entrust an interesting and more complex task to a pro that will allow him/ her to demonstrate professionalism.

Monitor the progress of work. If you suddenly see that an employee does not cope or does not meet deadlines, give him/ her someone to help or reassign the task to a more experienced colleague. Therefore, you will demonstrate your attention to the workflow and insure against deadlines. The experienced resume writing companies, by the way, never have any problems with the deadline requirements. That is why it is very right to use the resume preparation services help from the trusted CV writing company.

Be friendly and open

This does not mean that when they meet you will be slapped on the shoulder, and after work, they will call you for beer. The reputation of the boss as a glad-hander boss is nothing but subordination must always be respected. However, the halo of the unreachable ever-busy boss does not contribute to a healthy atmosphere in the team.

Let employees know that you value the initiative, are ready to listen to suggestions and provide the necessary assistance. Let your subordinates know that you can turn to a difficult situation and get support. It will have a much better effect on your reputation than low-grade flirting with the team.

Have you ever experienced all the delights of adaptation in an established team as a leader? Write in the comments, what moments caused difficulties and how you coped with them. Share your experience, it is important to others!

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